Wallpaper and Flooring

You have the option of decorating your farmhouse with wallpaper and flooring sets. The customized decorations are for sale at Gannon's shop. When you first start the game, there are only a few options available. As you increase your Farm Degree or work on other tasks, more options unlock.

Gannon will take a day to change your flooring and walls to the new design that you bought. During this construction period, you can not hire him to work on other structures or build maker machines. Gannon will stop by your house in the morning to let you know he has finished remodeling.

The size of your farm house does not matter. You can add new wallpaper and flooring to your beginning house, or even the extra large house. There is always the option to go back to the Plain wallpaper that your house started out with.

Available To Both Mark And Chelsea:

Available To Chelsea Only:

Available To Mark Only:

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