Nathan is the priest who runs the church of the Harvest Goddess. He took Alisa under his care when her parents died, and has been traveling with her ever since. Nathan's church doesn't have a weekly service, but he lends an ear to anyone who wants to talk about their troubles.

This priest doesn't leave his church area at all. You'll either find him inside the church or outside the church at night by the goddess' pond (6pm to 10 pm, sunny days). You might see him during a festival.

Birthday: Fall 4

Unlock: Raise the Mystic Islands by exchanging 12 Sun Stones. Once the islands have been raised, wait a few days for Nathan and his church to move in.

Ideal Gifts

Special Gift: +800 points

Cooked Recipe:

French Toast

Loved Gifts: +500 points


Breadcrumbs, Sea Urchin

Cooked Recipes:

Bread, Dinner Roll, Curry Bread, Jam Bread, Pancake, Raisen Bread, Steamed Bread, Toast

Liked Gifts: +300 points


Buckwheat, Butter, Edamame, Large Fish, Medium Fish, Reaped Buckwheat, Small Fish, Truffle

Cooked Recipes:

All cooked recipes, EXCEPT: Bodigizer, Bodigizer XL, Carrot Juice, Failed Dish, Foiled Mushroom, Grape Juice, Grilled Mushroom, Hungerizer, Hungerizer XL, Miso, Natto, Paella, Relaxtea Leaves, Rice Ball, Rolled Omelet, Sangria, Spa Boiled Egg, Sponge Cake, Vichyssoise, Wine, Yggdra Soup

HORROR Gift: -5000 points


Pink Diamond

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