Chen's son, Charlie, likes to play outside when he's not helping his father inside the shop. Charlie can convert Wonderful Chips into Wonderful Stones, make accessories out of Orichalcum ore, and attach Wonderfuls to your tools. Don't forget that your starting tools do not have slots to place Wonderfuls onto.

Charlie has a soft spot for Eliza, Gannon's daughter. The two kids like to play together but without Witchkins, who prefers the company of frogs instead of other children.

If you want to ask Charlie to help you with your Wonderfuls and accessories, he'll be inside Chen's shop between 6am and 11am, and 1pm to 6pm. Since Chen closes his shop on Fridays, Charlie also does not work on those days.

Birthday: Summer 30

Unlock: Charlie is available from the beginning of the game on Verdure Island.

Ideal Gifts

Special Gift: +800 points

Cooked Recipe:

Dry Curry

Loved Gifts: +500 points

Cooked Recipes:

Baked Banana, Black Curry, Blue Curry, Buckwheat Dumpling, Chestnut Bun, Chestnut Gelatin, Chestnut Kinton, Chocolate Banana, Chocolate Fondue, Curry Bread, Curry Bun, Curry Noodles, Curry Rice, Finest Curry, Fruit Dumpling, Green Curry, Indigo Curry, Orange Curry, Pineapple Pie, Purple Curry, Rainbow Curry, Red Curry, Red Flower Mix Natto, Soybean Rice Candy, Strawberry Rice Candy, Sweet and Sunny, Ultimate Curry, White Curry, Yam Dumpling, Yam Gelatin, Yellow Curry, Yam Pudding

Liked Gifts: +300 points


Adamantite, Agate, Alexandrite, Amethyst, Apple, Banana, Blueberry, Copper, Diamond, Edamame, Emerald, Fish Fossil, Flourite, Gelatin, Gold, Grape, Moon Stone, Mystrile, Mythic Ore, Orange, Orichalcum, Peach, Peridot, Pineapple, Pink Diamond, Pirate Treasure, Sandrose, Silver, Stone Tablet, Strawberry, The Spring Sun, The Summer Sun, The Fall Sun, The Winter Sun, Topaz

Cooked Recipes:

Apple Juice, Apple Pie, Baked Apple, Baked Yam, Bamboo Dumpling, Banana Juice, Baumkuchen, Buckwheat Ball, Cake, Carpaccio, Cheesecake, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cookies, Churros, Cookie, Corn Cereal, Dairy Natto, Donuts, Doria, Egg Over Rice, Fish Meuniere, Fish Natto, French Fries, Fruit Juice, Fruit Sandwich, Fruit Smoothie, Gem Natto, Green Dumpling, Hot Chocolate, Ice Cream, Lassi, Marinated Fish, Marmalade, Milk Soup, Mixed Juice, Mixed Natto, Mixed Rice, Mixed Smoothie, Mochi Mix Natto, Natto, Orange Juice, Pancake, Peach Juice, Popcorn, Porridge, Pudding, Rice and Beans, Risotto, Spaghetti, Sponge Cake, Steamed Bun, Steamed Cake, Strawberry Milk, Tofu Sushi, Trifle, Vegetable Gratin, Yam Rice

HORROR Gift: -5000 points



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