Chelsea is the other main farmer in the game, and she has moved to Carol's Inn on Sprout Island to learn how to be a better rancher.

Birthday: Spring 20

Unlocks: Have all of the main characters unlocked, such as the Witch Princess, Harvest Goddess, Nathan, Alisa, Witchkins, Shea, Wada, Lily, and Will. You do not need to have the Mineral Town characters unlocked. You need to unlock 15 islands (excluding Sunny Island). You also need the bridge to Link Island built (15,000 G) in order to "discover" Rice, Tree, and Greenhouse islands.

Ideal Gifts

Just like in Island of Happiness, Chelsea doesn't like or dislike any item. You can give her any item and you will earn 300 points. It doesn't matter if you give crops, weeds, eggs, or a cooked dish.

Each day you can earn the 300 points, plus 100 points for just talking to her. Since it is 10,000 point for each heart level, it will take you approximately 25 days for each heart stage. You will earn extra points if you win festivals.

Heart Events

Delicious Meal
Purple Heart Event

Chelsea purple heart event

» The diner on Verdure Island
» Sunny or Cloudy day: 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm
» Friday, Rainy day: 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
» Chelsea at a purple heart color or higher

Chelsea is at the diner having a meal. The food at the diner is great, and she asks if you would like to eat together.

» Eat together = Positive answer!

Chelsea mentions that she eats alone a lot and gets lonely. Food tastes better when she's with someone. She thanks you for eating with her.

» Pass = Negative answer.

Chelsea is disappointed. It's too bad you don't want to eat with her.

Chelsea the Merchant
Blue Heart Event

Chelsea blue heart event

» Chen's shop
» Rainy day: 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
» Not Fridays
» Chelsea at a blue heart color or higher
» You have seen "Delicious Meal"

Chelsea is at Chen's shop. He has so many goods that it's fun for her to just come by and look. Chen is pleased that she likes all of his products because he's spent a long time hand selecting all of his items. Chelsea figures it must be fun to run a store, and she might like to try it some day.

» But aren't you a rancher? = Negative answer.

Of course she's a rancher! You've hurt her feelings and she calls you "mean."

» That does sound fun! = Positive answer!

Chen offers to let Chelsea run the store. He figures she would get a lot of customers. She declines his offer for the moment, but maybe once she achieves her dream of being a rancher.

A Place to Call Home?
Green Heart Event

Chelsea green heart event

» The inn on Sprout Island
» 6:00 am to 9:00 am, 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
» Chelsea at a green heart color or higher
» You have seen "Chelsea the Merchant"

Chelsea was just going to have some tea and invites you to join her. She thinks your visit is a nice surprise, because when she first started living on the island everyone was such a stranger to her. Chelsea is glad to have a friend who will come to visit her. She has travelled all over and the island is her favorite place.

» You should stay here. = Positive answer!

She really would like to stay, since she loves the island and its inhabitants. As long as you are around, Chelsea never wants to leave the island.

» I want to leave one day. = Negative answer.

Chelsea is shocked that you would want to leave. She figured you cherished these islands.

Out with Chelsea
Yellow Heart Event

Chelsea yellow heart event

» Walk into your farm house
» Sunny day: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
» Chelsea at a yellow heart color or higher
» You have seen "A Place to Call Home?"

The weather is nice today so Chelsea has stopped by to see if you wanted to go out for a walk.

» Sure! = Positive answer!

Both of you decide to go walking around the meadow. Chelsea mentions how the meadow is lively and fun during festivals, but it is also peaceful and beautiful when its empty. She also mentions that she heard the island became more productive after you arrived. Chelsea dreams of running her own ranch some day, but she wants it to be as loved by everyone as your's. She is happy to hear that you think she can do it. Chelsea then asks you to chat with her a bit longer, and asks you to tell her about your ranch and yourself.

» No thanks. = Negative answer.

She is disappointed and assumes you're just busy. Chelsea sadly leaves.

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