Harvest Sprite Island

Harvest Sprite Island

The large leaf-shaped island appears just off the western side of your farm after Spring 8th of your first year. The Harvest Sprite Island is home to Coral and the 44 other Harvest Sprites. The sprites can be hired to manage tasks via their "Enchanting" powers. Each sprite team can work on different tasks.

When you first unlock Harvest Sprite Island you'll have one of each sprite color. As you befriend the sprites, you'll unlock more of their team mates. Making friends with a sprite team is as easy as giving one of the team members a gift that they like. Even hiring the sprite teams will raise their friendship! When you have unlocked a new Harvest Sprite friend, Coral will tell you as you walk onto the island. He doesn't tell you who you have unlocked though.

If you want to Harvest Sprites to enchant something or somewhere, talk to the red sprite, Coral. There is no limit to how many teams you can have working at one time, but each team member you send out to work has a rest period before you can ask them to work again.

On the island you'll also find a mysterious, abandoned crop field and a watering pond. The pond is conveniently closer to Link Island than the watering pond on Ranch Island, so it is helpful for watering crops in the Greenhouse if you haven't built the Greenhouse Watering Trough yet. The crop field is not used for growing anything in the game and is just on the island for decoration.

Also, fishing from the Harvest Sprite Island is pretty useless, as the only thing you'll catch are Branches, Fish Bones, Boots, and Empty Cans. If you're specifically looking for a lot of garbage than fishing here will get you plenty of trash!

Hidden Sun Stones

There is only 1 Sun Stone associated with this island:

  • Check the fence on the back of the Harvest Sprite Island Field.

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