Mirabelle's Animal Store

On Verdure Island you'll find Mirabelle's animal shop. Her shop is closed on Saturdays. She sells livestock, poultry, and tools that you'll use to take care of animals on your farm.

Mirabelle also sells the food that you can use to feed the wild animals over on Animal Island. Each bag of wild animal will raise your friendship with the wild animal family by 5 Friendship Points.

Buy Items

You'll want to buy a Brush to care for your cows and sheep, a Milker to collect cow milk, and Clippers to collect sheep wool. The cost of the tool in Mirabelle's shop will be randomly set each morning based on the number of Wonderful Stone slots available for that day's tool. Each slot adds 1000 G to the cost of the tool. For example, you may find a Brush that costs 2000 G in her shop one day, which means that Brush has 2 slots for Wonderful Stones. The next day you may find the Brush only costs 1000 G, as it now only contains 1 slot for Wonderfuls. Waiting another day may unlock a 3000 G Brush in her shop.

The maximum number of slots (and Mirabelle's highest price) is based on your current year in the game plus 2. So if you were in year 5 of your game, Mirabelle can potentially sell a 7000 G Brush with 7 slots for Wonderful Stones. The highest price Mirabelle will charge for a Brush, Milker, or Clippers is 10,000 G (10 Wonderful slots).

Chicken Feed10 G
Fodder20 G
Pet Food10 G
Mouse Food10 G
Sparrow Food10 G
Rabbit Food10 G
Duck Food10 G
Badger Food10 G
Monkey Food10 G
Animal Medicine1000 G
Cow Miracle3500 G
Sheep Miracle3000 G
Bell500 G
Brush1000 G per Wonderful Stone slot
Milker1000 G per Wonderful Stone slot
Clippers1000 G per Wonderful Stone slot

Buy Animals

You need to build the appropriate barns on your farm before you can purchase cows, chickens, and sheep for your farm. Hire Gannon to construct these buildings. When you do build your livestock barn, Mirabelle will give you a free baby cow. She will also give you a free chick after you build your poultry barn, though she will not give you a free baby sheep.

The animals that Mirabelle sells are babies. You will have to feed them every day so they grow up to adults.

Chicken1500 GBuild the poultry barn
Silkie Hen4500 GShip an S-rank Egg
Cow5000 GBuild the livestock barn
Jersey Cow15,000 GShip an S-rank Milk
Sheep4000 GBuild the livestock barn
Suffolk Sheep12,000 GShip an S-rank Wool

Mirabelle does not sell the dog, cat, or horse, but raising her friendship level will unlock the horse and cat for your farm.

Sell Animal

You can sell your adult poultry and livestock back to Mirabelle, but not your pets. Mirabelle's buy-back price is based on a minimum price plus the amount of friendship hearts the animal has; the more hearts, the greater the price she offers. She will not buy baby animals.

  • Chicken = 500 G or more
  • Silkie = 1000 G or more
  • Cow = 2500 G or more
  • Jersey = 5000 G or more
  • Sheep = 2000 G or more
  • Suffolk = 4000 G or more

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