Ranch Island

Ranc Island

Your farm is on Ranch Island, where you (and your family) live. You have most everything you need on this island; a watering hole, a field, a house, etc. You can upgrade the buildings on this island by hiring Gannon.

  • (A) Your Farm House - The house includes a bed and calendar, but you have to upgrade it if you want to have a kitchen. The telephone in your house is just for decoration and doesn't serve any purpose. Likewise, you can't sit in the chairs.
  • (B) Supply Shed - This is where you can store lumber. At the beginning of the game, you can only hold wood Lumber. If you want to also store Material Stone and Gold Lumber, hire Gannon to remodel the Supply Shed.
  • (C) Maker Shed - You must hire Gannon to build the Maker Shed, which costs 30,000 G and 300 Lumber (or 50,000 G combined). The shed holds Maker Machines you can use to refine products; the Yarn Maker turns Wool into Yarn, the Cheese Maker turns Milk into Cheese, and so on. Once you expand the size of the Maker Shed, you can have the Thresher, Flour Mill, and Rank Maker.
  • (D) Boat Dock - The boat on this dock will only take you to Lighthouse Island and Sunny Island once you raise it from the ocean floor.
  • (E) Barn - You have to pay Gannon 200 Lumber and 12,000 G (or 27,000 G combined) if you want to have cows and sheep on your farm. The Barn has to be built before you can buy those animals from Mirabelle. You can eventually expand your Barn to hold a total of 12 cows and sheep.
  • (F) Chicken Coop - You do not start with a house for your chickens, and must have Gannon build it for 150 Lumber and 5000 G (or 18,000 G). The Chicken Coop can be resized to hold a maximum of 12 Chickens.
  • (G) Pet Stable - This is the only "barn" on your farm from the beginning of the game, and it is not for Chickens and/or Cows like many players assume. The Stable is for housing the three pets you can unlock in the game. There is a feed bin for the Dog, Cat, and Horse, and behind the pet's feed bin you will find an area where you can practice the mini games for the pet festivals.
  • (H) Bridge to Link Island - After you have raised Link Island by spending 3 Sun Stones, you still have to hire Gannon to build a bridge so you can access it. Each of the Link Island bridges cost 100 Lumber and 10,000 G (or 15,000 G).
  • (I) Bridge to Harvest Sprite Island - A few days after you see the mysterious voice event where you learn about locating Sun Stones, you will step on a hidden Harvest Sprite as you leave your house in the morning. Coral will create the leaf bridge to Harvest Sprite Island so you can visit the sprites. Harvest Sprites can be hired to do "enchanting", such as feeding your animals, watering your crops, raising friendship, and even lowering shop prices.

Hidden Sun Stones

There is 1 Sun Stone hidden on Ranch Island. To the left of your Farm House is the watering hole, where you fill up your watering can. Next to the hole is the windmill that runs the water pump. Stand in front of the windmill and press A to find the Sun Stone.

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