Random Events

Most of these events, like in past Harvest Moon games, will be viewable as you increase your friendship with the villagers of Castanet.

Rob Frost the Snowman

Rob Frost

Go to bed on a snowy Winter night and you might be awaken by a knock on the door. The traveling snowman, Rob Frost has lost his nose and is hoping that you might have seen it. From the snowman's description, Finn believes a Carrot would be perfect. You need to have a Carrot in your rucksack to give to Rob Frost.

If you do not happen to have a Carrot in your rucksack at the time he appears then don't worry; he will return the next time it is a snowy night. If you don't have a Carrot at all then you can't do anything for him until next Winter. You'll have to grow a Carrot for him in the Fall and store it in your house until he arrives.

Rob Frost

If you do happen to have a Carrot in your rucksack, select it to give it to the snowman. Rob Frost will be incredibly glad that he stopped by your place since you found him a nose.

The next morning you'll find a snowman outside of your house. If you stand in front of him and press A, you will find a random item at his feet. You can find all sorts of items like Perfect Cabbage, Perfect Potato, Perfect Onion, Perfect Spinach, Perfect Ostrich Egg, Prabo Drink, Amethyst, Hutchen, Blueberry Ice Cream, and even an Empty Can.

Every morning you can check Rob Frost for a free goodie. When the season changes to Spring he will melt away until next Winter 1st. You'll find him sitting in front of your house every time you reach Winter, ready to supply you with a gift each day of the season.

Hamilton Is Stuck

Mayor in the fireplace

After you meet the Harvest Goddess, visit the mayor's house in Harmonica Town. As you walk inside you'll find Hamilton stuck head-first in his fireplace! Somehow he has gotten himself wedged tightly in the fireplace and he asks that you please pull him out.

If you yank him out of the fireplace, Hamilton will reward you with the Bell's Legend book. It will automatically be added to your list of books in the bookshelf at your house.

Barbara's Treasure Maps

As Barbara enlarges the size of her shop in Garmon Mine district, she will have special treasure maps for sale in the book inventory. Each one increases in price and difficulty of the clue. Look at the map in your inventory for the clue, and then bring it with you to use at location where you believe the treasure is hidden.

Map NamePriceClueTreasure Location
(highlight to view)
(highlight to view)
Map of Fire 111 G An isolated island in a sea of red. No one would dare come here. Floor 30 of Garmon Lower Mine. Jump from the large island to the smaller one in the upper-right corner. Lapis Lazuli
Map of Bond 222 G 3 flowers, 4 hearts. I am a red bow tie. At Sonata Tailoring, go into the living area of the shop and look for the wall stickers above a bed. Opal
Map of Mirrors 333 G Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Let's have a staring contest. Check the very large mirror in Witch's house Amber
Map of Splash 444 G Unnatural wave pattern. Same number, left and right. This one is not easy! Head to the bridge leading to the Garmon Mine district. Half way across the bridge you'll notice the waterfall and the two matching cliffs on each side of it. With your back to the waterfall, press A when you are in the middle of the bridge. Peridot
Map of Drip 555 G A dark, and very cold room in the water. Situated right in the middle. Go down to the 50th floor of Watery Cave and press A when standing in the middle of the room. Spinal
Map of Sneaking 666 G A fatso sitting near the purple roof, looking very lonely. Visit Julius' house in Flute Fields and look at the large brown barrel on the end of the fence closest to his front door Diamond
Map of Wings 777 G Who is taller, soaring above the family that is fishing? Go to the roof of the Fishery in Harmonica Town. Use the staircase next to the inn to reach the roof, and then press A when standing in front of the tall chimney. Ruby
Map of Pastrol 888 G It's hot every day. *croak* Welcome! *croak* Take the boat to Toucan Island and go to the door of the Pineapple Inn. To the left of the door is a blue frog sign. Crystal
Map of Goddess 999 G Between the warmth of green and light blue, two spots of red lay close. On Toucan Island, head to the western shoreline of the island. By the water's edge you'll find two red flower plants. Continue to walk west past the plants and you'll discover a small hidden rocky ledge. Press A to find the treasure. Jade

The Injured Bird

This event can occur when Jin has 4 or more hearts.

If you walk down to the graveyard by Celesta Church you might find a sick little bird. You and Finn take it to Jin, who says it just needs some rest and soon it will be healthy again.

The injured bird

Return to Harp Clinic the next day and talk to Jin. He shows you that the bird has fully recovered. Jin tells you the bird was at the graveyard because it was there visiting the grave of a girl that it was in love with. The girl was sick and eventually died, so the bird brings flowers to her grave.

You and Jin take the bird outside and let it fly away.

On your next Thursday, return to the graveyard and investigate Mary's gravestone. You'll find the little bird has returned. In return for your help the bird will give you a reward.

You can randomly get one of the following items: Raspberry, Perfect Cherry, Eggplant Seeds, Rice Seeds, Lavender Seeds, Mum Seeds, Buckwheat Seeds, Green Herb Seeds, Tomato Seeds, Corn Seeds, and Green Pepper Seeds.

Mushroom Fight

This event can occur when Wizard and Witch have 3 or more hearts.

Walk through the Fugue Forest until you reach the first clearing, where you'll find the Wizard and Witch fighting over a Fugue Mushroom. Each are claiming that they saw it first, and they are playing tug-of-war with the fungus.

Eventually the two of them tug so much that the mushroom slips out of both of their hands and flies off over the trees. Now neither one of them have the Fugue Mushroom.

Witch explains that the blue and pink-speckled mushroom is a difficult to find. It took her years to locate one! Wizard likewise is the same, and suggests that if you find one to bring it to him. Witch feels that you should bring it to her instead! They both return back to their houses to await your arrival.

Once you collect a Fugue Mushroom from the forest, you have to decide which of the two will receive it. You can only give it over to one of them. If you try to give each a Fugue then only 1 will result in the event; the other will just accept it as a standard gift.

  • If you give a Fugue Mushroom to Wizard he will tell you that he wanted to use it to research magical medicine. In return he'll give you a Shining Flour and Shining Buckwheat Flour.
  • If you give a Fugue Mushroom to Witch she will be glad that you were wise to bring it to her. As a reward she will give you a Black Pearl.

Gill's Order

Walk into the Harmonica Town Hall between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm when you have 3 or more hearts with Gill, Luke, and Bo. Inside you'll find Gill talking to the two carpenters. The bottom of the desk has worn out and Gill asks if they could repair it. Luke will make it gorgeous! Gill reminds him that he just wants the desk to be normal again and that's all. Luke continues to insist on showing off his designs.

Gill is becoming annoyed with Luke's showboating, and begins to regret asking Luke for help. The carpenter says he's sorry and Gill thinks all is well again, until Luke begins to brag that he can combine a chair and the desk together!

Poor Gill just wanted the desk fixed, and is now annoyed more than ever that Luke isn't listening to him. Bo has to apologize and takes Luke out of Gill's sight.

Horse Friendship

Walk down the path to Horn Ranch when you have 3 or more hearts with Renee and Kathy.

You'll find the girls by the barn brushing the horses. Kathy's horse, Sophie, does not seem happy and she can't figure out why. Renee takes a look and find a burr in the horse's coat. They come from plants and the seeds attach themselves to people to travel.

Now that the burr is gone the horse looks much happier. Kathy is concerned that her horse likes Renee better than her, but Renee tells her that's not true. The horse is sad on days that Kathy doesn't stop by.

The horse neighs in agreement. The two girls laugh and decide to go relax in the hot spring.

Childish Behavior Not Allowed!

Visit the Brass Bar between 4:00 pm and 1:00 am when you have 3 or more hearts with Selena, Kathy, and Luna.

Luna walks into the bar and is greeted by Selena. Luna gets the impression that Selena is talking down to her and begins to yell at her. It's not like Selena runs the bar or anything! Selena is surprised to get this type of reaction from a saucy little kid. This is a spot for adults so it is in need of sexy women!

Luna isn't impressed, and calls Selena dumb for thinking her clothes are sexy. This aggravates Selena and the two girls start arguing back and forth until Kathy comes in to break it up. Luna becomes polite towards Kathy and tells her that she's finished the tablecloth that Kathy wanted. Kathy introduces Selena as their bar's dancer, and introduces Luna as the worker from the tailor shop. She tells both girls that they're both old enough to get married, so there's no need to act like children. Kathy reminds the to girls that they're all sisters in a sense.

Luna and Selena feel bad, and apologize to each other.

Children's Mischief

Part 1

Walk into the Choral Clinic after you have 3 hearts with Chloe, Taylor, Irene, and Ramsey.

The two kids are busy bouncing on the clinic's patient beds until Irene yells at them for coming to the clinic to make trouble. Chloe and Taylor run through the clinic but Irene can't catch them.

Taylor thinks they're being pretty clever to be able to escape the old nurse. Chloe suggests that they should go try to bother her grandfather next.

Part 2

Walk to the Celesta Church grounds after you have Jin and Owen at 2 or more hearts, and you have seen Part 1.

Chloe had sneaked back to the Blacksmith's shop, taken a few things from Ramsey, and then slinked back to the plaza to meet up with her playmate. Taylor managed to sneak a bottle of medicine out of the clinic. Chloe wants to hide their stolen items but then the two troublemakers are caught by Ramsey and Irene!

Irene thinks they're trouble making has gone on for long enough. She demands they confess up to their little prank and return the items they took. Ramsey seems pretty disappointed in Chloe as well. Irene makes the kids feel guilty when she asks if the two kids do this because they don't like them.

Chloe and Taylor start to cry because they do like them. Chloe tells her grandfather that she'll be good, and Taylor is upset because Irene is always there to make him healthy.

Jin eventually shows up to smooth things out. The older people are just worried about the kids; they don't actually dislike Chloe and Taylor. The two kids apologize to Irene and Ramsey.

Handmade's Value

Visit Sonata Tailor's when Phoebe and Candace have 4 or more hearts, on a non-Sunday or non-festival day between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm.

Inside the shop and you'll find Phoebe talking to Candace. Phoebe has brought a yarn making machine and is trying to explain to Candace how easy it is to use. It will help her make sweaters faster! Candace seems reluctant though.

Phoebe continues on with her sales pitch and explains how Candace will be able to dye the yarn with color just by adding a flower. She still seems hesitant, even after Phoebe explains it will decrease her costs and labor time. The inventor is even offering the machine to her at a discount!

Candace tells her that she enjoys the slowness of knitting. Phoebe feels bad for trying to pressure Candace to use her maker machine, and leaves feeling that technology isn't necessary in every situation.

Luna and Candace's Argument

Go into Sonata Tailors on a non-Sunday or non-festival day, between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm, when Candace has 4 or more hearts.

Walk into the tailors and it looks like Luna looks a little annoyed. Candace tries to cheer her up by baking her sister's favorite Pumpkin Pie, but Luna isn't hungry right now. It seems that Luna is angry at Candace!

It seems that the two sisters had an agreement that they'd tell one another if they had a crush on a boy. Luna is angry because her sister didn't tell her about the boy that she likes! Candace figures the boy probably doesn't like her anyway. Luna tells her big sister that she will just have to give her big sister some love advice. Candace is grateful for her help. Now it's time for Pumpkin Pie!

The Mine's Ancient Ruins

Visit the 20th floor of the Garmon Lower Mine (the hot spring floor) when Owen, Luke, and Calvin are at 3 hearts or higher.

Down in the mine, Luke and Owen are looking at a wall. Owen thinks there's a entrance that leads to a new place just beyond the wall. Right before Luke and Owen get started smashing the wall with their hammers, Calvin jumps in to stop them.

Calvin explains that the writings on the wall are about 1000 years old and are valuable to all of humanity. Luke asks if that means he should be careful when he breaks it down. Calvin becomes annoyed at the two guys who didn't listen to a word he just said. Owen understands Calvin's objections, and suggests they get a permit from the Town Hall before continuing. They'll be able to excavate ore from any new spots they find.

Calvin tries to reason with the two, and tells them that only recently have the ruins become world famous. Luke still wants to smash up the wall, but Calvin suggests they all stop for today and head out to the Town Hall to negotiate. Owen agrees, even though Luke has the energy stored up to smash something. Calvin doesn't think they understand how magnificent the ancient ruins are.

Jonney's Treasure Map

Talk to Yolanda when she is inside the Orcarina Inn and when she has at least 5 hearts. She will tell you that while she was out for a walk, she found something floating in the waves. It turns out to be some sort of map, but Yolanda has no use for it. She gives the strange map over to to you.

Finn can't read anything on the map because it's too wet from being in the ocean. He suggests that you build a fire to dry it off. Use your matches to build a bonfire, and then place the wet map on the fire. It will dry the map so you can read it. Do not forget to water your bonfire when you're done using it!

The map tells you to look for a thin object that sparkles and watches over the sea. From there, you take 5 steps south and 10 steps east. The map also contains a warning; you can't show it to anyone else. The warning is signed by the great pirate, Jonney.

The first clue is obviously the Lighthouse in Harmonica Town. It is tall, looks out to the sea, and its light sparkles. Head over to the island where the Lighthouse is and start pressing A near the pointy edge of the green grass when you cross over the bridge. The two of you will find a buried object, which turns out to be a Crystal, a Perfect Coffee Bean, and another clue.

The second clue tells you to look for 3 squares and 3 circles near somewhere that dazzles and shines. This one is a bit tougher; the dazzling object the clue is referring to is the giant shiny kettle on the General Goods store sign. The 3 squares and circles are the barrels and crates on the side of the building. Check the side out by pressing the A button and you'll find an Amethyst, a bag of Summer Seeds, and the next clue.

The third clue tells you to look for a flat pumpkin. If you travel to Marimba Farm you'll find a sign hanging from the left-side of their porch that is the shape of a pumpkin. Press A when next to the hanging pumpkin and you'll find a Black Pearl, a Rock Salt, and another map.

Clue number four tells you about a bell at 12 o'clock, a staircase at 6 o'clock, and a "torch" at 9 o'clock. The spot on the map is the Celesta Church Plaza. When you walk to the plaza the church bell is north of you (12:00), the stairs are behind you (6:00), and there is a street lamp near the staircase (9:00). You then have to wait for the street lamp to light up (becoming a "torch") at 5:00 pm. You can then press your A button to find a Topaz, a Shining Perfume, and the last clue.

This clue tells you to spread your wings, gaze out, and look for a reflection to appear at 8:00 (am). For this clue you have to take Pascal's boat to Toucan Island in the early morning. As you leave the boat dock, walk west until you reach the shoreline and start pressing the A button around the area when the time hits 8 o'clock in the morning.

The two of you will dig in the spot where the last clue was, but you'll only find a cheap Glass Orb. Pascal will check to see what you guys are doing, and realizes you have been following the clues that he created a long time ago! Pascal is actually Jonney the great pirate.

He tells you that he was never really a pirate, but when he was younger he did have a yearning for adventure. Pascal points out that there is a chest buried there, and you'll end up getting a Pirate Bandana and a Pirate Eyepatch for you to wear. The items will automatically be sent to your dresser.

The Haunted Graveyard

Visit the graveyard at Celesta Church Grounds after 9:00 pm once you have chimed the Purple Bell.

At the graveyard, you and Finn hear a strange sobbing noise. Finn wonders if it's that crybaby sprite, Edge. The two of you are giggling about Edge when suddenly you are frightened as a crying ghost appears from one of the graves!

The ghost asks that you please listen to its story, and explains that his name is Tom and he had died in an accident. He left behind a girl, Anna, he cares greatly for, but he can't move from the graveyard. The two of them were the closest couple in the villager, and Tom tells you she was beautiful and kind.

Unfortunately before he died, Tom had gotten into an argument with his sweetie and out of anger, took Anna's Music Box. He feels very guilty and would like to apologize. Finn volunteers you (and himself of course) to help out the mourning ghost.

If you talk to Tom's grave again, he'll mention how his lady would go to the cow barn when ever they would have a disagreement.

Visit the shop at Horn Ranch and you'll meet up with Renee, who has just found a Music Box as she was cleaning out the storage room. Hanna says it was her grandmother's Music Box. When you ask her about her grandmother, Hanna confirms that her name was Anna and Renee happens to resemble her quite a bit. She had died about 20 years ago, before Renee was even born.

How is Tom suppose to apologize when Anna died 20 years ago? Renee says the Music Box was a memento from her grandmother, but under the circumstances, Hanna thinks it would be okay to hand it over to you.

Return back to the graveyard after 9:00 pm and give Tom's grave the Music Box. He will recognize it as Anna's, and Finn has to tell him the bad news that she died 20 years ago. Tom vaguely had a feeling that was true, but someone has looked after the Music Box and must care for her.

Finn believes that Anna would be waiting for him, and suggests he take the Music Box to her. Tom takes the box and fades away into the air.

Anissa's Lack of Bravery

Visit Marimba Farm's shop when Anissa and Taylor are both at 4 hearts or above, the weather is a thunder storm (Spring, Summer, Fall), and it is not a Wednesday or festival day.

Anissa is contently cooking in the kitchen when Taylor notices his sister's happy mood. He teases her by saying her favorite person will be arriving soon, and makes a smart remark about asking for cupid's services. Anissa just smiles, comments on how he's just a child, and suggests that he go help their dad.

Now Taylor is annoyed about his sister's "child" remark. Anissa continues to tell him that only children refuse to eat carrots, which makes him even more angry as he does not believe there's any connection to eating carrots and adulthood.

Suddenly, thunder is heard outside and it startles Anissa. Taylor starts to tease her again; this time about the thunder. Anissa claims that it just startled her at the moment. Taylor grins and tries to leave, but Anissa asks him to stick around because she is scared.

Befriend the Forest Animals

You can get a little bit of a boost to the heart levels of the wild animals by giving them honey. To do so, wait until after 12:00 am but before 1:00 am, and walk through the first three screens of Fugue Forest until you reach the first clearing. Have the honey in your hands when you enter the area, and you'll see a scene where you and Finn offer to give the honey to the animals. They will take it and scatter away.

If you aren't holding any honey when you enter the clearning, the animals will simply run away. You can use any quality of honey. Ruth's shop has honey for sale if you don't want to produce it from flowers grown on your farm.

Maritial Argument

This event will occur if you lower your spouse's affection to 10 hearts.

In the morning, instead of a boxed lunch given to you by your lovely spouse, he/she will be brooding in the kitchen. He/she won't want to tell you why he/she's angry, and asks that you don't talk until your spouse has had a time to calm down.

To get your spouse to talk to you, he/she needs to have 12 hearts. During this time, you won't get any boxed lunches in the morning.

Once you reach 12 hearts again, your spouse will apologize to you when you wake up in the morning. He/she was hurt by the way you were treating him/her, since you have to lower the spouse's hearts to 10 in order to see this event. Because he/she loves you so much, having a conversation together would be best than being ignored.

After this point you'll start getting lunch made for you in the morning. You will also have 15 hearts with your spouse.

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