Farm Title Degree

Earning your daily wage

Every day when you go to bed, the amount of goods you shipped will be seperated into five categories; Crops, Ranching, Mining, Fishing, and Other. All earned wages in each category are combined together into your daily total profits.

At the end of each month, the total amount of profit in each category is calculated. The category that earned the most amount of profit will be selected for your Farm Title. Your Farm Title will typically change every season as you play through the game. You can earn a Farm Title in the Crops, Ranching, Mining, and Fishing categories.

Generally, your Farm Title is the most significant when you are trying to become a hero near the end of the main storyline. During any other time, the degree is an extra feature where you will be rewarded with prizes depending on the Farm Title category and rank you earned at the end of the season. After your go to bed on the 28th of the season, Finn will appear and give you your new Farm Title, plus the reward for achieving such a high degree.

DegreeProfit (at least)Reward
Novice in Crops10,000 G30 Decent Fertilizer
Top in Crops30,000 G50 Decent Fertilizer
Master in Crops50,000 G50 Rapid Fertilizer
Hero in Crops100,000 G70 Good Fertilizer
Super in Crops200,000 G80 PerfectFertilizer
Ultimate in Crops300,000 G90 Shining Fertilizer
Novice in Ranching10,000 G30 Milk Candy
Top in Ranching20,000 G30 Strawberry Milk
Master in Ranching40,000 G40 Cookies
Hero in Ranching60,000 G60 Vanilla Ice Cream
Super in Ranching80,000 G80 Cherry Pie
Ultimate in Ranching100,000 G90 Shortcake
DegreeProfit (at least)Reward
Novice in Mining20,000 G30 Gas Antidote
Top in Mining50,000 G30 Stay Awake
Master in Mining100,000 G30 Super Stay Awake
Hero in Mining300,000 G50 Cold Medicine
Super in Mining400,000 G70 Bodigizer
Ultimate in Mining500,000 G90 Bodigizer XL
Novice in Fishing10,000 G30 Good Sushi
Top in Fishing15,000 G30 Seafood Curry
Master in Fishing20,000 G40 Seafood Doria
Hero in Fishing40,000 G50 Seafood Stew
Super in Fishing60,000 G70 Seafood Pizza
Ultimate in Fishing80,000 G90 Bodigizer XL

If you are a highly skilled Harvest Moon player and you earn the Ultimate in all 4 categories, then you will be given a special "Farm King" degree. Your reward will be 90 Goddess Pendants!

The reward items you receive can be shipped for money, but they are more efficient if you use them to give out as gifts to people. Often the degree prizes are "loves" quality gifts:

  • Strawberry Milk - Anissa, Renee, Chloe, Hannah
  • Cookies - Colleen, Simon
  • Cherry Pie - Maya
  • Shortcake - Renee
  • Gas Antidote - Jin, Calvin, Gill
  • Seafood Curry - Luke

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