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Back at the pond, the Goddess and all her sprites have gathered together. She thanks you for helping to bring nature back to the land. Alan breaks up the happy moment by pointing out the fact that the tree is still wilted.

Since the Goddess is tied to the tree, her power has not returned as well. To summon the Harvest King the 5 bells need to be rung all at the same time. However, only someone who has a great love for the land and has earned the title of "hero" can call forth the King.

Your farm degree

In order to summon the Harvest King you need to raise your Farm Degree to the level of "hero" or above. Each day the profit you earn from Crops, Animal Products, Fishing, or Mining are added together in each category. At the end of the season you will earn a Farm Degree title depending on which category you earned the most money in. You can find your current Farm Degree rank by going into your Farm Summary menu and looking at your Player details.

To earn a hero rank you need to earn a lot of profit in one of the four categories. It doesn't matter which category you choose to become a hero in, but only the items you ship in the current season (28 days) count towards your Farm Degree.

If you already have a "hero", "super", or "ultimate" rank when you ring the Purple Bell, then you don't have to do anything more! Finn will tell you to hurry and visit the Harvest King's throne so all of the sprites can summon him to save the Goddess Tree.

Hero in Crops

Meeting the hero rank in shipping crops is probably the easiest way to do it. You don't even need to buy extra crop lands from Hamilton. To earn a hero rank in crops you need to earn at least 100,000 G in the season you're in.

maximizing your field

On the right-side of your field will be some trees at the beginning of the game. You can chop down the 4th tree that doesn't line up in the row on the edge of your field to free up some land for your own crops. You could chop down all of the trees, but they produce fruit (typically cherries) and it is nice to have free crops anyway.

If you till your field from the left-edge to the tree line you should have an area about 9 by 12 squares (108 total squares). This does leave a strip of 1 x 12 at the top or bottom of your field which you can utilize, but it will take some extra effort to plant/water such an unusual piece of leftover field.

Fertilizing your crop will help to increase the chances of getting Perfect and Shining crops that sell for more gold. Each square of soil on your field is rated from level 1 to level 5. Adding fertilizer from Marimba Farm will increase the level of your soil and allow the crops to grow faster.

  • Decent Fertilizer - 50 G - Increases soil level by 1
  • Good Fertilizer - 100 G - Increases soil level by 2
  • Perfect Fertilizer - 180 G - Increases soil level by 3
  • Shining Fertilizer - 250 G - Increases soil level by 4

Depending on which season you are in, there are certain crops that are best to plant in the entire field:

  • Spring: A field of Strawberries or Lettuce is good to grow. The Strawberry can reproduce fruit every 6 days for level 5 soil, 7 days for level 4 soil, and 8 days for level 3 soil. Lettuce will mature every 5 days (at level 3 soil or higher, which requires less fertilizer) but you have to remember to buy enough Lettuce Seeds for replanting. If your Lettuce matures on a Wednesday when Marimba Farm is closed, you may be forced to wait until Thursday to buy more seeds for replanting or use your Telephone to pay 80 G per seed instead of 40 G.

    So on average:

    • 108 Strawberries x 270 G (Perfect quality) x 4 (7 day maturity @ lvl 4 soil, 28 days max) = 116,640 G
    • 108 Lettuce x 280 G (Perfect quality) x 5 (5 day maturity @ lvl 3 soil, 25 days max) = 151,200 G

    Growing Strawberries is really cutting it close though. Since the crop's quality is random when you harvest the fruit there might not be enough shipped to earn the minimum 100,000 G. Better soil helps, but it is not a guarantee.

  • Summer: Use either Honeydew or Tea Leaves. The Tea is easier if you don't have a fully upgraded Marimba Farm, but neither crop regrows on an ongoing basis. You will have to buy new seeds all season long.

    If you choose to go with Tea Leaves, you will want level 3 soil or higher. The plants will mature every 3 days (!!) with that soil quality, but on the downside you don't get a lot of profit. Your goal will be to ship as many Tea Leaves as you possibly can in the 28 day season.

    With Melons you will earn more money per harvest, but the fruit takes a lot longer to mature. It takes 6 days to produce Honeydew with level 3 soil, and 5 days if your soil is level 4 or 5. Honeydew seeds are only 40 G per bag whereas Tea Leaves are 50 G per bag.

    • 108 Tea Leaves x 230 G (Perfect) x 9 (3 days maturity @ lvl 3 soil, 27 days max) = 223,560 G
    • 108 Honeydew x 450 G (Perfect) x 5 (5 days maturity @ lvl 4 soil, 25 days max) = 243,000 G

    Summer season has storms! Randomly throughout the season your crops may be affected by bad weather. On a stormy day you may wake up in the morning to find a large number of your plants have been destroyed. The only thing you can do is replant and hope they mature before the next storm appears.

  • Fall: Bluemist Flowers. Planting these flowers is the easiest way to earn your hero rank. The Bluemist will sell for the same amount of profit no matter what quality of soil they are grown in. The only thing soil quality affects is the speed at which the flower matures. You can buy the Bluemist Flower seeds at Marimba Farm for 50 G a bag.

    • 108 Bluemist Flowers x 390 G x 5 (5 days maturity @ lvl 3 soil, 25 days max) = 210,600 G
    • 108 Bluemist Flowers x 390 G x 7 (4 days maturity @ lvl 4 soil, 28 days max) = 294,840 G
    • 108 Bluemist Flowers x 390 G x 9 (3 days maturity @ lvl 5 soil, 27 days max) = 379,080 G
  • Winter: Your best crops are going to be Snowdrop Flowers or Buckwheat. Snowdrop Flowers can mature in 3 days if you have level 3 soil or higher, but Buckwheat takes at least 5 days with level 3 soil.

    • 108 Snowdrop Flowers x 150 G x 9 (3 days maturity @ lvl 3 soil, 27 days max) = 145,800 G
    • 108 Buckwheat x 240 G (Perfect quality) x 5 (5 days to mature @ lvl 3 soil, 25 days max) = 129,600 G

    Winter season has snow storms that can wipe out your growing crops. Between the storms and the lack of a guarantee to get Perfect crops at every harvest, Winter is the most difficult season to become a hero in. If you need to hero-up during Winter then buying a second crop field from Hamilton may help you to achieve it.

Hero in Animal Products

To earn the rank of hero for shipping animal products (eggs, milk, etc.) you need to earn at least 60,000 G in profit.

raising animals

The quality of items produced by your animals all depend on the number of hearts that it has. The more hearts, the better chance of it producing a Shining item. Raising an animal's hearts to the maximum of 10 will take you multiple seasons.

0 to 2.5OftenUncommonNeverNever
2.5 to 5OftenNormalUncommonNever
5 to 7.5UncommonOftenOftenNormal
7.5 to 10NeverUncommonOftenNormal

If you have a level 3 barn you can have up to 8 livestock animals. The most profitable livestock animal are cows, which produce milk every day. You can then convert that milk into Butter or Cheese, although both processed items give you the same amount of profit.

  • 8 cows x 260 G (Good quality Milk) x 28 days = 58,240 G
  • 8 cows x 280 G (Good quality Cheese) x 28 days = 62,720 G

As you can see, just simply using cows is cutting it really close to the 60,000 G requirement at the lower Good quality item rank. If you happen to have other animals in your barn, such as a horse that produces no profit, then that affects your chance of getting ranked hero.

Supplementing chickens should be enough to pick up the slack, but it requires you to build a level 3 poultry barn before you can have 8 of them. Chickens will produce eggs every day and are more profitable than ducks. You can also convert the eggs in mayonnaise if you have the Mayonnaise Maker from Barbara.

  • 8 chickens x 80 G (Good quality Egg) x 28 days = 17,900 G
  • 8 chickens x 100 G (Good quality Mayonnaise) x 28 days = 22,400 G

You also can raise up to 4 silkworms in your level 3 poultry barn, but they take a long time to increase hearts with. The silkworms only produce one Silk every 4 days, but you can convert that into Silk Yarn with the Yarn Maker. If you have a Silk that is grade Good or higher you don't want to dye it. Dyed Silk Yarn sells for less than non-dyed unless you combine a Decent Silk Yarn with a blue-colored flower or herb.

  • 4 silkworms x 990 G (Good quality Silk) x 5 (4 days maturity, 28 days max) = 19,800 G
  • 4 silkworms x 1090 G (Good quality Silk Yarn) x 5 (4 days maturity, 28 days max) = 21,800 G

So it is possible to become a hero in ranching, but you must combine a variety of animal species together in order to earn the required amount of profit.

Hero in Mining

Becoming a hero in the mining category requires you to earn at least 300,000 G in one season from shipping ore and jewels. The difficult part of this is the jewels and ores that are produced completely rely on getting lucky with Mira when she processes your finds!

When you pick up ores and jewels from the mine, you must take them to Mira at the Accessory shop in order to be processed. The types of items that come out of her appraisal is completely random. There is nothing you can do to influence the chance of getting high-selling jewels compared to useless Glass.

Junk OreJunk = 100%
Iron OreJunk = 50%
Iron = 50%
Copper OreJunk = 60%
Copper = 40%
Silver OreJunk = 70%
Silver = 30%
Gold OreJunk = 85%
Gold = 15%
Rare OreJunk = 90%
Rare Metal = 10%
Red WonderfulGlass = 75%
Garnet = 20%
Ruby = 5%
Yellow WonderfulGlass = 75%
Amber = 20%
Topaz = 5%
Green WonderfulGlass = 60%
Peridot = 20%
Jade = 15%
Emerald = 5%
Blue WonderfulGlass = 60%
Lapis Lazuli = 20%
Aquamarine = 15%
Sapphire = 5%
Purple WonderfulGlass = 70%
Spinal = 20%
Amethyst = 10%
White WonderfulGlass = 60%
Crystal = 20%
Opal = 15%
Diamond = 5%

You also have to pay Mira 35 G for each item that needs to be processed! The jewel with the most profit is the Diamond, which ships for 1330 G each, but you only have a 5% chance of getting a Diamond from a single White Wonderful.

Becoming a hero in the Mining category takes a lot of effort, money, and luck.

Hero in Fishing

Fishing is a little easier than mining, but you need to earn at least 40,000 G to become a hero. It seems like a smaller requirement but you have to keep in mind that fish can sell for as little as 7 G each.

Many of the fish that sell for anything worthwhile are uncommon. The best place to catch fish that could meet this goal is along the beach on Toucan Island. You can catch Barracuda (680 G), Shira (286 G), Tuna (317 G), Swordfish (322 G), Lobster (180 G), and Yellowtail (153 G). The only problem with catching these large fish is they take a lot of stamina when you are reeling them in, especially the Barracuda!

To get to the island you have to buy a Boat Ticket from Ozzie's shop for 400 G. When Ozzie's shop is closed on Sundays you'll have to buy it the day before or use the Telephone to call in an order for 800 G. Either way, you have to travel to the island to catch the fish as well as bring food to restore your stamina.

After earning the Hero rank...

After going to bed on the 30th of the season, your final Farm Degree rank will be calculated. If you made it to "hero" then congratulations! If not, then you can try again the next season. There's no time limit on how long it takes you to earn the title.

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