Seasonal Festivals

There are, unfortunately, only a few festivals per season in Animal Parade. Theodore's Circus is considered to be a seasonal event, which leaves only a few non-circus gatherings to attend.

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At the town gatherings you'll always find Simon. If you pay him 100 G, the photographer will take your picture. You can find the photo he took of you in your picture gallery (press the "-" button on your wii remote to access it). If you are the winner of any contest, Simon will take your picture again (for free) and put it in your gallery.

Typically there is one "date" festival and one "contest" festival per season.

Spring Season

Spring 14 - Flower Festival

Where: Harmonica Town, in front of Celesta Church.
When: 6:00 pm (18:00) to 11:00 pm (23:00)

Flower festival date

This festival is a gathering at the Celesta Church Grounds to view the cherry blossoms. This is a simple "date" festival and there are no vendor selling items. Although, you can find Simon and pay him 100 G for a photograph. The festival officially starts at 6:00 pm but you can visit earlier and talk to the people.

If you want a date to this festival, you can ask a marriage candidate who has 3 or more hearts on the 13th. The person will ask if you would meet them at 7:00 pm to view the blossoming trees. You can only invite one person, and you can't change your mind once you've selected your date.

At 7:00 pm be at the Grounds square and head towards the blanket to the left of the church staircase. Your date event will trigger and everyone will watch the flowers. The festival will end at 11:00 pm.

Spring 28 - Animal Festival

Where: Horn Ranch
When: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm (19:00)

Animal festival

This gathering takes place at Horn Ranch, where there are booths to buy items and contests to enter. Simon will take your picture for 100 G. Talk to Hamilton to enter the festival contests.

Livestock Contest

You can enter one of the animals you are raising on your farm to compete against the other villagers. The more hearts your animal has, the better chance of being declared the winner of the contest. Hamilton will ask you to select the animal you wish to enter into the contest, so you don't have to bring it with you to the festival.

Grand prize is 500 Bird Feed, second is 300 Bird Feed, and third is 200 Bird Feed.

Pet Contest

You'll finally get a chance to show off your pet's tricks . The more difficult the trick your pet can do (Trick Lvl MAX) the better chance you have of winning. If you don't have a pet, which may be possible by the time this festival comes around on your first Spring, then you can't participate.

When competing your pet will automatically display its highest level of trick. You will not be able to choose which one it selects.

Grand Prize is 10 Cornbread, second is 10 Onion Bread, and third is 10 Herb Bread.

Animal Race

You need to have an animal on your farm that you can ride (at least 6 hearts) before you can participate in this contest. You will be racing against the other villagers on an oval track. Instead of talking to Hamilton to start this contest, you'll go talk to Cain. He'll be standing next to the gate behind the festival booths.

Cain will give you the option to enter the race or simply cheer for one of the race competitors.

  • Participate - You will have to play the horse racing mini game against 5 other villagers. If you do win the race you'll receive 25 Shining Carrots.

  • Cheer - This is good to select if you don't have a ridable animal yet. You simply get to watch the race play out and you don't have any influence on who is the winner. Waving your Wii Remote around won't help the person's animal run any faster.

    Even if you're not actually running the race, you will still receive a small prize if your selected villager wins. First place is 10 Shining Carrots, and second is 5 Shining Carrots.

    Out of the participants you are rooting for, you want to choose Renee, Kathy, Simon, Gill, Hanna, Luna, Ramsey, Perry, Irene, or Barbara.


Hanna's Booth
Perfect Wool2440 G
Perfect Mayonnaise260 G
Perfect Butter740 G
Perfect Goat Butter680 G
Perfect Sheep Butter640 G
Perfect Cheese740 G
Perfect Goat Cheese640 G
Perfect Sheep Cheese640 G
Pudding (recipe)300 G
Pancakes (recipe)550 G
Potato Pancake (recipe)580 G
Buckwheat Pancake (recipe)620 G
Shortcake (recipe)890 G
Cookies (recipe)470 G
Orange Cookies (recipe)590 G
Shelly's Booth
Perfect Silk Yarn2640 G
Perfect Wool Yarn2680 G
Perfect Flax Yarn2900 G

Yolanda's Booth
Decent Honey100 G
Good Honey200 G
Perfect h=Honey300 G
Yogurt Drink820 G
Strawberry Milk1040 G
Honeydew Milk1300 G

Summer Season

Summer 07 - Firefly Festival

Where: Flute Fields, in front of the Waterwheel.
When: 6:00 pm (18:00) to 11:00 pm (23:00)

Firefly Festival

This is another date festival, so if you wish to participate then you must ask the marriage candidate on Summer 06 if he or she wants to watch the little flower boats float down the river. If the person has 3 or more hearts and agrees to meet you, make sure you're at the festival grounds around 7:00 pm.

There are no booths with items for sale at this festival. If you don't have a date for the festival then Perry will be your default date.

Summer 17 - Summer Festival

Where: Harmonica Town, at Harmonica Beach by the lighthouse
When: 9:00 am to 11:00 pm (23:00)

Summer Festival

The Summer Festival is a celebration of fishing and fireworks. You can enter 2 contests, shop for goods, and watch the fireworks in the evening hours.

Fish Contest

The fish contest doesn't require you to enter anything. Instead, the fish that you catch from Spring 1 until Summer 17 count towards winning the contest. The more fish you ship, the better chance you have of coming in first place. Ideally, shipping 60,000 G or more worth of fish can get you declared the winner.

The winner will get 10 Bodigizer XL, second place is 10 Bodigizer, and third place is 10 Stay-Awake.

Fishing Tournament

This contest is about the shortest amount of time it takes to reel up a specific fish. Talk to Hamilton between 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm to find out what the target fish is for the tournament. You then have between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm to catch that fish.

Once you enter the contest, the time automatically jumps to 3:00 pm. You can't leave the Harmonica Beach or you'll forfeit the contest. The only place you can fish from is the beach shore. You can kind of control what fish you catch by powering up your fishing pole before casting, but there's no true way to force a specific fish to appear.

It seems that the winner is determined by the 10 minute mark. If you catch the requested fish within 10 minutes you get 1st place, 20 minutes is 2nd place, and so on. This is just a theory though and requires more testing.

First place is 10 Shining Sushi, second place is 10 Perfect Sashimi, and third place is 10 Good Herb Fish.


Once you have finished with the contests, stick around the dock areas until 7:00 pm (19:00). You'll get to view the summer fireworks show with the rest of the villagers. You don't get a choice to pick someone to watch the show with.


Hayden's Booth
Carrot Juice500 G
Tomato Juice420 G
Vegetable Juice1370 G
Orange Juice320 G
Cranberry Juice140 G
Raspberry Juice120 G
Blackberry Juice140 G
Blueberry Juice140 G
Apple Juice360 G
Pineapple Juice160 G
Honeydew Juice770 G
Grape Juice320 G
Coconut Juice120 G
Ozzie's Booth
Good Sashimi800 G
Grilled Squid130 G
Sauteed Clam640 G
Baked Potato1060 G
Roasted Corn420 G
Fish Soup320 G
Paolo's Booth
Sea Urchin160 G
Oyster120 G
Mussel120 G
Bonito240 G
Squid110 G
Octopus120 G
Crawfish20 G

Fall Season

Fall 14 - Moon Viewing Festival

Where: Flute Fields, in front of the gate between Marimba Farm and Horn Ranch.
When: 6:00 pm (18:00) to 11:00 pm (23:00)


If you want to spend an evening watching the moon, ask your date on the 13th of Fall. If he or she has 3 hearts or more, then meet the person around 7:00 pm (19:00) at the festival grounds. The two of you will spread a blanket out on the meadow floor and watch the moon rise into the sky.

There aren't any shop venders at this gathering, and it is over at 11:00 pm.

Fall 27 - Crop Festival

Where: Flute Fields, in front of Marimba Farm
When: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm (19:00)

Crop Festival

This festival is a celebration of crops. The festival grounds are, of course, in front of the shop where you typically buy plant seeds. To enter the crop contests, take your entry to Hamilton and give it to him.

Vegetable Contest

Give Hamilton crops such as Eggplant, Turnips, Yams, and so on. Since you're competing against the master farmers of Marimba Farm, anything less than Shining quality won't win at all.

First place is 10 Shining Fertilizer, second is 10 Perfect Fertilizer, and third is 10 Good Fertilizer.

Fruit Contest

You can enter fruits that you've grown on your farm. Possible crops are Cherries, Apples, Grapes, Honeydew, Chestnuts, and so on. Shining is always better than Perfect, Good, or Decent.

First place is 10 Honeydew Juice, second is 10 Pineapple Juice, and third place is 10 Grape Juice.

Flower Contest

Flowers don't have any type of quality, so you just need to enter the flower that ships for the most amount of gold. Naturally that would be the Bluemist Flower. You'll win every time if you give Hamilton a Bluemist for your contest entry.

First place is 10 Shining Perfume, second place is 10 Red Perfume, and third place is 10 Decent Perfume.

Cooking Contest

The cooking contest is very simple, and you don't have to cook a recipe using any assigned type of cooking utensil. Basically bring cooked dishes that have a Shining quality rank to it, such as Menieru, Herb Grilled Fish, Bouillabaisse, Sashimi, Sushi, and Marinade.

If you're married and you enter a Shining Bentou Box that you may have received from your spouse, you'll discover that it isn't enough to win the contest. The above suggestions all sell for over 1000 G when you ship the Shining item, which may be the key to winning the contest.

The Shining Perfume you win from the Flower Contest can be submitted as an entry in the Cooking Contest.

First place is 10 Shining Honey, second is 10 Perfect Salt, and third place is 10 Good Sugar.


Craig's Booth
Perfect Eggplant360 G
Perfect Pumpkin420 G
Perfect Yam360 G
Perfect Pepper440 G
Perfect Carrot520 G
Perfect Spinach540 G
Pontata Root80 G

Taylor's Booth
Vegetable Salad840 G
Boiled Potato520 G
Boiled Yam400 G
Boiled Pumpkin450 G
Strawberry Jam980 G
Apple Jam680 G
Mushroom Saute620 G
Apple Candy830 G
Pickled Vegetables660 G
Roasted Chestnut330 G
Roasted Yam360 G
Ruth's Booth
Perfect Flax540 G
Perfect Salt240 G
Perfect Sugar520 G
Perfect Curry Powder520 G
Perfect Wheat Flour420 G
Perfect Buckwheat Flour600 G
Perfect Ground Coffee440 G
Perfect Cornmeal500 G
Perfect Olive Oil340 G
Cosmos200 G
Chrysanthemum180 G
Mushroom Rice660 G
Yam Rice880 G
Chestnut Rice850 G
Decent Perfume780 G
Shining Fertilizer360 G
Decent Perfume (recipe)320 G
Yellow Perfume (recipe)410 G
Green Perfume (recipe)380 G
Red Perfume (recipe)730 G
Blue Perfume (recipe)1280 G
Shining Perfume (recipe)1370 G

Winter Season

Winter 5 - Thanksgiving

Where: All over Castanet.
When: 6:00 am to midnight


If you talk to someone (boy or girl) and the person has 5 or more hearts, you will receive a piece of Shortcake. You can then take the cake and give it to someone else, or simply give it back to the person who gave it to you!

You can also make Shortcake using the Oven utensil in your kitchen by combining Wheat Flour, a Strawberry, Egg, Butter, and Milk.

Giving Shortcake to people will increase your friendship a little bit.

Winter 11 - Starry Night Festival

Where: Flute Fields
When: 6:00 pm (18:00) to 10:00 pm (22:00)

Stary Night

If you want to invite a marriage candidate to watch the stars with you, ask the person on the 10th. If the person has 3 or more hearts and you ask him/her to meet you for the festival, go to the moon viewing spot in Flute Fields around 7:00 pm. The festival officially starts at 6:00 pm, but your date won't show up until an hour later.

This festival allows you to wish on a star that falls from the sky. You will have 5 different wishes to choose from. After you see the falling star, a window will appear and you will have to select the same wish every time. After you have wished 3 times you'll be given a reward if you happen to select the same wish every time you were given a choice:

  • I want to be popular: Raise affection with your family
  • I want to go recover: Receive Choco Pudding
  • I want to dive: Receive a Tarpon (king fish)
  • I want to sleep: Recover your stamina
  • I want to gain: Receive 1000 G

You have about 2 seconds to select your wish from the list of 5 available. Each time the choices appear they will be scrambled, so you have to quickly move your cursor to where your selected wish is in the list.

Winter 28 - New Years Eve

Where: Harmonica Town, in front of the Town Hall.
When: 6:00 pm (18:00) to midnight

The villagers like to celebrate the end of the year by gathering together in town. There are a few contests and a few vendors, where you can buy special clothes and accessories.

New Year fireworks

Between 6:00 pm (18:00) and 11:00 pm (23:00), you can talk to the other people, do some shopping at the booths that sell special festival-only items, and enter the 3 contests. Don't leave though! Stick around until 11:00 pm (23:00), when the year end countdown begins.

Before the new year begins, you can make a wish:

  • Influence your farm: raise your friendship with the people in Flute Fields.
  • Harmony with Harmonica Town: raise your friendship with the people in Harmonica Town
  • Fall in love more: raise friendship with the marriage candidates or your spouse.

After the festivities are over you'll return to your house at 3:00 am.

Mining Contest

You will be judged on the difficulty of the item you can find from any of the 3 mines. Since Mira's shop is closed on festival days, you will have to find a good ore or jewel before the 28th and hold onto it until the festival.

A good item to bring is a Diamond from Garmon Upper Mine, which sells for 1330 G. Next would be a Ruby from Garmon Lower Mine (830 G), and then the Emerald from the Water Cave (690 G). An Amethyst (420 G) will earn you 2nd place.

First place is 1000 Material Stone, second place is 500 Material Stone, and third place is 100 Material Stone.

Fashion Contest

Make sure you've come to the festival dressed your best! You will be competing your fashion sense with the other villagers. If you wear a lot of clothing and items that cost a lot of money, ideally 10,000 G worth of items, you'll have a better chance of winning.

First place is 10 Shining Silk Yarn, second is 10 Perfect Linen Yarn, and third is 10 Good Wool Yarn.

The Bargain Contest

This contest tallies up all of the wild items that you've found along the roadways and beaches. The game keeps track of all items you have found for the past year, and enters the information for you at the Bargain judging. If you pick up at least 500 items thoughout the year, then you'll be the winner.

First place is 600 Lumber, second place is 400 Lumber, and third place is 200 Lumber.


Barbara's Booth
Knife Set: Chic2000 G
Knife Set: Gorgeous2500 G
Pot: Chic2500 G
Pot: Gorgeous2800 G
Frying Pan: Chic2600 G
Frying Pan: Gorgeous3000 G
Oven: Chic3200 G
Oven: Gorgeous3500 G
Mixer: Chic1700 G
Mixer: Gorgeous2000 G
Aging Pot: Red2700 G
Aging Pot: Gold3000 g
Irene's Booth
Green Herb Seeds20 G
Blue Herb Seeds20 G
Red Herb Seeds20 G
Purple Herb Seeds20 G
Yellow Herb Seeds20 G

Shelly's Booth
Hero Clothes12,000 G
Aloha Clothes4000 G
Popular Clothes5000 G
China Clothes: Red7000 G
Animal Costume: Cat6000 G
Camouflage: Green9000 G
Fantasy Costume12,000 G
Sweater: Red4000 G
Western Clothes5000 G
China Clothes: Yellow7000 G
Sweater: White6000 G
Camouflage: Blue9000 G
Safari Hat: White2300 G
Safari Hat: Green2300 G
Afro: Brown2700 G
Afro: Red2700 G
Afro: Green2700 G
Afro: Blue2700 G
Rabbit Ears3000 G
Cat Ears3000 G
Ear Muffler: White2000 G
Ear Muffler: Green200 G
Headphones3000 G
Longhorn4000 G
Oni Horn3000 G
Crown7000 G
Tiara7000 G
Angel Halo3000 G
UFO5000 G
Viking Hat500 G
Santa Hat1000 G
Wizard Hat2000 G
Flower Hairpin1000 G
Clover Hairpin1000 G
Ribbon1500 G
Straight Hairpin2000 G
Muffler: Blue2000 G
Muffler: Chic3000 G
Hand Towel: White500 G
Hand Towel: Green1000 G
Hand Towel: Blue1000 G
Hero Mask1000 G
Witch Mask1000 G
Fox Mask2000 G
Frog Mask1500 G
Duck Mask1500 G
Cow Mask1500 G

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