Autumn Festivals

Birthdays in this season are:

Autumn 8: Mushroom Hunt

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This is a competitive festival where the participants collect mushrooms. The goal isn't collecting the most toy mushrooms by collecting up to 20 mushrooms that are worth the most points. Enter Olive Town between 10:00 am and 7:00 pm, then talk to Dosetsu to join in on the fungus fun. Cindy and Mikey have hidden little toy mushrooms for the participants to find. You'll have 70 seconds to hunt down the highest-value toy mushrooms before the three other competitors find them. The mushrooms will be hidden in the plaza area, the playground, and north in the forest. You won't find any in the other parts of Olive Town, such as the lower streets or the beach.

There are three colors of toy mushrooms: red, yellow, and blue. The more points the mushroom is worth, the fewer of them you'll find.

You can pick up a maximum of 20 mushrooms. As there are only a few red and yellow mushrooms, try to locate those first. Afterwards, collect the little blues to fill your limit of 20 shrooms.

First place is a Gold Shroom Trophy and 5000 G. Second place is a Silver Shroom Trophy and 3000 G. Third place is a Copper Shroom Trophy and 1000 G. In year 2 or later, the prize money awards become 10,000 G (1st), 6000 G (2nd), and 3000 G (3rd).

This festival ends at 7:00 pm.

Autumn 21: Spirit Festival

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The residents of Olive Town will gather together on this day to give their appreciation for the blessings of nature that blanket their town. Walk into Olive Town between 10:00 am and 7:00 pm to find everyone in the plaza area, where they'll be excited about lighting up the paper lanterns they plan on setting free into the sky. If you have previously confessed to a marriage candidate and are going steady with them (or even married), talk to that person in the plaza to invite them to lite the lanterns with you.

When you're ready, talk to Simon in the middle of the plaza. The time will shift to night and all the lanterns will be illuminated with fire.

The DLC marriage candidates will not attend this festival unless you are married to a DLC marriage candidate, and only then will your DLC spouse participate.

This festival ends at 7:00 pm. Luckily, the fire-powered lanterns will not start any in-game wildfires.