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Ralph is the local ranger that patrols the forest to the north of Olive Town. He keeps an eye out for wayward wild animals that might venture too close to the population, ensuring they stay in the forest where they're safe. Ralph has been naturally good at sports since he was a kid, so he is quick on his feet and quite athletic. He takes his ranger role very seriously; he's the mighty barrier that protects Olive Town from savage foxes and tweetie birdies.

Birthday: Summer 21

Family: Nigel (dad)

Schedule: Ralph will spend a lot of his time in the forest area just north of the Olive Town Hall. Though there is a ranger's station in the forest with a bed, refrigerator, and toasty romantic fireplace, Ralph lives with his dad at Nigel's Handiworks.

Ralph takes a day off from his ranger patrols on Wednesdays.

Ralph stays inside his dad's house on rainy days.

Gift Preferences

Special Gifts (+1200 FP): "Much appreciated! I'm always on the hunt for this sort of thing. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Fashionable Bracelet, Pot au Feu

Loved Gifts (+600 FP): "Thank you! This is great. You clearly have good taste."

Aqua Pazza, Borscht, Bouillabaise, Bouquet Perfume, Bread, Clam Chowder, Cornbread, Floral Perfume, Gazpacho, Golden Peach, Green Potage, Hideg Meggyleves , Hot & Sour Soup, Jewelry Locket, Kenchin Soup , Lemon Soup, Minestrone, Mixed Soup, Okra Soup, Onion Bread, Ryuugu Soup, Shellfish Soup, Shiny Watch, Sopa de Aho, Tokku , Tom Yum Goong, Tsuvibel Soup, Yellow Potage

Liked Gifts (+200 FP): "Thank you. I see you know what I like."

Blazing Waltz, Charming Perfume, Earth Concerto, Fruit Perfume, Jewelry Ring, Moonlight Nocturne, Rainbow Bouquet, Springtime March, Wintertime Rondo

Everything Else (+30 FP): "Thank you. I'll take it."

Heart Events

There will be an event for each of the 10 hearts of friendship. The events after Heart 6 require the exchange of a Confession Pendant to unlock. You can confess to as many marriage candidates as you want.

Heart 1


As you're walking, you suddenly collapse, as your foot is caught in something. Ralph, who was nearby, runs up to help you. He explains that you triggered an animal trap he laid out. Ralph is sorry that his trap caught your foot. You don't seem to have any injuries, thankfully. You ask him why he lays traps, and he explains it's part of his job as a ranger.

He detaches the trap, and you stretch your uninjured appendage. Ralph explains further that there's an injured rabbit in the area he's been trying to treat, but he's unable to catch it, which is why he's been laying out traps. He's determined to wait it out and help the little bunny. Please be careful walking through the area from now on.

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Heart 2


As you're walking through the forest, a bear suddenly appears before you! Oh boy!

Ralph and Beth happen to be nearby. Ralph tells Beth to stay put and runs in to help. He keeps you calm as he tries to soothe the bear, instructing you to get away safely. As you two back away from the bear, a squirrel runs by, and the bear chases after it. Ralph says he should have taken more precautions to make sure the bear didn't end up in the area but is impressed that you could keep calm when faced with such a creature.

Beth comes back and praises Ralph's skill with local wildlife. Ralph is thankful but warns her that it's crucial to never to let your guard down. As Beth needed a guide to help her find old ceramics and artifacts in the forest, the two of them head off. Before he leaves, Ralph asks you to remember to be careful whenever you go on a walk through the woods.

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Heart 3


Jacopo runs up to you and asks you to bring some food to Ralph. He can't because, well, he has his reasons.

You find Ralph in the forest. Perplexed, Ralph wonders if maybe you're enjoying the forest, being that you're from the city and all. You hand him the sandwich. Ralph asks why you're giving him this.

He apologizes for the trap that caught you the other day. When he first started as a ranger, he got hurt all the time, getting caught in his traps or slipping while pursuing an animal. Still, it never made him want to give up. It's his job to connect Olive Town to the nature all around it while preventing any problems that might arise. He thanks you for the sandwich and says he'll treat you next time.

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Heart 4


Jacopo bumps into you and asks for your help. He wants Ralph to teach him football because he heard that Ralph used to be a football player, and he needs someone to play against. Can you ask him?

You visit Ralph at the Ranger's Station to ask him about it. You two sit down with some drinks, where he explains that he only played during his high school years. His dad is a huge football fanatic and would take Ralph to games when he was a kid. Once he got an autograph from his favorite football player! If Jacopo wants to learn how to play, he should ask Nigel. His dad used to coach a youth football team. The only things Ralph knows now are ranger-related.

Since you have drinks, why don't we toast?


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Heart 5


Victor is fuming. You ask him what's wrong, and he says that there's a bear nearby in the woods. He's upset with Ralph and wants you to say something to him.

The man in question approaches, asking if something is wrong. Victor reminds him of the bear problem. Ralph responds that he already told Victor that he needs to wait for the right time to confront the bear. It isn't a creature that Ralph wants to provoke! Ralph reminds the mayor that he promised not to involve you in this matter. Victor remembers this, apologies, and walks away.

Ralph decides to deal with the bear sooner rather than later. He thanks you for putting up with Victor's ranting. Since he has the time, Ralph suggests treating you to a meal at the bistro.

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Heart 6 (Confession)

Heart 7

Heart 8

Heart 9

Heart 10 (Marriage Proposal)