Character Art

Reina is a girl who likes to have a good time, partying and dancing until the early morning hours. She's also a studious museum employee who is enthusiastic about natural history. Reina met museum director Gloria when she was a student and moved to Olive Town to help at Gloria's museum. At the museum, Reina has an eye for details and can appraise any bag of oddities that you bring to her.

Reina was intended to be a medical professional, but the doctor role was abandoned during the game's planning phase. She was recast as a museum employee.

Reina is the easiest marriage candidate to raise friendship with. You'll find bags of treasures as you empty puddles and lakes on your farm. Take them to Reina to be appraised, and anything extra that you haven't already donated to the museum can be given to her as a high-quality gift. The treasures aren't worth much money, but they're great for boosting your relationship with Reina.

Birthday: Summer 28

Family: (none in town)

Schedule: Reina lives and works at the museum, which makes her very easy to find! Her doorless room is downstairs next to the aquarium. Then she goes upstairs around 9:00 am to appraise the various Object bags that you find when smashing mole baddies in the mines or when opening treasure chests after emptying ponds and lakes. She'll stand at the appraisal counter until 6:00 pm, when she returns to her downstairs quarters.

The museum is closed on Thursdays, so this is the only day (outside of festivals) that you'll find her in other areas of Olive Town. She spends the day with Karina until it's time to return home

Reina stays inside the museum on rainy Thursdays.

Gift Preferences

Special Gifts (+1200 FP): "Holy moly! You really sure it's okay for me to have this?!"

Ambergris, Ancient Black Tome, Ancient Bug Fossil, Ancient Shell Fossil, Ancient White Tome, Antique Accessory, Antique Decoration, Antique Mirror, Antique Monument, Arthurite, Bouquet Perfume, Cave Pearl, Charming Perfume, Cow Helmet, Crystalized Amber, Desert Rose, Dinosaur Fossil, Fulgurite, Gibeon Stone, Glass Slipper, Golden Horn, Jewelry Locket, Lemon, Lemon Jam, Lemon Soup, Moonlight Nocturne, Okenite, Olive Crystal, Parasite Stone, Prehistoric Gear, Shiny Trophy Buckle, Shiny Watch, Sparkling Spur, Timeworn Coin, Timeworn Compass, Timeworn Fan, Timeworn Map, Timeworn Scroll

Loved Gifts (+600 FP): Yesss! I couldn't be happier! I love this."

Apple Jam, Banana Jam, Blazing Waltz, Cherry Jam, Clematis, Coconut Jam, Emerald, Fashionable Bracelet, Fruit Perfume, Glass, Grape Jam, Heavy Object, Herb Tea, Jewelry Ring, Long Mirror, Mango Jam, Melon Jam, Mysterious Plushie, Orange, Orange Jam, Peach Jam, Pineapple Jam, Shining Object, Strawberry Jam, Timeworn Object, Watermelon Jam

Liked Gifts (+200 FP): Ooh, now THIS is totally up my alley!"

Almond, Apple, Banana, Cacao, Cherry, Coconut, Diamond, Earth Concerto, Floral Perfume, Glass Rock, Grape, Golden Apple, Golden Peach, Mango, Peach, Rainbow Bouquet, Raw Diamond, Raw Emerald, Raw Ruby, Raw Sapphire, Ruby, Sapphire, Springtime March, Winter Bloom Rondo

Everything Else (+30 FP): "Thanks! I'll take it!"

Heart Events

There will be an event for each of the 10 hearts of friendship. The events after Heart 6 require the exchange of a Confession Pendant to unlock. You can confess to as many marriage candidates as you want.

Heart 1


Reina has been looking for you. You need to return the books you've checked out! You don't remember borrowing any books from the museum... Reina admits that she had a difficult time deciphering the signature on the check-out sheet, but doesn't it sort of look like your name?

Mayor Victor arrives to investigate all the commotion. Reina explains the missing and overdue books to the mayor. Victor realizes that the illegible signature is his and admits that he was the one who borrowed the books while Reina was out the other day. He promises to return the books to the museum soon.

Oops! Reina apologizes for the misunderstanding. Since you're here, Reina asks if you like ruins or spiritual places. She'd love to take you to some sometime.

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Heart 2


Reina asks you if you'd like to lend a hand with a new museum exhibit about the region's history.

Reina wants something from the Paleolithic Age. Right now, the museum doesn't have many artifacts for the exhibit. She asks if you've ever dug up animal bones, stone tools, or anything like that.

Well, let's not waste time! Reina wants to dig for goodies right now and wants you to come along. Though, right before you leave, Gloria comes up and tells you both that she's postponing that exhibit indefinitely. Reina had just gotten so excited about it too.

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Heart 3


Reina asks you to help her throw a party to celebrate the historical exhibit that Gloria shut down. She only worked so hard because she thought there would be a party, and now she wants to have one despite the exhibit closure. You'll help, right?

Anyway, can you dance? At this party, you'll be dancing all night! It could be on the beach or in the forest. Reina will take care of the details and asks that you advertise the event for her. Maybe you could dance to draw people's attention.

Gloria walks up and tells Reina that she can't have a party for an exhibit that doesn't exist! Reina is disappointed and wishes that Gloria had told her sooner. Gloria replies that it's common sense, and Reina sighs, dejected.

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Heart 4


Reina tells you she's been unlucky lately. She was so excited for the party, but now that isn't happening. Well, since you helped out so much, now she owes you! Maybe you can show her your farm sometime.

Reina asks if you'd like to go for a walk with her. As the two of you stroll around, she mentions a rumor she heard that your farm used to belong to your grandpa or something. She guesses the farm is old and might hold valuable Paleolithic relics! Reina offers to cook for you while she's there, claiming to be a great chef. She asks you about your spice preferences; she even has a special bottle of Soy Sauce that Dousetsu gave her. She imagines it would be fun to cook Paleolithic style, rubbing sticks together and dancing 'til dawn. She makes you promise to do it with her someday.

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Heart 5


As you enter the museum, Gloria asks if you've seen Reina lately. She hasn't returned from an errand. She asks you to look for her at the store.

You walk to the Olive General Store to retrieve Reina. Inside, Angela tells you that you've just missed her. Reina was looking for a whetstone, but the store is out of stock. Reina then got the idea to head out to the forest to search for one. You head off to the woods to find Reina.

As you walk closer to the forest, the weather changes and begins to rain. It was clear just a moment ago! You eventually find Reina, and the two of you decide to take shelter in the Ranger's Station. It starts to storm badly, and the thunder spooks Reina.

Reina is concerned that Gloria is going to be furious. She didn't intend for her errand to take so long. She'll have to sprint once the rain stops, but until then, Reina wants to stay sheltered in the cabin with you.

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Heart 6 (Confession)


Reina brings you to a large tree, saying it's her favorite place. She's decided that all her significant life events are going to happen right here. For some reason, this spot helps her feels courageous.

She accepts the pendant from you. Reina feels the same way as you do but makes several demands, such as only having eyes for her and telling her if you plan to go on a trip. Reina also asks that you let her be herself and respect what she enjoys. Reina promises that you're the only one for her from now on, It's always been a dream of hers to have someone confess their love for her at this special spot. She asks to hold your hand as the two of you walk back to town.

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Heart 7


Reina is glad that you're here! She has a damaged artifact and it costs a lot to repair it...

No silly, she wasn't going to ask you to pay up! Honestly, the cost for repairs is more than one person can pay. Reina needs everyone to contribute a little bit. So she's creating a funding project to pay for the repairs, but she needs a really good name. That's where you come in. Reina has come up with names like "Reina's Rainy Day Fundraiser," but Gloria has rejected her suggestions. She thinks you can come up with a good name.

That's three good ideas, now only 99 more to go! Reina says that Gloria wants hundreds of suggestions! All this brain work is making Reina hungry, so she suggests you head out to grab a bite to eat.

Heart 8


Reina took the day off work to go somewhere, and she'd like you to come along with her. She takes you to some ruins she had found in the forest. The area feels rather spiritual. It's as though the thoughts of the people who made it are reaching through time. Things like this are why she loves her jobs so much. All the thoughts and feelings of the past ensure she's not alone.

By the way, Reina packed some food for the two of you to share. She worked on shaping the food to look like the ruins. Even the riceballs look like ancient pottery!

Heart 9


Gloria is surprised to see you're here, as she assumed you would be napping in preparation for tonight's Chocolatids meteor shower. Reina has already taken the day off to prepare for the late-night event. Gloria wonders if you'll be able to stay awake all night.

Reina comes in from downstairs, complaining that she can't sleep during the day. Gloria doesn't believe that for a moment! Reina explains that tonight is supposed to be the best night to watch the meteor shower she told you about earlier.

Later in the night, Reina suggests that the best viewing spot is on the hill. You head up and lay on the ground, looking at the stars. Reina tells you she used to watch the stars with her family when she was a kid. She was told that a wish made when seeing a shooting star will ensure the dream comes true, though she doesn't remember what she wished for. Suddenly, a shooting star flies across the sky! Reina makes a quick wish to build her own happy family someday!

Reina realizes that blurting out the first wish she could think of was probably a bad idea. You don't respond when she asks what you wished for, because you're fast asleep.

This event ends at 8:00 pm.

Heart 10 (Marriage Proposal)


Reina takes you back to her special tree. Her heart is racing a mile a minute, but she's okay. She accepts your Blue Feather and gives you a Flower Crown in return. Her mom taught her how to craft the flower hat. Reina heard a fable once that the villagers of Olive Town would exchange things they inherited on special occasions such as this; though, she admits she hasn't inherited anything like that from her family.

Reina asks if you vow to love her with all your heart.

She's amazed that you're exchanging vows as though it's the real deal. Reina expects that a normal wedding will take place at some point, but to her, this personal ceremony is really special. Reina thanks you and hopes to spend the rest of her days with you.

The item you receive, Reina's Flower Crown, can be displayed on the shelves inside your farm house. Alas, the purple and pink item isn't a hat you can wear.