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Blaire dreams of becoming a famous actress in the city, so she tries to keep up with the latest trends and fashion. Her family runs the only hotel in Olive Town. Though her mom manages the hotel café, Blaire found employment at the Capeside Bistro, where all sorts of travelers stop by for a bite to eat. Blaire loves to hear stories of living in the big city. She'll do just about anything to someday leave Olive Town to become a big movie star.

Birthday: Autumn 25

Family: Sally (mom), Jason (dad), Mikey (little brother)

Schedule: Since the café is always open (except for on festival days), Blaire has the same schedule every day.

You can stay inside of the hotel until 12:00 am.

Gift Preferences

Special Gifts (+1200 FP): Wow! Consider my socks knocked off! To say I like it would be an understatement!

Bouquet Perfume, Campanula, Diamond, Fashionable Bracelet, Fruit Perfume, Marguerite, Shiny Watch, Springtime March

Loved Gifts (+600 FP): "Sweet, thanks! I like this stuff."

Banana Milk, Blazing Waltz, Brownie, Charming Perfume, Cherry, Earth Concerto, Egg Salad, Floral Perfume, Fruit Salad, Fruit Smoothie, Glass Shoe, Green Potage, Jewelry Locket, Jewelry Ring, Marinated Mushrooms, Marinated Small Fish, Milk Tea, Mixed Salad, Moonlight Nocturne, Potato Salad, Rainbow Bouquet, Rose, Strawberry Milk, Tea, Vegetable Juice, Vegetable Salad, Winter Bloom Rondo, Yogurt Drink

Liked Gifts (+200 FP): "Oh, wow. Is it really okay for me to have this?"

Emerald, Red Beryl, Ruby, Sapphire, White Opal

Everything else (+30 FP): "Huh? A present for me?"

Heart Events

There will be an event for each of the 10 hearts of friendship. The events after Heart 6 require the exchange of a Confession Pendant to unlock. You can confess to as many marriage candidates as you want.

Heart 1


Misaki welcomes you as you enter the restaurant, and Blaire comes up to you, excited. She wants to know what you did before you were a farmer, when you lived in the city. Misaki tells her to get you seated before any chatting goes on, and Blaire brings you to a seat. She tells you that she's been to the city herself a few times, to visit the movie studio there. Oh, but she's not a groupie! Well, not THAT much of a groupie. She tries to watch famous people around there because she's chasing her dream.

Oh, she hasn't even taken your order yet! How about you try the daily special? Blaire picked it out herself!

Blaire brings up the subject from before, telling you she'd love to hear about it still. She's interested in your life in the city. Before you can respond, Misaki calls her back to work, and Blaire promises to talk to again.

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Heart 2


Blaire greets you, but seems a bit unenthusiastic. She asks if you'd like today's special or perhaps yesterday's special.

She serves you, and asks for a favor. She got into a fight with Jacopo, and wants you to apologize for her. She can't even remember what the fight was about anymore. Blaire admits she isn't angry anymore, and regrets demanding Jacopo to never come to the bistro again.

You go talk to Jacopo, who thinks that the whole thing wasn't a big deal. Apparently, he told her that her life had been failure after failure, and she snapped. Go figure. Anyway, it was his fault, and he should be the one apologizing, he admits.

You return to Blaire, who thanks you, and is glad to know that you're someone she can rely on.

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Heart 3


Blaire welcomes you, about to seat you, when Mikey comes in, asking her for food, saying he's tired of the stuff their mom makes. Blaire is upset at his presence, trying to tell him to leave, and that he's not a customer. He replies saying he's with you, and Blaire tells him once again to go home. He says he'll just go to Patricia's instead, and Blaire tries to tell him he can't just eat at someone else's house, but he leaves anyway.

She starts to complain about him to you, telling you that he won't stop bothering her with questions about love. Speaking of which, what's your type?

She's interested in seeing what happens in your love life.

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Heart 4


You walk in, and Misaki asks if you're here to eat or see Blaire. Blaire's on her break right now and is probably talking to Jacopo. She offers you a free coffee while you wait. She sets you down and starts to chat with you, mentioning your life in the city. She says that Blaire can be flighty and needs someone to reign her in. The boys worry about her because of that.

Misaki explains that Blaire wants to make something of herself, and because of that, she was over the moon when she heard you came from the city. She starts to tell you that Blaire got a business card from a shady movie producer. Before Misaki could talk more about it, Blaire returns to the café. Misaki asks what Jacopo wanted, and Blaire says he was talking about life and the future; a bunch of stuff she didn't understand.

Misaki tells you that Jacopo believes you're going to snatch Blaire up, as you're a prime candidate. Blaire, in all her infinite wisdom, thinks that you're auditioning for something. She almost tells you her dream, but doesn't want to jinx it, staying silent. Afterward, she asks you to take her to the city sometime.

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Heart 5

Jason, Mikey, and Misaki are all talking. They want to know if you've seen Blaire. She supposedly dressed very nice before leaving, and Misaki was convinced she had a date with you. Jason says that Blaire never hides dates from her family, but this time she told everyone to mind their own business. Mikey says that before she went to bed last night, she mumbled something about today being a day that would decide her fate. All at once, everyone realizes what's going on.

You all rush to the dock where you find Blaire. Jason and Misaki question her about the supposed movie audition. Misaki tells Blaire she can't trust people who want to meet before an audition starts, and Blaire replies that Misaki is worrying too much. Blaire tells you all that the movie producer told her he can talk with the audition judges to make things easier for her. Misaki is unconvinced and tells Blaire that if she can't do a single audition on her own, then she doesn't deserve to say she's "chasing her dream." Misaki continues to scold Blaire, telling her that she's always trying to cut corners and never actually putting in any work. Misaki insists on accompanying Blaire if she still wants to meet this man. Blaire finally gives up on her plan.

Misaki makes Blaire return to the cafe, promising a long talk. You all watch as they walk away. Mikey says Misaki is awesome, while Jason thanks her.

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Heart 6 (Confession)

Heart 7

Heart 8

Heart 9

Heart 10 (Marriage Proposal)