Town Residents

Olive Town may have started out as a dream of your grandfather, but now it's become a place for families, shops, and tourists. All sorts of folks have moved to the town and reside there, hoping that the fellow taking over the old farm will help propel their town to popularity. At least that is Mayor Victor's goal.

You can increase friendship with the 28 day-to-day residents of the town by giving them gifts. Each normal villager also has four friendship events that take place as you raise your relationship status. These events will show off a bit more of a person's background; there are 112 of these random events.

Increasing friendship is as simple as participating in town festivals, talking and giving gifts, and completing bulletin board requests. There are no activities that can decrease friendship. Even if you ignore a person for a long time or an animal on your farm passes away from sickness, the villagers of Olive Town will not think poorly of you. After all, it is by your efforts that Victor's great tourist attraction plan will become successful.

Villager info is in development!