Town Improvement Plans

Walk into Olive Town on Spring 5 or later and you'll bump into Mayor Victor. He explains how he dreams of making Olive Town into a top-tier vacation resort and wonders what he could do to grab the attention of the city folk. If only there was some way to entice tourists to visit Olive Town...

Good thing you're around to help!

Town Points

Your interactions with the town will accumulate points; let's call them Town Points (TP). As you play though the game and earn specified amounts of TP, Mayor Victor will visit your farm and ask for your help with beautifying the town. This TP level is why Victor doesn't always appear with a new task the day after completing his previous Town Request task; you need to have hoarded enough TP to trigger the next visit from Victor.

You'll earn TP by participating in the following activities:

+1 TP

+10 TP

+20 TP

+30 TP

+40 TP

+50 TP

+100 TP

+200 TP

+500 TP

TP will continue to accumulate while you have an active help request from Victor. I don't know if you earn 100 TP for each time someone stops by the farm 3 days before a festival takes place each year or if it is only the first-time visits.

Victor's Town Requests

After seeing Victor's scene on Spring 5 (or later) about ideas to improve the town, and if you have met the TP requirement, Mayor Victor will visit your farm in the morning to tell you about his super-duper idea to bring more tourists. What he needs from you are materials to put his plan into action. Victor will post three requests on the bulletin board inside the Olive Town Hall.

screen shot

Completing one of the three Town Requests will help Victor with the town's development. Any of the three options will complete Victor's task. The town will develop the same regardless which of the three of the Town Requests you choose to complete. It just depends on how much of a challenge you want to make it.

The day after completing your active Town Request (and if the weather is not stormy), walk into Olive Town to see how Victor redeveloped the town. Depending on the improvement Victor was trying to complete, you might see a visual change to the town or something more impressive such as a new shop. The number of random tourists walking around town will also increase as you help Victor finish his town improvement project. The tourists bring activity to the town so it feel less empty. You can talk to the tourists, but they won't reward you with items or friendship benefits for being Victor's material supplier. Even the town's background music will change after completing the first few projects.

The Improvement Projects

There are 9 town improvement plans that Victor will recruit you to help him with. Each plan requires a larger amount of Town Points to trigger. The three options for completing the plan also become more challenging; though honestly, the materials Victor requests of you are not that difficult to obtain in the first place.

The majority of materials used to complete the Town Requests are not veggie related. Victor's requested materials are mostly collected while clearing grandpa's old farmstead: smashing rocks when exploring the mines, draining those annoying puddles, and reaping (cutting) wild weeds. The last request from Victor will finally (somewhat) rely on your farming skills.

Each time you pick one of the three options to complete, the game will remind you that the town request could be completed using other items.

If you want to rush through these challenges, you can complete all of them well before the end of the first year. The materials requested by Victor can be collected without a lot of effort. The thing that will slow your progress is earning enough TP to trigger the next project. Concentrating on several of the easier marriage candidates to see their romantic events (100 TP each) and give them the going-steady pendant (200 TP each time) will help speed your way to a faster completion.

Improvement Project 1

screen shot
screen shot

Victor wants to start with a small project. He'd like to make the streets look a bit better. The materials for the three possible projects are pretty easy to collect. The trees in the first area of your farm will produce Logs when chopped down as well as Sap on occasion. Stone is from breaking the smaller rocks in the mine in Farm Area 1. The Logs are the easiest to collect.

Improvement Project 2

screen shot

The mayor has been thinking about setting up some new shops in town. New stores means more people will visit to go shopping! This time the selection of materials are goods produced by maker machines.

The Lumber option is the easiest to complete. Once constructed, the Salon Ailes D'ange will appear in the middle tier of town, between Clemens' tool shop and Nyugen's flower shop. Karina the stylist can make hats, outfits, and wearable eye accessories if you bring her the proper materials and pay a fee. Her inventory will increase as you raise your farmer skill levels. The option to change your hairstyle and hair color will also now be available at the beauty salon.

Improvement Project 3

screen shot
screen shot

To fill in more space around town, Victor wants to open outdoor souvenir stalls. He also wants to upgrade the "town symbol."

Turns out, the symbol of the town Victor hinted at was the Olive Town Hall. The left-side of the building now has a snazzy second-floor window, while the first-floor balconies have been upgraded to second-floor balconies.

Victor will also cleaned up the boxes by the tourist dock and converted the space into an outdoor stall space. On Tuesdays, you'll find Manuela separating the tourists from their money by selling various trinkets between 10:00 am and 4:45 pm. Since you're not a tourist, there's nothing you can buy at her outdoor shop.

Improvement Project 4

screen shot

Olive Town sure has become livelier! Victor wants to ensure that the town keeps up with the latest trends by expanding the beauty salon. While the mayor is glad for Karina helping out with her sense of style, Olive Town needs to be even more cutting-edge fashionable.

The upgraded beauty salon will unlock Jeanne's appearance options. While Karina could only modify your hair style and color, Jeanne can change your character's facial features, skin color, eye color, hair style and color, voice, and bearing (i.e., how you stand still). Each change will cost a fee and be completed immediately after payment.

Improvement Project 5

screen shot
screen shot

Victor wants to improve the spots where tourists park their butts. Basically, the town benches are not very appealing. The bench upgrades had slipped his mind with everything else going on.

Though this project may have been small, Victor's larger vision is to attract the luxury ships that currently sail past the town. Wouldn't it be great if they docked at the shores of Olive Town? Victor hopes they will some day, though he isn't sure that Olive Town has what it takes to entice a big boat to stop and visit. Jacopo feels that you can help take the town to the next level and get those luxury liners to put Olive Town on their cruise itinerary. We just need a little bit of inspiration...

Speaking of which, Lars shows up wearing a very realistic cow costume. Victor may have received his spark of inspiration, at the heart of all creation, after all.

Improvement Project 6

screen shot
screen shot

Victor wants to take the roads and lamps to the next level. What you already helped with is good, but they can be better! Victor plans to collect ideas from the other people in town.

Turns out that the design idea for the new roads and lamp posts were from Cindy, which everyone is generally happy about. Victor had to give shout-outs to Sally, Angela, Jason, and Jessie to keep the crowd happy. His dream is for everyone to work together to make Olive Town an even better place.

Jack will also now set up a stall by the tourist boat dock. He'll by selling his tourist trinkets on Tuesdays from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm. Like with Manuela, you can't buy anything from him.

Sub-task: Lars and the Motorbike

After you turn in the materials to complete Improvement Project 6, the next morning you'll receive a visit from Lars. They've almost completed the repairs on your motorbike. Turns out they ran out of materials and need your help. Lars will post requests on the Olive Town bulletin board. You need to complete all 3 tasks:

You'll also receive 2000 G for turning in each of the mudpuddle materials.

The morning after you turn over the third material, Clemens will bring you to his shop to show you the repairs made to your motorbike. It turns out Lars put in a lot of work putting your bike back together to ensure that it doesn't break down again. He won't even charge you for the project as long as you promise to ride with him someday (which you don't actually have to commit to).

The motorbike will now be parked outside your house, ready to ride whenever you want to zip around town or your farm. Changing the color of your motorbike can be ordered at Clemens' shop. Each color change requires paint and an 800 G fee.

Improvement Project 7

screen shot

Victor is in the middle of developing a plan that involves everyone in town. He can't tell you the details yet; you're just going to have to trust him this time.

Surprise! Victor's great idea is to make animal costumes! Lars is there with his already-made cow costume, but now he's accompanied by Jacopo and Victor dressed up as a horse. That sheep, though? That's just a regular, 'ol sheep that decided to tag along with them.

There are plenty of options now that they have these high-quality costumes. Maybe some sort of... animal parade?! Everyone could be involved! Their assumption of widespread participation is short lived when Misaki shows up and scolds them for still dressing up as farm animal. Though they try to explain their grand plan of an animal festival, Misaki is not as enthusiastic. She does promise to support their idea, but from a distance.

Improvement Project 8

screen shot
screen shot

Victor still wants to improve the town, this time its symbol again: the Olive Town Hall. The building's exterior needs one last touch of magic to make it something everyone can be proud of.

The Olive Town Hall looks great with a new clock! Nguyen is glad there is something they can now all take pride in, but Gloria reminds everyone that it's the town's people that are the pride and joy. She's already proud of what Olive Town has become.

Victor is surprised at all the positive feedback. Jacopo encourages his dad to tell everyone about his dreams for the town. When Victor hesitates about revealing his vision, Jacopo proactively tells everyone about Victor's hope to make Olive Town a tourist destination for luxury cruise liners.

Surprisingly, everyone seems to be onboard with his great idea! They all dedicate themselves to making Victor's dream come true. For Olive Town!

Improvement Project 9

screen shot

The day has finally come for the last project! Victor is preparing to host a grand Olive Town parade. He's amazed at how far the town has developed, but he needs a few more final bits and pieces to pull it off.

It's a whole lot of animals parading through Olive Town! Everyone, residents and tourists alike, enjoy watching the herd of large beasts and 'lil cute things strolling through town. Well, everyone but Misaki, who chooses to stay holed up in her bistro. Even Jacopo is happy to see so many smiling faces together in one place. There's just one last thing left: enticing those darn luxury ships to dock at the port.


screen shot

The next morning, there's the sound of fireworks in the air. What's going on!? Turns out, Victor's plans have been successful, as the luxury cruise liner that often sails right past Olive Town has stopped at the port. There are so many tourists! Victor is elated, as he has been waiting years for this moment. The town isn't done growing though! Jacopo hopes that you'll be with them every step of the way.

At this point, the ending credits roll and you'll return to the farm house the next morning. You can continue to play as you normally would. Victor won't give you new Town Requests or ask your help with improvement projects anymore.

On the 10th of every season, the luxury liner will quietly stop at the tourist dock; it doesn't blow its horn or launch fireworks to let everyone know it has arrived. The luxury liner docks around 1:00 pm on the 10th and stays through the 12th until 10:00 pm. The platform that you're playing the game on will determine how many random tourists you'll see wandering around:

Nintendo Switch players can disable the Online Communication from their game's settings to stop seeing crotch-shots, up-skirt images, animal bungholes, and other player-submitted camera pictures that could potentially appear on the game's loading screen (though the photos have been a lot less invasive 1-year post-release), but that also disables the friend visitors. The PC/PS4 version has faster loading screens because there are no player photographs being pulled down from the internet.

Now that you've completed Victor's improvement projects, you'll gain access to the actually challenging Spirit Quests. These post-game tasks were added to the game via the 1.1.0 update in December 2021.