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Iris moves to Terracotta Oasis to work on writing her stories. Maybe she needed a break from her little brother Mistel, who did not accompany her from Oak Tree Town. Iris has a quiet and calming personality and has a spot in her heart for cute animals.

You can meet Iris by purchasing the game's optional Expansion Pass, then take the boat from the dock on your farm to Terracotta Oasis. Iris originally appeared in the first entry of Marvelous' rename for the localized series from Harvest Moon to Story of Seasons back in 2015.

Birthday: Fall 6

Family: Mistel (brother, out of town)


Gift Preferences

Special Gifts (+1200 FP): "What a perfectly lovely gift. I'm thrilled. Thank you so much."

(Borscht, perhaps?), Fruit Perfume, Moonlight Nocturne

Loved Gifts (+600 FP): "Hee hee, thank you. I love it."

Cacao, Coffee Powder, Desert Rose, Floral Perfume, Herb Tea, Jewelry Locket, Jewelry Ring, Lemon, Mango, Milk Tea, Springtime March, Tea, Tea Leaves, Vegetable Salad

Liked Gifts (+200 FP): "Oh, is this for me? Thank you. That's very kind of you."

Almond, Fashionable Bracelet

Everything else (+30 FP): "You want me to have it? Thank you."

Heart Events

Heart 1


Iris has found a stray dog wandering near her house. As she wonders who the dog's owner is, the pooch runs up to greet you. It wants to play! You and Iris play with the dog for a while. Watching you interact with the doggo makes Iris happy. The two of you together are adorable! You must really like animals. You remind Iris that you're a farmer and explain to her the reason why you started managing grandpa's farm. Iris thinks for a moment and becomes inspired. She tells you that something has come up, so she must excuse herself for today. Iris enjoyed the time she spent chatting with you and hopes that she can speak with you again.

Heart 2


You find Iris and Georgio talking about something. Georgio asks you to wait a moment while they finish up, but then reveals the reason he is here is because his sweetie is a big fan of Iris' work. Her novels are phenomenal! Iris becomes modest, while still honored to hear Georgio's praise of her work. The least she can do is give him an autograph. Georgio thanks Iris for her autograph and looks forward to her next written work.

After Georgio leaves, Iris guesses you may have figured out what she does for a living. Iris tells you she was out looking for inspiration the day the two of you met. Listening to your farmer's tale motivated her to write a new story. She apologizes for not telling you before, but she finds that attitudes towards her change after others learn that she's a novelist. Iris wanted to get to know you better without you knowing about her being a popular storywriter.

She's glad to know you consider her one of your friends.

Heart 3


Though you've stopped by for a visit, Iris explains that she's a bit busy at the moment. You're more than welcome to wait while she wraps up her affairs. You select a book from the shelf and begin to read. You become so enthralled with the story that you don't notice Iris has been trying to get your attention! She doesn't mind though, as she enjoyed watching you read the book, fascinated by how easy it was for her to pick up on how much you were enjoying yourself. By the way, how did you like the book?

You suddenly realize that Iris was the author of the magnificent book you had just been reading. She explains that as an author, nothing is more gratifying than watching readers enjoy her work. Iris suggests that you borrow a few books from her collection.

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Heart 4


You spot a strange man by Iris' house. The fellow explains that he's an Iris superfan and is simply following-up on a rumor that she has been spotted in the area. You DO know who the beautiful, award-winning novelist is, don't you? From your reaction, the fanatic assumes you are there to get in his way. He demands that you get out of his way.

You spot Iris walking home and run to intercept her. You take her behind a nearby tree to hide from the fanatic. Iris is surprised by your behavior, but understands once you explain the fervid fan looking for her. This happens more often than it should. Iris regrets showing herself at an awards ceremony a while ago, as now the fanatics know what she looks like. The overzealous fans would crowd around her house in Oak Tree Town, which doesn't bother Iris all that much, but she was concerned for her little brother and his antique store. Iris didn't want to cause any more trouble for her brother, so she packed up and moved to Terracotta Oasis so if the fans do find her, the only person they would bother is herself.

Off in the distance, the fanatic appears to have given up his hunt and leaves. Now that he's gone, Iris wants to head home.

Iris thanks you for your concern, and for hiding her behind the tree. You're such a considerate person!

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Heart 5


You spot Iris and start to greet her, but that same pesky fan from before gets to her first! She really does live around here! The fan takes out his camera, which makes Iris nervous. She tells him he is overstepping his boundaries, and despite his insistence, she becomes more adamant that he needs to stop. The fan becomes annoyed; it's just one picture!

You spot a random motorcycle laying off to the side that you... borrow... and ride it between Iris and the crazed fanatic. She hops on the back and escape with you to another location, where Iris says she is okay.

Iris reminds you to turn a blind eye to a lady's secrets, but you want her to open up more. She can rely on others instead of trying to solve all the problems herself. Iris explains that since childhood, she's had to look after her little brother. Others would complement her on how "adult" she was do things for herself. Iris has had to look out for others her whole life and has felt, as a pillar of strength, that she's prohibited from showing weakness. She is expected to solve her problems on her own. It's so second nature to her that she finds it difficult to depend on others.

You offer to help Iris practice relying on other people. Iris thanks you, but she doesn't want to place such a burden on you.

Ok, you have gotten through to her. From now on, Iris promises to lean on you instead of tackling everything herself. You offer to walk her home to ensure she's safe.

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Heart 6 (Confession)


Iris is a bit surprised that you would be so up-front with your feelings. She's not upset about it at all! Iris admits that she was very happy to hear that you wanted to help shoulder the burdens she carries, as it was the first time anyone has offered in that manner. There's no way she could deny such an earnest expression of love!

You are a unique person, and Iris would gladly be your girlfriend. Even though she initially considered you simply a younger friend, Iris is looking forward to seeing where this relationship goes. Perhaps she can get used to speaking her mind more often.

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Heart 7

Heart 8

Heart 9

Heart 10 (Marriage Proposal)