Spring Festivals

Birthdays in this season are:

Spring 15: Egg Hunt

You can access Olive Town to participate in this festival starting at 10:00 am. On this day, the townsfolk will gather in the plaza to hunt for eggs. This festival will show you wandering around the town, locating eggs that Gloria painted. The more eggs you find, the better your luck for the year, at least according to Mayor Victor.

You won't actively hunt for eggs, but watch scenes of you searching for eggs. If you have given the Confession Pendant to a marriage candidate, you can ask them to hunt for eggs with you. If you aren't going steady with anyone, you can participate in the egg hunt with Mikey and Cindy instead.

The DLC marriage candidates will not attend this festival unless you are married to a DLC marriage candidate, and only then will your DLC spouse participate.

This festival ends at 7:00 pm.

Spring 28: Pet Derby

Head into Olive Town after 10:00 am to join the pet race. You can participate in this competition even if you don't own a pet. Talk to Georg in the town plaza and select whether you want to enter the race using your pet or if you're going to rent a temporary pet. I have won this festival using a rental Border Collie when I didn't have a pet of my own to use, though it was a really close win!

Your pet will be racing against three other competitors. The race's goal is to be the fastest pet to retrieve balls from the end of the track and return them to the finish line. Whichever pet brings back two balls first will be the winner. During the race, button presses will appear above your pet's head. Pressing the buttons will encourage your pet to release a burst of speed. Woosh! The more friendship hearts your pet has, the better they'll do during the race.

First place is a Gold Pet Derby Trophy and 5000 G. Second place is a Silver Pet Derby Trophy and 3000 G. Third place is a Copper Pet Derby Trophy and 1000 G. In year 2 or later, the prize money awards become 10,000 G (1st), 6000 G (2nd), and 3000 G (3rd).

This festival ends at 7:00 pm.