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Felicia lives in Windswept Falls, an area that can be reached by using the boat at the dock on your farm. The boat will only appear if you purchased the option Windswept Falls expansion pass, released on April 28, 2021 (Japan) and May 27, 2021 (everywhere else). Felicia is a world-renown food critic and spends a lot of time working on her foodie articles.

Felicia was marriage candidate in Harvest Moon: A New Beginning back in 2012, when she was named "Felicity." In Echo Village, Felicity worked at Clement's restaurant and dreamed of being a popular food critic.

More information will become available after the expansion pass releases on May 27.

Birthday: Spring 21

Family: Mother, Father, and older sister (all out of town)

Schedule: Felicia mixes between working on writing her food columns and spending time around the area, but most of the time she says inside her house. Her schedule for most days is:

She takes a break from writing on Fridays.

She stays inside her house on stormy weather days.

Gift Preferences

Special Gifts (+1200 FP): "Gracious! Thank you for such a magnificent gift. I love this."

Gazpacho, Pescatore

Loved Gifts (+600 FP): "Oh, I'm tickled pink! What a lovely gift. Thank you."

Butter, (cakes), Cheese, Coffee, Grilled Fish, Jewelry Locket, Jewelry Ring, Mayonnaise, Silkie Egg+, Yogurt

Liked Gifts (+200 FP): "Thank you. It's always a delight to receive a gift!"

Fashionable Bracelet, Mixed Soup, Shiny Watch, Springtime March

Everything else (+30 FP): "Oh, for me? Thank you."

Heart Events

Heart 1


Felicia gets up from her work and startles herself! Oof, she didn't realize you were there! Felicia just finished writing the newest foodie article. She has to write everything to sound as appetizing as possible.

Enjoying a delicious meal can always turn an old day into something special. Felicia loves eating more than anything else! In fact, food is the reason why she agreed to travel along with Dunhill. The possibility of trying new foods was irresistible! What about you? Do you like trying new foods or perhaps cooking new dishes? She would be thrilled to try anything you cook. Someday, she would like to visit the cafe in the neighboring town with her new foodie friend, chatting about tastes and such.

Heart 2


Felicia and Hina are playing games together and ask if you would like to join.

The three of you run through the woods playing. As to take a breather, you notice a notebook titled, "Forbidden Foods," laying on the ground nearby. It doesn't belong to Hina or Felicia, but the food columnist has heard of the book based on its title. Felicia explains that there are rumors of meals that are so delicious that their powerful flavors bring entire countries to ruins! These dishes are so dangerous that their knowledge was hidden away and few know of their existence.

Naturally, Hina wants to eat these meals. Felicia is curious as well, though cautious given the meals' history of certain doooooom. In the end, she decides to give them a try as well. There isn't enough time for this today, but we'll go out and collect the ingredients the next time you meet. Remember, it is a secret!

Heart 3


Felicia and Hina are waiting for you by her house. The three of you head to the river to collect the first ingredient, a catfish. After some fishing, you're catching fish, but not a catfish. On the other hand, Felicia hasn't caught a single thing!

Okay, she gives it another try. Finally, she catches a fish! Unfortunately, it is a smelt. At least she caught something!

Some time later you finally reel in the necessary catfish. Now they're one step closer to recreating a forbidden food. The next ingredient is wild berries, which should be easier to collect than a catfish. Hina thinks for a bit, but then complains that she is starting to get hungry. The ingredient hunters call it a day for now.

Heart 4


Dunhill, Neil, and Felicia are gathered together. They can't find Hina! Felicia has searched everywhere and cannot locate her.

Felicia wonders if Hina went to look for the wild berries by herself. Neil says there are berries in the area. Hina had been asking him about scavenging for wild plants. Dunhill assumed that Hina wouldn't have wandered off, but Neil isn't so convinced. Hina did sneak into their luggage, after all! Felicia runs off to try and find Hina.

You catch up to Felicia in the forest. She hasn't had any luck finding the girl. You remind her that if she wanders around, she could become lost too.

You're right. Felicia is glad to have your help.

The two of you finally catch up to Hina in the forest. Hina has located the wild berries. She was upset about not being very helpful when catching the catfish, so she went out on her own to search for the next ingredient. Felicia is thankful that Hina is safe, but explains to the girl that everyone was worried when they couldn't find her. Hina admits she did get lost and scared.

Everyone is glad to see that Hina is a-okay. Dunhill reminds her to tell someone where she's going before she wanders off like that again. Dunhill takes her back home.

Felicia is grateful for your help. She felt wonderful when she noticed you came running after her. Anyhow, thanks to Hina, we have all the ingredients needed to cook a forbidden food.

Heart 5


It's time to recreate the forbidden food! Hina is so excited! Now, who should be in charge of this forbidden cookery?

It's agreed that you're the right chef for this particular task. You guide Felicia to help you with the dangerous meal. Observant Hina describes your interactions as though you were newlyweds, causing you both to blush.

The prepared meal looks delicious! As the three of you dig in, something isn't right. Hina describes the food as tasting like smelly old socks. Felicia is beginning to feel unwell. You take the worse of it and appear to have completely passed out!

Dunhill rushes in to see what all the fuss is about. He recognizes the Forbidden Foods notebook on the table. Oh no!

After everyone recovers, Dunhill explains that they're forbidden for a reason! The book was written by a man whose spouse was a terrible cook, containing a collection of recipes he asked her never to make again. They're so terrible, they could knock someone out with a single bite! These dishes are deadly! Dunhill says the book escaped from his luggage the other day. He never expected you three to get a hold of it. Hina and Felicia scold Dunhill for losing such a dangerous collection of deathly recipes and demand that he treat them to a dessert extravaganza to cleanse their palates.

After Dunhill and Hina leave, Felicia is glad that you have fully recovered. Let's not try to cook any more forbidden foods! On the other hand, Felicia admits she had a lot of fun hunting for ingredients with you. She would like to have more of these little adventures! But before that, let's go pig out on some desserts.

Heart 6 (Confession)

Heart 7

Heart 8

Heart 9

Heart 10 (Marriage Proposal)