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Raised as a member of a royal family, Iori escaped to Olive Town to get away from the stress and expectations of his lineage. His faithful companion, Dosetsu, accompanied him to this new place to keep an eye on the young nobleman. In Olive Town, Iori is much more at ease and enjoys spending his time peacefully fishing. Unfortunately, his family's troubles follow him to his sanctuary, resulting in potentially dangerous situations.

The sans-serif font used for the in-game text makes Iori's name appear as though it beings with a lower-case l. It is spelled with a capital I.

Birthday: Winter 28

Family: None in town

Schedule: Iori spends a lot of time fishing. His typical schedule starts out with him leaving his house to go to the fishing boat dock, then back home, and then back out for more fishing, and finally home for the night.

Iori stays inside his house on rainy days.

On Mondays, Iori has a little bit different schedule, though it still revolves around fishing:

Gift Preferences

Special Gifts (+1200 FP): "I am truly grateful! I cannot fully express my gratitude in receiving such a magnificent gift."

Matsutake Mushroom, Mysterious Bait, Onigiri, Shiny Watch

Loved Gifts (+600 FP): "You have my thanks! Your sensibilities are refined indeed."

Bonsai, Bouquet Perfume, Clematis, King Fish Bait, Marlin Sushi, Matsutake Rice, Sea Bream Sashimi, Shiitake Mushroom, Shimeji Mushroom, Soy Sauce, Winter Bloom Rondo

Liked Gifts (+200 FP): "My thanks to you. Did you have my tastes in mind?"

Blazing Waltz, Boiled Fish, Botamochi, Charming Perfume, Chestnut Monaka, Chestnut Rice, Crab Bait, Fashionable Bracelet, Floral Perfume, Fruit Perfume, Grilled Fish, Jewelry Locket, Jewelry Ring, Kinpira Gobou, Large Fish Bait, Maze Rice, Medium Fish Bait, Moonlight Nocturne, Mugwort Daifuku, Oshiruko, Rainbow Bouquet, Rice, Ryuguu Soup, Shellfish Soup, Shrimp Bait, Small Fish Bait, Springtime March, Squid Bait, Strawberry Daifuku, Tempura, Trumpet Mushroom, Unaju

Everything Else (+30 FP): "Hm. I will accept it with gratitude."

Heart Events

There will be an event for each of the 10 hearts of friendship. The events after Heart 6 require the exchange of a Confession Pendant to unlock. You can confess to as many marriage candidates as you want.

Heart 1


Iori is fishing at the dock. He allows you to watch him at his handicraft as long as you don't disturb the fish. He tells you you're the first to approach him while he's fishing and asks if you have an interest.

He took up fishing after moving to Olive Town, as he hated being cooped up at home. Here, he's at peace. Or so he thought. A nearby cat makes himself known, and Iori suspects that he is after his fish. He warns you to be careful as well.

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Heart 2


Victor runs up to you, asking you to fetch Iori so he can discuss some Olive Town matters with him. The mayor requests that you find Iori and direct him to the forest.

You find Iori and bring him to the forest. He asks if you were invited as well. Whatever the case, you should leave once the mayor shows up. Assuming he even does show up...

Suddenly, kunai knives come flying into the ground at Iori's feet! It's a trap! Dosetsu shows up immediately, asking if Iori is alright. Iori applauds his dutiful attitude and leaves you in Dosetsu's care. The "cat" from before has finally shown his fangs. Iori thinks he's figured out the cat's identity, but he needs to verify his suspicions.

After Iori rushes off to start his investigation, Dosetsu takes you back to town. He tells you not to worry and that this "will put an end to it all." With that, he rushes off.

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Heart 3


Iori bumps into you just as he's heading out for a meal and asks if you would like to join him. Once you arrive at the Capeside Bistro, you look for the menu, but Iori tells you that he's already ordered a full-course meal for two. Misaki brings you some soup, salad, and fish caught by Nguyen. Everything is wonderful! Iori is pleased with the meal and is glad you're there to enjoy it with him.

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Heart 4


Dosetsu greets you and asks why you're here.

Iori is resting, so Dosetsu is unable to relay your message. Iori overhears this, though, and asks Dosetsu to send you in. Iori greets you, telling you that he has begun to rest during the day because the "cat" has been coming during the night. Now that you're here, though, he feels a lot more relaxed. He needs to lay down, as he's exhausted, but asks you to tell him stories as he sleeps.

As he falls asleep, a strange voice calls to you from out of nowhere, asking why you're helping Iori. You remain silent, and the hidden assassin tells you that if you keep interfering, they will take measures against you. You stay by Iori's side until he wakes, and he thanks you.

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Heart 5


You discover that neither Iori nor Dosetsu are home. Cindy and Mikey come in, looking for them as well. Cindy mentions Iori training at the waterfall, so you go there to find him. He greets you when you arrive, asking what you're doing here.

The water is relaxing. After a pause, Iori tells you that his family had a great social status for many generations, specifically daimyo. Iori grew tired of the expectations and fled. He has no regrets, but he still has uncertainties, whether due to patriotism or uncertainty about his future. He wanted to do some soul searching under the waterfall.

All of a sudden, a snake approaches you both. Iori protects you, and you flee to safety. He tells you that you'll probably deal with more events like today's if you want to stick around him. Iori asks you to distance yourself from him for your safety.

Danger always follows Iori wherever he goes, yet you stick around. Iori is eternally grateful.

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Heart 6 (Confession)


Iori calls out for Dosetsu, who shows up immediately. He tells Dosetsu that he returns your feelings (before he tells you, poor man) and requests to hear any objections or suggestions. Dosetsu approves of the decision but shows slight concern for your social status compared to Iori's. Iori says he has cast off his status, and Dosetsu apologizes.

Iori tells his retainer that he plans to start going out with you. Dosetsu then requests that you let him come along on your outings. Luckily for you, Iori refuses and instructs Dosetsu to bless your relationship. He does so, and you become a couple.

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Heart 7

Heart 8

Heart 9

Heart 10 (Marriage Proposal)