How to Get Married

In Pioneers of Olive Town, the protagonist farmer can get married to one of the local residents. There are a total of 10 eligible marriage candidates in the neighboring town. You can marry any of the available partners, as there is no gender-lock that would restrict you from marrying only candidates of your opposite gender.


There are also marriage candidates from past versions of Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons who are exclusive to the game's optional expansion pass. The expansion pass can be purchased from the Nintendo eShop:


Neil and Felicia from Harvest Moon: A New Beginning will be available to download in May 2021. Iris and Raeger from Story of Seasons will be released in June 2021. Lisette and Ludus from Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns will be the last pair of marriage candidates in August 2021.

You can determine who the marriage candidates are by checking your Resident Information menu. The marriage candidates will have red-colored friendship hearts. Normal townsfolk will have orange-colored hearts. There are no secret or magical marraige candidates in PoOT.

Marriage Requirements

Getting married is pretty easy to do. You just have to raise their hearts to 10, give a going-steady pendent, see all of their heart events, have a house upgrade, and then hand over the Blue Feather. You don't need to obtain a Big Bed.


Talking and giving gifts will raise friendship. Everyone likes gifts such as weeds, branches, and so on. Each villager does have gifts that gain more affection when given. Higher-quality gifts will increase affection faster. You can give one gift per day.

Heart Events

In this version of Story of Seasons there are events at every heart. These scenes let you learn more about the marriage candidate you're courting. The heart events don't have the typical positive/negative answer responses; most of them are just scenes to watch and no interact with.

Going Steady

After you see heart events at 1 heart, 2 heart, 3 hearts, 4 hearts, and 5 hearts, you can give a Confession Pendent. This necklace is for sale at the Olive Store for 10,000 G (normal) or 8000 G (seedling). Then give it to the person you want to go out with. The necklace handover is heart event #6, where you'll see a small scene about your suggestion about becoming a couple.

You can give a Confession Pendant to all of the marriage candidates.

More Heart Events

Now that you have a steady special someone, you can see more heart events. These take place at heart 7, heart 8, and heart 9.

House Upgrade

Before you can propose marriage you'll need to upgrade your house one time. Your future spouse cannot live in your tent! Nigel the carpenter will handle upgrading your house. The first house upgrade, the Log House, costs 2000 G and 20 logs. And that's all you need for marriage.

Proposing Marriage

After you've seen the first 5 heart events, given the Confession Pendent, seen the second set of 3 heart events, and have the person at 10 hearts, you can give them a Blue Feather to propose marriage. The Blue Feather is for sale at the Olive Store for 20,000 G (normal) or 16,000 (seedling). Then just hand it over to them as a gift. If you have everything in place for marriage, your sweetheart will accept your marriage proposal! You'll watch a scene where they inform their family that the two of you are engaged to be married.

If your marriage proposal is rejected, then most likely the issue is either a missed heart event or your future spouse does not have 10 hearts of friendship yet.

The Wedding

After your Blue Feather is accepted by your sweetie pie, Mayor Victor will vist your farm in the morning. He is there to schedule the wedding at the town hall. He will give you three options for your wedding date: 5 days away, 6 days away, or 7 days away. The wedding will take all day, so pick the date that works best for you.

Victor will then ask you to select your wedding outfit. You'll visit the town hall, where he will have the available options set out for you:

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The four clothing options will be offered regardless of the gender of your protagonist.

You can order these outfits for everyday wear after your wedding. They will be added to Karinia's clothing inventory at her store. They are expensive and require a lot of materials.


Your spouse will live with you inside your house, and even bring a dresser of personal items with them that you can't access, as it's important in a relationship to have some privacy boundaries. If you wake up early enough in the morning, you may see them eating breakfast at the table. They'll also sleep in your bed on top of the blankets.

Your wedding anniversary will be noted on your calendar.

On your birthday, your spouse will give you a hearty "happy birthday!" greeting, but there isn't a dinner party.