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Jack lives with his family at the Olive Town General Store, sometimes helping his mom manage the customers who stop by to pick up crop seeds or construction materials. He is a bit bored with the town and hopes that something exciting will happen some day. In the meantime, he occupies himself with trying to find various trinkets that might sell at the store, as he has an eye for collecting knickknacks.

Birthday: Spring 23

Family: Angela (mom), Cindy (little sister), Simon (grandpa), Jessie (grandma)

Schedule: Jack spends most of the week inside the store. In the mornings he heads out to the playground park, but he's back at the store after noon where he remains for the rest of the day, either eating at the table, standing inside the store area, or upstairs in his room.

Jack has a different schedule on Tuesdays when the store is closed. He also varies this schedule depending on how far along you are with helping Mayor Victor make improvements to the town.

If you haven't helped Victor with his 7th request yet (streetlamps and roads combined), he visits the beach area in the afternoon.

If you have helped Victor refinish the streetlamps for a second time and the roads have been converted to bright-orange pavers, Jack spends his Tuesday afternoons trying to shuffle his trinkets at the second market stall that opens up near the tourist boat dock.

Gift Preferences

Special Gifts (+1200 FP): Hey, thanks! You sure I can have this? I feel like I only get stuff this nice in my dreams."

Almond, Chuka Soba, Giant Bear Carving, Shiny Watch

Loved Gifts (+600 FP): Thanks! I'm pretty fond of this. I'm surprised you knew."

Ancient Black Tome, Ancient Bug Fossil, Ancient Shell Fossil, Ancient White Tome, Antique Accessory, Antique Decoration, Antique Mirror, Antique Monument, Beans, Coffee, Coffee Pudding, Cow Helmet, Dinosaur Fossil, Fashionable Bracelet, Faux Ancient Black Tome, Faux Ancient Bug Fossil, Faux Ancient White Tome, Faux Antique Decoration, Faux Antique Mirror, Faux Antique Monument, Faux Dinosaur Fossil, Faux Glass Slipper, Faux Gold Helmet, Faux Golden Horn, Faux Ancient Shell Fossil, Faux Prehistoric Gear, Faux Sparkling Spur, Faux Sparkling Trophy Buckle, Faux Timeworn Coin, Faux Timeworn Compass, Faux Timeworn Decoration, Faux Timeworn Fan, Faux Timeworn Map, Fruit Perfume, Fruit Smoothie, Glass Slipper, Globe, Golden Horn, Honey Pudding, Jewelry Locket, Jewelry Ring, Old Map, Olive, Pudding, Prehistoric Gear, Pumpkin, Sparkling Spur, Sparkling Trophy Buckle, Timeworn Coin, Timeworn Compass, Timeworn Decoration, Timeworn Fan, Timeworn Map

Liked Gifts (+200 FP): "Wow, you must really know what I like."

Blazing Waltz, Bouquet Perfume, Charming Perfume, Earth Concerto, Floral Perfume, Moonlight Nocturne, Rainbow Bouquet, Springtime March, Winter Bloom Rondo

Everything Else (+30 FP): "Oh, thanks. I'll take it."

Heart Events

There will be an event for each of the 10 hearts of friendship. The events after Heart 6 require the exchange of a Confession Pendant to unlock. You can confess to as many marriage candidates as you want.

Heart 1


You walk into the store and find that Cindy is the only one there. She doesn't know how to run the store! Cindy asks if you would go fetch her big brother from the Café. He should be there with Emilio.

You find Jack and Emilio at the Café. Jack wonders why you're interrupting their delightful conversation. Emilio remembers that it was Jack's turn to watch the store. Oh yea! Sorry about that!

Back at the store, Jack gets back into shopkeeper mode. Emilio tagged along, so the two of them start goofing around as though Jack is a merchant from a role-playing game, selling weapons and armors to adventurers.

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Heart 2


Jack is staffing the shop when you walk in. He wants to try to guess why you're here. Could you give him a hint? Hmm.. something that they'd never have in stock... Oh yea, perhaps a cover for a well. Or a stump? Why would anyone want to buy a stump? Oh, ha ha! Nobody would actually need one! Jack laughs at your jokes.

When Angela returns, Jack tells his mom that he was discussing products with you. Angela has her doubts; it looks like Jack was horsing around again. Jack moves out of the way so Angela can take over.

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Heart 3


Jack welcomes you, congratulating that you're the 10,000th customer! He gives you a snow globe to celebrate this special occasion. Cindy arrives and asks if they have another 10,000th customer. Apparently, there have been four so far this week. Cindy wants a snow globe of her own, but Jack doesn't give her one, saying they're for the customers. Cindy wants one because she assumes they're for breaking when a relationship ends. They're suppose to be thrown into the ocean while cursing the ex-partner's name, right? That's what happens on TV. If that ever happens, Cindy asks that you give her your snow globe so she can chuck it into the ocean.

Jack tells you that in truth, the store has a ton of these snow globes. He made them a while back, thinking he could sell them as souvenirs, but didn't work out his timing correctly. So now he has to give them away as commemorative gifts. He tells you that this is the first time he's told a customer that. You're really easy to talk to.

After the event, the item "Snow Globe" will appear in your bag.

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Heart 4


Angela greets you, telling you that Jack is out at the moment. You go off to look for him and find him at the town overlook overlooking the ocean. He says he needs to give you a present for coming all this way to find him and hands you a yo-yo. He tells you that he made a ton of them, thinking he could sell them, but Cindy told him that no one would ever want one. He yelled at her and stormed off in anger, but looking back on it, he knows he needs to apologize.

The two of you head back to the shop, where he apologizes to Cindy. She demands a snow globe - a bunch, in fact - and runs off to the beach, throwing them into the ocean while insulting her brother. She asks you for yours, saying she's going to throw it, too.

You won't lose your snow globe. After the event, the item "Olive Town Yo-Yo" will appear in your bag.

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Heart 5


Sally greets you as you enter the café and prepares a table for you to enjoy a nice cup of coffee. You then hear Jack on the radio playing in the background. He's called in a song request. You and Sally listen, surprised. Jack says that this is the first time he's called in a request because today is a special day. He says that a new person (you!) came into town recently and that he thinks about his heart races every time he thinks about them. The radio host tells him he's in love, and Jack says he doesn't want you to go back to the city; he wants you to stay with him forever. He's requesting the song to tell you how he feels.

Sally looks at you in shock! Jack then walks into the café. He mentions how you both look like you've seen a ghost. Sally asks him how he wants his coffee in a stuttering manner. Sally's strange behavior has him wondering if something happened to the two of you.

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Heart 6 (Confession)

Heart 7

Heart 8

Heart 9

Heart 10 (Marriage Proposal)