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Raeger is a chef at the restaurant he owns back in Oak Tree Town. He took over the restaurant after his grandfather passed away and generally runs it in the same manner, though Raeger likes to put his touch on things by adding new meal creations to the restaurant's menu. Raeger wants to keep an eye out on delectable ingredients to whip up into something delicious.

You can meet Raeger by purchasing the game's optional Expansion Pass, then take the boat from the dock on your farm to Terracotta Oasis. Raeger originally appeared in the first entry of Marvelous' rename for the localized series from Harvest Moon to Story of Seasons back in 2015.

Birthday: Summer 9

Family: None

Schedule: Always at Terracotta Oasis, either inside his house or in the bazzaar area.

Gift Preferences

Special Gifts (+1200 FP): "Wow! This is one of my absolute favorites. Thanks, (player name). I'm thrilled."

Fashionable Bracelet


Loved Gifts (+600 FP): "Ah! I'm a big fan of these. Thanks for such a nice gift."

Coffee Powder, Golden Apple, Golden Strawberry, Tea Leaves

Boiled Fish, Chestnut Daifuku, Daifuku, Grilled Fish, Mugwort Daifuku, Sea Bream Sashimi, Shellfish Soup

Liked Gifts (+200 FP): "A gift for me? Thanks. I'll take it."

Jewelry Locket, Jewelry Ring, Springtime March

Everything else (+30 FP): "For me? Thanks."

Heart Events

Heart 1


Raeger is chatting with one of the bazaar stall owner about his exotic produce. The shopkeeper confesses to Raeger that he's receive several inquries from women about the chef. He's not even sure if they come to buy from his shop anymore; they're just there to ask about Raeger. The chef is flattered by the attention, but he's not interested in sharing a meal with any of them. The shopkeeper then asks if perhaps Raeger would like to have lunch with him instead; the bromance between them will be unstoppable! Alas, Raeger passes on that offer as well.

You walk up to the stall and greet the two men. Raeger explains he's there to look for new ingredients to spice up his latest recipes. He tells you about his restaurant in Oak Tree Town, but it's being remodeled at the moment. That's why he's here staying at Terracotta Oasis for a while.

Raeger becomes hesistent with carrying on this conversation. He apologizes, but he has something he needs to take care of.

After he leaves, the shopkeeper tells you not to worry about it. You didn't say anything that would offend him; Raeger's always like this when anyone asks him about his private life. He probably has his reasons...

Heart 2


Raeger appears to be busy cooking up a new recipe in his kitchen. He's becoming a bit frustrated and asks if you have any business with him. He thinks for a moment and then asks if you would be willing to taste-test his new dishes for him? Oh boy, food time!

You sit down and start chowing down on his meals.

He continues to watch you enjoy his food creations. It's been a long time since he's had anyone taste his creations.

After the meal is over, you suggested that he try to cook something using the produce from your farm. Raeger asks why you became a farmer, and after hearing your story about your grandfather's farm, he understands that the two of you are similar. Raeger also had a supportive grandfather who inspired him to take up cooking. After he inherited his grandpa's beloved restaurant, he wanted to... well, Raeger pauses and changed the subject back to your crops. He'd be glad to cook something delicious using your veggies.

Heart 3


Marian is lecturing Raeger on his work ethic. The doctor is worried that Raeger might collapse from exhaustion. Georgio and Marian didn't invite Raeger to Terracotta Isle to see him burn himself out. At this rate, Raeger should have stayed in Oak Tree Town where more people are there to keep an eye on him. Raeger insists that he does spend some time relaxing; Marian doesn't need to be so concerned. Marian asks what Raeger does outside. Well, he looks for herbs, plans new recipes... See! That's what Marian was trying to get at! Raeger simply must do something other than cook!

They notice you're watching this conversation. Raeger asks if you're here to follow up with the veggie delivery he suggested during your last visit. You explain Raeger's offer to cook a meal using your farm produce. Raeger tells Marian that he has to get started with cooking, which simply frustrates Marian; it's like he's talking to a brick wall!

Marian takes matters into his own hands and asks if you would take Raeger out for a bit. If the chef is left on his own, he's bound to neglect his self-care.

Outside, Raeger apologizes for Marian getting you involved in this matter. You'll need to find him a souvenier to get Marian off Raeger's case. Raeger remembers that Marian once said he likes cute things. The chef jokes that he could give you to Marian but that the doctor may accuse Raeger of not putting in the effort.

The two of you head to the bazaar to look through the booths. There sure are a lot of items! Raeger admits he usually only looks for ingredients or cooking utensils, so the wide variety of other goods has overwhelmed him a bit. He must have been shutting the world out to not notice everything else that was available to buy.

Yes, you're right. The two of you continue your search for a suitable souvenir for Marian.

Satisfied off with your choice, the two of you return to Raeger's house. The doctor asked if the outing helped, which Raeger confirmed. He feels refreshed now! Marian is glad to see that Raeger feels better, though all he did was set Raeger out on a path. The one who should receive the credit for making him smile is you. Marian hopes that you'll take good care of Raeger for them. Raeger thanks you for going out with him today. He wouldn't have had as much fun if you hadn't been there. He'll make that meal you wanted the next time you meet.

Heart 4


Raeger welcomes you into his house. You've brought products from your farm (note: you do not need to add anything to your inventory to cause this event to trigger), so Raeger prepares to cook something up for you.

The meal is delicious! He says that he should be thanking you for bringing him such quality ingredients. Raeger offers to make you a dessert to show his appreciation. Before he can get started, Georgio walks in and starts to talk about the renovations to Raeger's restaurant.

Georgio tells Raeger the renovations are going well, but because of the horrible state of the restaurant from the start, the renovations will take a while yet. Raeger also hasn't responded to the contractors' inquiries about the renovations, despite their attempts, so they had to reach out to Georgio instead. Raeger apologizes for the trouble, and Georgio tells him it's no problem.

Georgio then notices that Raeger has cooked you a meal. Apparently, Raeger has never cooked anything for Georgio, even though the farmer has asked many times. Raeger apologizes and offers to make Georgio whatever he wants to make amends. Satisfied with Raeger's efforts, Georgio leaves. Raeger can guess that you want to know what's going on with his place.

Your tone of voice says otherwise. Depsite your curiosity, you politely haven't asked him about it yet. Anyhow, along with inheriting the business from his grandfather, he inherited all of the regular customers who expected Raeger's food to taste the same as his grandfather's. One day, a customer came in and was furious that Raeger's food wasn't the same. Many customers rose in Raeger's defense, and it led to an all-out brawl in the middle of the restaurant, leaving it in ruins. Yikes!

Switching right back to his promise for dessert, he apologizes and gives you a rain check. Raeger feels that he shouldn't let Giorgio to handle the communication with the renovators on his own. You leave, thinking about the situation.

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Heart 5


As you walk into the oasis, you notice a group of girls. They are talking about how Raeger looks down in the dumps. Eventually, you find him standing at the dock on the pond.

As he approaches the water, you panic and run over to stop him. In your haste, you bump right into him, and both of you fall into the pond!

You finally wake up in Raeger's house, where he's sitting in the kitchen waiting for you to awaken. He's relieved to see you finally awake! Raeger explains what happened. He was simply standing on the dock and watching the fish swim by when you rushed by, causing both of you to fall into the water. According to Marian, you're physically fine, but do you feel okay? You apologize, explaining your side of the story. He tells you that despite the destruction of his restaurant, it didn't impact him in a way that he'd be distracted enough to fall into the oasis.

You tell him that if someone told you your farm isn't anything like your grandfather's, you'd be more upset in yourself than what was said. You also admit that his compliments about the products from your farm made you happy. So, it's your turn to tell him how fantastic his cooking is!

He gets flustered and mumbles something about how your kindness is tearing him apart. He rushes off to tell Marian you're awake, blushing the whole time.

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Heart 6 (Confession)


Raeger remembers that you told him you loved his cooking and someday he will recreate his grandfather's cooked meals. Hearing you say that made Raeger very happy. He's heard such things before but never really believed it. His doubts caused him to distance himself from other people. Your compliments were different. Raeger didn't understand why, but now he gets it. Everything you tell him lifts his mood. Even now, Raeger's thrilled to hear that you confess your love for him. He would love to be your sweetheart!

Heart 7


Raeger is shopping at the produce stall. Are you here for some shopping or did you stop by to visit with him?

He explains that he is in the middle of preparing for a dinner party. He intends to keep his promise to Georgio and cook him a delicious meal. Georgio was so enthusiastic about the party that he told everyone else, including Doctor Marian and Iris. Now they're coming to dinner too! You offer to help Raeger with the meal preparations. Raeger is glad for your help, as it has been a long time since he has had to cook for so many guests.

Back at his house, Raeger admits that you are the first person he's allowed to help him in the kitchen. This area is his pride and joy, and he doesn't let any 'ol person wander in. Raeger is glad to have your company while he cooks.

Marian, Georgio, and Iris stop by early because they heard you were helping the chef and wanted to see for themselves if it was true. Raeger doesn't mindd that they're early but he can't cook with everyone watching him. They apologize to Raeger and get out of the way so the food artist can work his magic.

After the food has been prepared and set on the table, it's time to eat! Georgio has been looking forward to this!

Raeger is glad that everyone enjoyed the meal. He thanks you for your help. It was even a lot of fun! It has been a long time since Raeger has seen guests enjoy his cooking. He has been so caught up in trying to improve his skills that somewhere along the lines he lost sight of the joy of cooking. Raeger is glad that you were there to remind him of the most important part of being a chef is.

Heart 8


You see Georgio and Marian talking when they spot you walking by. Marian is glad to see you and Raeger getting along so well. The doctor had been worried that they could have found Raeger passed out in his kitchen from overwork had you not come along. The chef looks like his old self again! Marian knew that you would be the one to pull Raeger out of his slump. Marian and Georgio start discussing the importance of love in a weird sort of way. Perhaps it is time for you to become the chairperson of their Beautiful Dreamer Alliance?! Georgio asks if you would like to join their exclusive love club.

Georgio explains that the Beautiful Dreamer Alliance is a organization dedicated to the pursuit of beauty, either inward beauty or outward beauty. Alliance members do what each considers to be beautiful in their opinion. Members must keep the concept of beauty close to their hearts. The blossoming love between you and Raeger is an excellent example of beauty!

You hear Raeger comment about accepting membership into this elusive group. While it is an honor to be nominated, he doesn't remember committing to its membership. He scolds Marian and Georgio for putting you in an awkward situation. While Raeger doesn't mind them inviting whoever they want into their club, he doesn't want them wasting your time. If they did, there wouldn't be any time left for him!

Raeger turns to you and explains he thought of a new recipe he'd like you to try. The two of you walk away, leaving Marian and Georgio in shock. Raeger has never asked like this before! The power of love must be extraordinary.

Heart 9


Oh my, there's a fainted fellow on the ground! The poor guy is weak from hunger. You bring him to Raeger for a quick meal.

As he eats, the man is truly thankful for the amazing-tasting food. Raeger's glad to see the man recover, as he feared the worse after you burst through his doors in a panic. The man apologizes for causing such a frightening situation. While he's eaten dishes throughout the world, Raeger's food was on-par with the best he's ever tasted! Raeger is a bit embarrassed by the compliments.

You ask the man what food is the absolute best he's ever had. The man explains that the best meal was at a restaurant in Oak Tree Town that he visited decades ago. Raeger is shocked to hear that the man was referring to his grandfather! Well, no wonder the food tasted so familiar... Raeger asks the stranger if his meal tasted exactly like his grandfather's cooking. The man tells him that it does not but if an ingredient slightly varies from the original dish, the meal's flavor will be different even if it was the same person who cooked the dish. Food will mirror the chef who makes it, so Raeger's dish triggered his memory of the old restaurant. The flavor profile of this food is similar to the mild, gentle flavors of Raeger's grandfather's cooking. Raeger inherited the one thing that makes his meals special - the consideration that goes into making the customers happy.

The man also cautions Raeger about trying to recreate the same flavors as his honored grandfather. The old chef was known for not measuring anything and even made special dishes for his regular customers. That would be a monumental task to try and replicate the same meals!

After the man leaves, Raeger thanks you. It's as though he was fated to meet the traveler who once ate his grandfather's food. He realizes that while it is important to keep to the old recipes, following them step-by-step is not the right way to go. It's more important to consider the tastes of the person who will be eating the meal.

If he had cooked a meal for the traveler before he ever met you, Raeger guesses that his food would have tasted terrible.You point out that Raeger's food has always had a gentle flavor; he just didn't recognize it. Raeger is so take back that he turns away for a moment so you don't see his face. After he regains his composure, Reager admits that even if the stranger had complimented his food, he would not have been as happy as he is with you by his side. Raeger thanks you for finding him.

Heart 10 (Marriage Proposal)


Raeger is thrilled that you feel the same as he does. Before you met, he had lost sight of everything important to him. Now he remembers the joy of cooking and making others smile. While he had lost all those parts of himself, you took the time to pick each lost piece up and hand them back to him. You are irreplaceable! Raeger asks if you would marry him. He wants to be by your side, encouraging each other to pursue their goals.

Now, he has to tell Marian and the others about his engagement. Raeger expects his friends to tease him, but they have the best intentions. As for his old restaurant, Raeger still plans to have the place repaired, but he wants to give it to someone else. He'd like to open a new restaurant where he can cook meals using the ingredients produced on your farm. He hopes that you'll share his dream.