Character Art

Emilio loves the sea and all of its little fishies. He and his dad, Marco, take the family fishing boat out into the ocean just about every day to catch a meal's worth of food. Emilio acts like a mentor for the younger Raul who has come to live with Marco and Manuella as an apprentice fisherman. He has an easygoing personality and loves to laugh and have a good time. Though sometimes his carefree-ness results in unfinished chores and tasks.

Birthday: Summer 15

Family: Manuella (mom), Marco (dad)

Schedule: As he's a fisherman, Emilio heads out to see with his dad and their deckhand, Raul, on sunny-weather days. You'll find his location icon in the upper-right corner of the in-game map when he's out fishing the ocean. Emilio is not accessible until he returns around noontime.

Emilio has a different schedule on Tuesdays, when he takes a break from fishing.

Emilio stays home all day on rainy days.

Gift Preferences

Special Gifts (+1200 FP): "Thanks! You really sure I can have this?! Man, I'm so pumped I feel like I could run a mile!"

Fashionable Bracelet, Jewelry Locket, Pescatore, Watermelon

Loved Gifts (+600 FP): "Wow, awesome! I love this!"

Aqua Pazza, Baha Torte, Black Forest Torte, Blazing Waltz, Charming Perfume, Cheesecake, Chocolate Cake, Fried Maguro, Fruit Cake, Fruit Perfume, Giant Seafood Pizza, Halibut Caltocho, Jewelry Ring, Mala Crayfish, Marlin Sushi, Mont Blanc, Pu Papon Curry, Sea Bream Sashimi, Seafood Catabunara, Shiny Watch, Shortcake, Small Fish Marinade, Sunflower, Tiramisu, Watermelon Jam

Liked Gifts (+200 FP): "Sweet! You know what I like, huh?"

Boiled Fish, Bouillabaisse, Bouquet Perfume, Chanpinyaso a la Brancha, Chili Shrimp, Clam Chowder, Earth Concerto, Floral Perfume, Grilled Fish, Floral Perfume, Gar Maruyaki, Moonlight Nocturne, Net, Pokerones en binakure, Rainbow Bouquet, Ryugu Soup, Seafood Rice Bowl, Shellfish Soup, Shrimp Toast, Springtime March, Tempura, Tom Yum Goong, Tuna Sandwich, Unaju, Winter Bloom Rondo, Yum Woon Sen

Everything else (+30): "You sure?! Well, I'm takin' it!"

Heart Events

There will be an event for each of the 10 hearts of friendship. The events after Heart 6 require the exchange of a Confession Pendant to unlock. You can confess to as many marriage candidates as you want.

Heart 1


You come in right after Emilio has been seated. Misaki offers you both a slice of her special cheesecake, only to find out she only has one left. Emilio offers his piece to you, though Lovett assumed that Emilio's kindess was towards him. Misaki tells Lovett that he's not getting any more cheesecake; he's already had three slices!

Since Emilio already knows how tasty the cheesecake is, he would like you to have the chance to try it, too. He'll even pay for your slice. Lovett tries again to get your slice of cheesecake, but Emilo thwarts him again.

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Heart 2


Emilio has just finished his work, and asks if you'd like to get a bite to eat with him.

Emilio asks how you liked the cheesecake from the bistro. His parents thought it was nothing special, even though Lovett wrote an article praising it. He asks you what you thought of it, as your opinion as a farmer is interesting. It's as if you speak for the trees. He's impressed that you've built up your farm.

Before you two can eat, Raul runs up and asks Emilio to keep his promise to teach him how to use a net. Raul notices you're there and says it can wait, but Emilio holds up on his pledge first. He apologizes and puts a rain check on your meal.

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Heart 3


Emilio is about to go surfing. Have you ever gone before?

Emilio claims to be the best surfer in town. He describes why he likes it, telling you that it makes him feel like he is part of the ocean. When he's on the fishing boats, they have to be wary of the wind; but when he's surfing, he can become the wind and fly anywhere in the world.

Patricia comes up and tells Emilio that Manuela is upset with him. Turns out he was supposed to fix some fishing nets. He completely forgot! Emilio runs off to fix the nets before his mom returns home. He'll have to continue this conversation at another time.

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Heart 4


Raul is the only person home. Emilio and Marco went out fishing and left him behind. He's been meaning to ask you what you think of Emilio, since you're from the city.

Raul then says that Emilio seems to be into you, so he thought he'd ask.

Emilio arrives home at the perfect time. Raul reveals your opinion of him (what a gossip!) to the dismay of Emilio. What exactly were you two talking about while he was gone?! Raul doesn't elaborate, but says that you and Emilio should be best friends. Emilio apologizes for Raul's questioning and asks that you don't worry about it.

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Heart 5


The whole family is chatting together, and Manuela welcomes you, telling you their home is your home. Marcos says that you must be the friend Emilio is always talking about, and he apologizes for you having to put up with him. Emilio is a little embarrased with his dad's remarks, but Manuela says that someday Emilio will inherit the fishing business from them, so they need to treat him that way. Marcos invites you to stay and eat and asks you why you moved to Olive Town. He assumed you were having family troubles at your prior home. Manuela scolds him for jumping to conclusions; everyone has their own reasons and it's none of his business. Marcos continues on, telling you that he and his dad don't see eye-to-eye and that's why he left home when when he was young. Someday, Emilio will leave home too. When that time comes, Marcos asks that you take care of each other.

Emilio stops that train of thought, shocked by what his dad is suggesting. Raul proposes that you should move in with them instead, and Manuela shushes everyone. Emilio apologizes for his parents.

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Heart 6 (Confession)


At the beach, Emilio is excited to finally be able to go on all sorts of dates with you! He wants to go surfing, lay on the beach and listen to the waves, and even play his guitar for you. the ocean has its melody just like your farm.

Emilio wants you to tell him all about the plants and animals of your farm, and in return, he'll tell you all about the ocean. Did you know there used to be pirates around here? The rumor is that a ship capsized and dumped its treasure on the bottom of the ocean floor. Someday, Emilio would like to locate the sunken treasure, with you, of course!

Heart 7


Manuela is explaining to Emilio and Raul how the underside of Marco's boat was damaged. She tells them how Marco decided to return to the ocean using a small skiff to get his revenge. He chased a large fish and ran his fishing boat aground, causing damage to its underside. Emilio is concerned that Marco may fall into more trouble using a paddle boat in the ocean and wants to go out to fetch him. The ferry is bound to have emergency water rescue boats; he and Raul can use those to retrieve Marco.

Before they can put their plan into action, Marco returns to the house victorious. He went back out to catch that Marlin that caused him to ground his fishing boat. Marco was able to pay to have his boat repaired with the money he earned for selling the large fish. Emilio is disappointed that they made such a fuss about his dad, and it turned out to be for nothing.

Heart 8


Emilio asks if you would be interested in building a reef with him. He plans to drop many large rocks into the ocean, attracting small fish. The big fish will then eat the small fish, and then the scavengers aren't too far away from that! Emilio hopes that someday we can grab the crabs with our bare hands. He recognizes that it may take a few years to establish, but he's still motivated to build his reef. Since the two of you are a team, would you like to help him out?

Emilio hopes that the reef will eventually attract rare fish. He loves the ocean and is committed to seeing its ecosystem thrive.

Afterwards, the two of you take a nap (no idea why there's a watery effect or where this is or what it has to do with the event at all...) Before Emilio can doze off, he hears Raul call out for him. Alas, work calls Emilio back to reality.

This event ends at 6:00 am back inside your farmhouse.

Heart 9


Emilio is sitting on the beach with his guitar. The sound of the waves reminds him of the tale of the ocean witch. No joke! The witch can whip up some massive ocean storms to sink nearby ships. Emilio likes to believe that the witch enjoy listening to his guitar, joining in with her own chorus waves. Emilio starts to play and asks if you think it sounds like a chorus.

He wants to ensure that the witch is always in a good mood, as it's been said that she can grant a wish if she likes you. When the sun flashes green, right before it slips below the horizon, it indicates that the witch approves of you. That's when you can make a wish. Emilio hasn't seen the green flash yet, but he has a wish ready to go when it does happen. What would you wish for?

Emilio admits that his wish is a desire to stop time. He doesn't go into more detail about it though.

Heart 10 (Marriage Proposal)


Do you remember the talk about the green flash from the other day? Emilio believes he finally saw it yesterday. He had a hunch something awesome would happen today, but he never expected this! Emilio reminds you that any wish can be granted if one sees the green flash. He admits that he already received his greatest wish; to meet you, the greatest sweetheart a guy could want. Emilio doesn't need anything else.