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Linh moved from the city to Olive Town to help at her grandfather's flower shop. She hopes to learn all she can about the meaning of flowers from Nguyen. While she does enjoy the peacefulness of Olive Town, Linh is still getting the hang of how different it is from the city. Linh enjoys reading books, and is looked up to like a big sister by Cindy and Mikey.

Birthday: Spring 12

Family: Nguyen (grandpa)

Schedule: Linh spends most of her time inside Nguyen's Flowers or outside nearby. Just head to the shop and you'll bump into her there.

Nguyen's Flowers is closed on Mondays, so her schedule changes on those days.

On rainy days, Linh stays inside the residential section of the flower shop.

If you marry Linh, her schedule is mainly the same except she begins and ends her days at the farmhouse.

Gift Preferences

Special Gifts (+1200 FP): "Th-Thank you so much! I'm not entirely sure how to express my gratitude for such a wonderful gift!"

Kaonyao Manuan, Jewelry Locket, Mango, Mango Jam, Mango Juice, Winter Bloom Rondo

Loved Gifts (+600 FP): "Thank you! I have been looking for this forever. I really like it!"

Apple Juice, Bird of Paradise Plant, Blazing Waltz, Bonsai, Botamochi, Bouquet Perfume, Broadleaf Plant, Chai, Chestnut Monaka, Coconut Juice, Earth Concerto, Ficus, Floral Perfume, Grape Juice, Hellebore, Herb Tea, Jewelry Ring, Mirage Cloth, Money Tree, Moonlight Nocturne, Mugwort Daifuku, Pu Pa Pon Curry, Rainbow Bouquet, Springtime March, Strawberry Daifuku, Tea, Tiny Vase, Tokku, Tom Yum Goong, Vase, Yum Woon Sen

Liked Gifts (+200 FP): "Thank you! I like this sort of thing."

Begonia, Black Pansy, Black Rose, Buttercup, Campanula, Charming Perfume, Cineraria, Clematis, Daisy, Fashionable Bracelet, Fruity Perfume, Hibiscus, Lily, Marigold, Mirage Grass, Mirage Thread, Mum, Nemophila, Pansy, Petunia, Primrose, Rose, Shiny Watch, Smooth Cloth, Sunflower, Tough Cloth, Tulip

Everything else (+30 FP): "Oh, thanks. I appreciate it."

Heart Events

There will be an event for each of the 10 hearts of friendship. The events after Heart 6 require the exchange of a Confession Pendant to unlock. You can confess to as many marriage candidates as you want.

Heart 1


Linh is reading a letter from her best friend Sandra, who still lives in the city. When you enter the shop, Linh turns around and asks if you're here for flowers. She admits that she was reading a letter from her friend, though she turns the subject back to flowers. What kind of flowers would you like?

She asks you to wait for a moment and then brings a bouquet back to you. Linh asks about the kinds of flowers bloom on your farm. She has a hobby of pressing wildflower. She likes to use pressed flowers to capture important moments and nature and then share them with others, such as her friend in the city. Thanking you for your time, she sends you on your way.

After the event, the item Linh's Bouquet will appear in your inventory.

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Heart 2


Linh is glad that you're here! She asks you to come along with her to bring a meal to Nguyen, who forgot to bring a meal whenever he went to forage. She isn't sure that she can find him on her own. You agree to accompany her to the forest.

On the way, Linh gets excited about all the flora in the area. These peppermint leaves are refreshing! Maybe if she collected more of them and put them in a bath... oh wait! She needs to find grandpa! The two of you soon discover Nguyen lying on his back on the ground! Linh hurries over to give Nguyen his lunch to revive him but it turns out he was just taking a nap. Nguyen is glad to see that she asked for your help, and since she's here with food, suggests that you all have a nice picnic together.

Back at the shop, Linh thanks you for your help. Nguyen notes that Linh may not be accustomed to country life yet and thanks you for spending time with her. He hopes that you'll become a regular customer and visit often.

Heart 3


Nguyen asks if you're here to buy flowers or if you're here to visit Linh. If so, you'll probably have to go out and look for her. She's perhaps napping somewhere.

You go out and find her taking a nap on the ground. Linh explains that she needs to get back to the store, but she's tired. She tells you that she received some books from a friend who mailed the books to her. She stayed up all night reading them. Linh confesses that she is having a difficult time feeling like she belongs here; she misses her friends, wonders if she'll ever feel at home in Olive Town, and wishes that she could adapt to the town's slower pace as you have.

Linh walks back to the store with you, where Nguyen tells her that she's received another package of books from her friend. Linh assumes she's going to get super absorbed into reading these books too!

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Heart 4


Cindy and Mikey are in the shop looking for Linh, and Nguyen tells them she's in the forest. You then walk into the shop. Nguyen asks you to accompany the kids to search for his granddaughter.

The three of you go to the forest. Mikey looks around and finds a mysterous footprint. It must be the legendary Olivedon! His imagination goes into overdrive and he starts running around trying to find Linh before Olivedon does.

Luckily, you and Cindy find Linh before Mikey does. It turns out Linh had come to the forest to release a bird that she had been caring for. The little Birdie was injured, but is now a-okay. Linh just wanted to ensure that the bluebird was okay before it flew away. She says farewell to Birdie, as she's done all she can for him, and he flies away. Cindy comments that Linh is cute for naming him that.

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Heart 5


Cindy and Mikey welcome you as you enter the flower shop. Linh usually helps them study their schoolwork, but apparently, she's in the forest again today.

You go with them to search for her, though she ends up finding you instead because Mikey is screaming and running around. She went to the forest to look for flowers to press. Linh shows Cindy a petunia, explaining its meaning to her. Linh loves flowers and studies them a lot. She asks you what your favorite flower is and hopes it's the same as hers.

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Heart 6 (Confession)

Heart 7

Heart 8

Heart 9

Heart 10 (Marriage Proposal)