Daren's Green Bell

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Now that the water bell has been rung, you can start collecting the pieces necessary for locating the wind bell.


  • Find the bell pedestal on the top floor of the windmill at Horn Ranch
  • Unlock the Forest by talking to Hanna, Cain, and then Dale
  • Visit Witch's hut in the Forest
  • Talk to Wizard in town, who wants you to collect 3 ingredients

The 3 ingredients Wizard needs for his spell are:

Perfect Butter:

First you'll need a cow, but since Cain gives you one for free at the beginning of the game this shouldn't be a problem. If you take good care of your cow, eventually you will get Perfect Milk from it. To transform the milk into butter, buy the Butter Maker from Barbara's General Store for 3800 G. The maker will be inside your barn. You just have to put the milk in the maker to produce butter.

You can also buy Perfect Butter from the Spring 28 Animal Festival. Go to Hanna's booth to buy it for 740 G. Perfect Sheep Butter will also work instead of Perfect Butter.

Good Cornmeal:

During the Summer season grow corn on your farm. You can buy the seeds from Taylor's telephone shop for 200 G per bag. To unlock Taylor, buy a telephone from Barbara's shop and place it in your house. Good quality is only one step up from Decent, so you won't really need any fertilizer.

After you grow a piece of Good, Perfect, or Shining Corn, go to the waterwheel in Flute Fields. The wheel is just right after the bridge, and there will be a door on the left-side of the building. Once inside, you'll find a bucket where you can grind various items like Corn, Wheat, and Buckwheat. If you place your Good Corn in the grinder you will create Cornmeal. On rainy days the quality of items produced will decrease at the Waterwheel; your Good Corn may turn into Decent Cornmeal.

If you have upgraded Marimba Farm to level 2 by shipping at least 30,000 G worth of crops, Ruth will have Decent Corn for sale year round for 320 G. Once her shop upgrades to level 3 (ship at least 80,000 G worth of crops) she will have Good Corn for 380 G.

Since using the Waterwheel on rainy days will decrease the quality of items processed, you can increase the quality by using the wheel during snowstorm weather. The Decent Corn you buy from Ruth's shop will become Good Cornmeal during these days.

Wizard will accept Perfect or Shining Cornmeal as well.


Before you can take the boat to Toucan Island, you need to buy a Boat Ticket from Ozzie for 400 G. Give the ticket to Pascal out on the dock. The captain will take you to the island.

On the island you'll find the Pineapple Inn. Managing the front desk of the inn is the lovely Selena. She is quite interested in the stranger who has just appeared and admits she wants to visit the mainland that you've come from, but her mother quickly scolds her. Sue feels that her daughter is too young to leave the island. Sue and Selena get into an argument and the young girl storms out of the cafe. Samson apologizes to you for having to watch his family's disagreement. He use to be able to sell Hibiscus but he can't with all this fighting going on.

Talk to Selena out on the beach. She tells you her dream is to become a dancer, and she gives you a little show. Impressive! You can't spend all day at Toucan Island, so talk to Pascal to return back to Harmonica Town without the required flower.

After you get off the boat you'll discover a stowaway! Selena had snuck aboard the boat and is delighted to finally be somewhere else other than her little island. She runs off to explore Harmonica Town.

You'll find Selena at Hayden's Brass Bar, where she has gotten a job as an entertainment dancer. Selena does feel bad about the fight with her mom, and gives you a letter to take back to Sue.

Buy another 400 G boat ticket and head back to Toucan Island. Give the letter to Sue and Samson. They are relieved that their daughter is fine and that she'll visit on her days off from working at the bar. Samson will reward you with a Hibiscus flower, and the seeds will now be for sale at his shop for 40 G a bag.

Bring the 3 ingredients back to Wizard. The two of you travel to Witch's hut and after a few magic words, Witch is turned back to normal. She is glad to be back to normal, but then suddenly turns on the Wizard! Witch is angry that he had taken so long to turn her back from a frog. Wizard tried to explain that he warned her about the spell, but she still kicks him out of her house. You, the Wiz, and Finn all escape her house but Finn remembers that you are suppose to ask her about the Green Bell.

After she learns that you weren't really with the Wizard, Witch is a little easier to talk to. She thinks for a moment, and says she does have something green in her collection of items. Witch takes a look around and pulls out several green items until she finds the bell.

Return the bell to the frame inside the windmill on Horn Ranch, and ask Daren to ring it. After the Harvest Sprite rings his bell the power of wind returns to Castanet.

Once Daren leaves to go to the Goddess' Spring, Gill makes an appearance. He's surprised that you, were able to get the Green Bell to ring. Gill thanks you for helping out, and tells you to ask him if you have any questions.

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