Alan's Red Bell

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If you've ever reached the bottom of the Garmon Lower Mine, you would find Owen smashing away at a large boulder. Return to the 10th floor after you've met up with the Goddess and you'll see that Owen has destroyed the rock. Walk through the path to discover the red bell pedestal, but the bell is missing!

Return to the top of the mine and go talk to Ramsey. The old man thinks that Chloe might know something about it.

As you are walking past Barbara's general store on a sunny day, you'll find Bo counting to 10. He and Chloe are playing together outside. Finn then spots the Red Bell! It is simply sitting on the ground a little ways away. As you run to get the bell, Chloe runs up and kicks the bell into the air!

Chloe's pretty strong for a little girl and the bell ends up landing, and getting stuck, in the chimney of Ramsey's shop.

Back inside the Blacksmith's shop, the bell is wedges in too tightly for Ramsey to get it unstuck. He suggests that a lot of ore on the fire, as weak as it is already, might be able to make enough smoke to push the bell out of the chimney. Ramsey and Chloe ask you to go collect an Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Silver Ore, and Gold Ore.

You do not have to ask Mira to process the ore. Just find the ore by smashing rocks in the Garmon Lower Mine and hand them over to Ramsey.

Once all 4 pieces of ore are collected, Ramsey puts them on the fire. The amount of smoke that comes out is enough to dislodge the bell and it shoots up into the air. After you catch the bell, return to the 10th floor of the mine to place it in the pedestal. You'll discover the red Harvest Sprite, Alan.

After Alan rings the Red Bell, the strength of fire will return to Castanet. Ringing the Red Bell also opens up the deeper parts of the Garmon Lower Mine, which you can access by going down the stairs that appear behind the bell's pedestal on the 10th floor. You also can now go down the dark hallway that leads to the Garmon Upper Mine, which you'll find to the right of the Garmon Lower Mine entrance.

Now that the fire has returned to the land, Ramsey can upgrade your tools but only if you have the appropriate funds and ore.

You can also now use the hot spring on your farm!

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