Frequently Asked Questions

No one will accept my gifts. What do I do?

You must become friendly with the person you are trying to give a gift to. This requires you to talk to the person for about 3 days. During those 3 days do not try to give them a gift! You'll find that the warm-up seems to "reset" if you try to give the person a gift and they're not interested in receiving it.

Basically talk to the person for a few days before even thinking about giving them a gift.

There aren't any festivals!

There are seasonal festivals, but you must first gain access to the Meadow. After Gannon moves in, around Spring 11, hire him to build the bridge to the Meadow. Once the villagers can access the festival island you'll be able to see festival dates appear on the calendar inside your house.

Where is the fishing pole?

You won't start out with a fishing pole. You can get one from Taro. Talk to him for a few days until he begins to accept your gifts, and then give him gifts every day. When you have enough Friend Points (2000 or more), Taro will visit you in the morning if the weather is Sunny, Clear, or Cloudy, and give you a free fishing pole.

How do I get the Diner and Cafe?

Luke and Madelynn run the two eateries, and they are sub-villagers. They both will move into E.Town when you have 10 or more sub-villagers unlocked.

How do I expand the Diner and Cafe?

You will need to unlock more sub-villagers to get the two buildings expanded. Madelynn requires you to unlock 20 or more sub-villagers, and Luke requires 25 or more sub-villagers.

How do I get cooking recipes?

First, you need to get Luke's Diner and Madelynn's Cafe in E.Town by getting 10 or more sub-villagers. To upgrade the restaurants, you need 20 sub-villagers for the Cafe and 25 for the Diner. At that point you can give cooking ingredients to the two owners and in exchange they will give you cooking recipes.

What do I need to do in order to get Nathan/Alisa and the Church?

Build the bridge to the Forest, and then toss a gift into the Goddess' Pond for 2 to 3 days. You can easily pick up flowers around the Forest area that the Goddess likes.

Where can I get cheats?!

Island of Happiness only has 1 known exploitable cheat:

Susa-Ann discovered that if you try to upgrade your Refrigerator with Mythic Stone and you leave the material in your Cabinet instead of your Rucksack, Gannon won't remove it from the Cabinet. More information can be found in her topic on the message forum.

If you have an Action Replay device, you can find a list of usable codes over at DS Coder's IoH site.