Other Events

Unlike Harvest Moon DS (with its 100+ random events), Island of Happiness does not have very many events that are not marriage or festival related. You will see some small events when people come to your house or their own houses are upgraded by Gannon, but in general you won't see any cut scenes that seem to give you some insight into the lives of the other villagers.

Activating the Goddess Festival

The Goddess Festival is on Spring 8 but it will not be available in the first season in the game. In order to activate the festival, you will need Nathan and Alisa on the island. Visit the Church during the Winter season between 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm. You also need to unlock all of the other Main characters except for your child and the Mineral Town visitors.

Inside the Church you'll find several villagers talking about putting on a festival for the Goddess. You only have to trigger this event once. The Goddess Festival will involve dancing and food.

Wada's Friendship - The Tower

Behind Shea and Wada's house is a mysterious tower. Access to the building is restricted by a statue blocking the doorway inside of their house. To permanently remove the statue, give Wada gifts until he reaches at least 7 hearts (40,000 FP). You also need to be in your 3rd year of the game or later.

Once you have met the requirements, go into Wada's house to unlock the event. Wada will declare friendship with you and lets you access to their sacred tower.

The blue Harvest Sprite, Manfred, will move to the base of the tower after you gain access to it. Every day he will reward you with a food item. It could be just a basic crop, recipe ingredient, or even a fully cooked dish. The item he gives is random, and you can always save your game before talking to the sprite and then simply reload to try again if you don't like the item he gives you.

The advantage to unlocking the tower, besides free food, is you can acquire crops that you might not have unlocked at Chen's store yet. For example, you have to ship 100 pieces of Wheat in order to unlock Cabbage seeds. If you are lucky enough to receive a Cabbage from Manfred, and you have the Seed Maker, you can convert your little Cabbage into a bag of seeds for planting, without the need to ship all that Wheat.

Unlocking the Rice Paddy

When you put your first Yellow Wonderful on your Hammer, you will unlock a small event with Charlie. The child takes you to the large boulder sitting in the back corner of your farm and instructs you to use your newly upgraded Hammer on the obstacle.

After you destroy the large rock you will gain access to the Rice Paddy.

Villager House Expansion

Just like you can hire Gannon to make your house bigger, the other villagers can do the same thing if you complete specific tasks. After you have finished their expansion requirement, visit their house and they will tell you that they have had Gannon construct an expansion.

NathanRaise the priest's friendship to 30,000 FP; about 5 1/2 hearts
TaroShip 2000 items
ChenSpend 1 million G at his shop
GannonUpgrade your house to medium size and have Eliza on the island
Sean (Inn)Have 20 or more sub-villagers
MirabelleBuy the Milker, Clippers, Bell, and Brush
RegisHave all 7 Miner sub-villagers
Vanessa (Hotel)Have 30 or more sub-villagers
Luke (Diner)Have 25 or more sub-villagers
Madelyn (Cafe)Have 20 or more sub-villagers

Renaming The Island

If you don't like the name "Sunny Island", you can change the name by befriending the Harvest Goddess. Raise her friendship to 10 hearts (60,000 FP), have all of the main villagers, bachelors, and bachelorettes unlocked, and have your Farm Degree at "Ranch Duke" or higher. On a sunny or clear weather day, toss a gift into her pond to activate the rename event.