Cliff travels to the island on vacation from Mineral Town. He spends his time wandering around the island and enjoying the sites. Cliff is married to Ann, but she does not travel with him on his trip.

Cliff is the 4th person from the old game to visit your island. The visitors will begin to appear after you have upgraded the Island Hotel. First comes Trent, then Karen and Popuri, and lastly Cliff, although your own order may vary.

Cliff will stay in town for 1 season, then return 2 seasons later.

Birthday: Summer 6

Moves in: Upgrade your Island Hotel by getting 30 or more sub-villagers, and unlock all 7 Harvest Sprites. A MT visitor will arrive on the 1st or 2nd of the next new season.

Moves out: Automatically leaves when the season ends, but returns regularly.

Cliff Schedule