Gannon the Carpenter

Carpenter Gannon will move to your island sometime around Spring 11 of your first year and sets up his studio across from Chen's shop. His store will be open from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm, and closed on Sundays.

Gannon has two types of inventories in his shop; tools and construction. Since you have very few buildings on your farm when you start out, you'll need to hire Gannon to build everything else. When you hire him to construct, Gannon will have your order finished and usable by the next morning.

Gannon will give you two options when it comes to paying for buildings. You can either have the necessary Lumber and Gold funds for the order (less expensive) or you can choose to have the lumber combined with the price (most expensive). The final price, plus lumber, will equal out to be the same cost as if you bought the lumber individually from the tool inventory of his shop. You don't receive a discount for bringing your own material.

Farming Tools
Lumber50 G
Material Stone200 G
Golden Lumber100,000 G
Hoe1000 G to 10,000 G
Sickle1000 G to 10,000 G
Axe1000 G to 10,000 G
Hammer1000 G to 10,000 G
Watering Can1000 G to 10,000 G

Gannon's shop is also the only place where you can buy duplicates of the Hammer, Axe, Hoe, Watering Can, and Sickle. The tools you start out with only have room for one Wonderful Stone, so if you wish to equip more than one you'll have to buy duplicate tools from Gannon.

There are a few things you can do with your old, duplicate tools. You can store them in your Tool Box, permanently delete them by going into your Rucksack and dragging the tool to the Trash Can icon, or sell the tool to Chen. In order to have the tool offloaded at Chen's shop, equip the tool and then make it your active tool before talking to Chen from behind his counter. Select the option to sell what you have equipped from his inventory, and he will offer to buy your extra tool for 600 G. Chen's purchase price will always be 600 G, no matter how many slots the tool has.

The price of the tools in his inventory will be random each day. Every 1000 G equals 1 Wonderful Stone slot. For example, if you see a 5000 G Hammer for sale then you know it has 5 Wonderful slots.

Also, each year the max price available will increase by 1000 G. In year 1 you can buy a tool for, at most, 3000 G, but in year 2 you can start seeing 4000 G tools for sale in his shop.

Furniture Upgrades

Besides building new construction, Gannon can refurbish the Tool Box, Beauty Box, Refrigerator, and Shelves.

Your basic Wood-based furniture will only hold 3-pages worth of items (36 total). If you feel you need more room, especially with the Refrigerator, you can hire Gannon to enlarge your storage boxes. Each upgrade will add another 36 slots to the furniture, with a maximum number of 144 item slots available.

  • Size Upgrade, Medium (72 slots)- 100 Lumber and 2000 G, or:
    • Lumber: 6000 G
    • Material: 20,000 G
    • Gold: 1,002,000 G
  • Size Upgrade, Large (108 slots) - 200 Lumber and 10,000 G, or:
    • Lumber: 20,000 G
    • Material: 40,000 G
    • Gold: 20,010,000 G
  • Size Upgrade, Extra Large (144 slots) - 300 Lumber and 1,000,000 G, or:
    • Lumber: 1,010,000 G
    • Material: 1,060,000 G
    • Gold: 31,000,000 G

The better your construction material, the fresher the items will stay when inside. For example, if you left an item inside your basic Wood-based Refrigerator, it will lose a full dot of Freshness every 6 days. If you upgrade your fridge to Material Stone, then you will lose a dot every 10 days instead. Upgrading to Gold will cause your items to preserve freshness a little more than 11 days, and the Mythic Refrigerator will never rot!

Upgrading to Mythic is just for aesthetic reasons, and for the end-goal of getting 100% on your House Complete percentage. Each Mythic Ore upgrade costs the standard amount of material (100 for small to medium, etc.) plus 5,000,000 G if you are converting from one size to another. If you are simply resizing your existing Mythic Stone box (i.e., Medium Mythic Shelves to Large Mythic Shelves) you just need the material and the cost of labor is free.

Gannon will not have an Option 2 for Mythic Ore upgrades! If you want to go all the way to Mythic you'll have to obtain all of the necessary material yourself. Gannon is a carpenter, not a miner; he will not have any Mythic Ore on-hand to make a bundled lumber+labor order.

All of the upgrades costs the same for each of the 4 pieces of furniture.

Bridges and Roads

Besides tool, farm buildings, and furniture upgrades, Gannon also builds bridges and roads for your island! The bridges and roads will always be listed at the very bottom of his inventory with a green background. The bridges are necessary for unlocking new areas on your island, but the roads' main purpose is to beautify your island and add 3% growth to your Island Complete percentage for each road built. The road upgrade options will appear as the buildings appear on the island. So if Regis doesn't live on your island, you can't upgrade the road that runs by his house. Some of the sub-villagers will only arrive after certain roads have been upgraded.

No Festivals? No worries!

Before any group festivals can take place on the abandoned island, you must hire Gannon to build the bridge to the Meadow. Did you expect us to swim over there?!

ItemOption 1Option 2
Bridge from E.Town to Meadow500 Lumber
10,000 G
35,000 G
Bridge from W.Town to Forest500 Lumber
20,000 G
45,000 G
Bridge from E.Town to Jungle500 Lumber
30,000 G
55,000 G
Upgrade Road from Ranch10,000 GN/A
Upgrade W.Town Main Road10,000 GN/A
Upgrade Road to Beach10,000 GN/A
Upgrade Road at Regis'10,000 GN/A
Upgrade Road Pierre's/Inn10,000 GN/A
Upgrade Road at Inn10,000 GN/A
Upgrade Road Cafe/Diner10,000 GN/A
Upgrade Road to Meadow10,000 GN/A


Along with everything else Gannon does, he also manufactures the Maker Machines for the Maker Shed. The Makers will convert your standard farm produce into items that sell for more money. You need to hire Gannon to build the Maker Shed first, and then you need to get Adamantite from the Mine for Maker manufacturing material.

  • 10 Adamantite and 20,000 G each - Butter Maker, Cheese Maker, Mayonnaise Maker, Yarn Maker, Yogurt Maker
  • 10 Adamantite and 50,000 G - Seed Maker
  • 20 Adamantite and 100,000 G each - Thrasher and Flour Mill
  • 100 Adamantite and 5,000,000 G - Rank Maker