Stamina and Hunger

In the lower-left corner of your upper DS screen will be two sets of blue bars. The upper bar indicates how much Stamina (Stm) you currently have, and the bottom bar measures how Full you are.

As you work on your farm the levels of these bars will decrease. If your Stamina bar reaches zero, you will pass out from exhaustion and will immediately go to bed until the next morning. If your Full bar reaches zero you will pass out as well. With a low Full bar it will be harder for you to get out of bed in the morning. Each bar measures out 100 points.

Your Stamina bar will decrease as you use your tools. Each tool you have has a number of Stamina points associated with it, and you can see the tool's point value by selecting it in your rucksack and viewing the details on the top screen. You can decrease the amount of points by attaching Green Wonderfuls to it. The maximum number of Green Wonderfuls you can attach to a tool is 3, making the tool lose 0 stamina when used.

Your Hunger level will decrease on its own throughout the day. The less full your tummy is, the later in the day you will wake up in the morning. If you have less than 20 Hunger then you won't get out of bed until Noon! That is half a day you've wasted by sleeping instead of working on your farm. You can recharge your Hunger by eating food from your kitchen, or ordering dishes from the Diner and Café.

The only way to increase your Stamina is to ask Charlie to manufacture Goddess, Kappa, and Witch accessories out of the Orichalc you can find in the mine. When you equip the accessories your bars will increase and/or recharge, but it is not permanent. As soon as you remove the accessories your Stamina and Full bars will return to their 100 point levels.

  • Goddess Earrings - Recharge 1 STA every 30 / 15 / 3 minutes
  • Kappa Earrings - Recharge 1 HUN every 120 / 60 / 30 minutes
  • Witch Earrings - Recharge 1 STA and 1 HUN every 120 / 60 / 30 minutes
  • Goddess Pendant - Increase your STA bar by 30 / 90 / 150
  • Kappa Pendant - Increase your HUN bar by 30 / 90 / 150
  • Witch Pendant - Increase your STA and HUN bars by 15 / 45 / 90

Each type of accessory comes in three levels; the red color being the weakest, the green being better, and the blue being the highest rank. Wearing accessories of the same color stacked on top of each other will only give one benefit; you have to wear accessories in unique slots to stack the effects. For example, wearing a stack of two Red Goddess Pendants in one equipment slot will only give you an extra 30 stamina, but wearing one pendant in one equipment slot and the second pendant on a second equipment slot will give you 60 stamina.

Take advantage of accessories!

There are no rules that state you can only have one of each accessory. Go right ahead and order duplicates from Charlie, but remember you can only have 250 maximum Stamina and Full points (100 of your natural stamina/fullness and 150 of added stamina/fullness).

The recharging Goddess, Kappa, and Witch Earrings only work if you are outside. The Brooches will work indoors or outdoors, as long as you leave the accessory equipped. If you have a Goddess Pendant equipped and go to bed, the next morning your enhanced Stamina bar will be completely full.