Mushroom Logs

In the southeast corner of your farm you'll find the Mushroom Logs. These pieces of lumber are set aside for you to grow Shiitake mushrooms, Matsutake mushrooms, and poisonous Toadstools.

There are 2 ways to get the seeds necessary to grow mushrooms:

  • The first is by picking the wild Shiitake, Matsutake, and Toadstools that grow around the island during the Fall, and then tossing them in your Seed Maker machine.
  • The other way is by unlocking the seeds in Chen's shop by making it to your 2nd year in the game and completing other requirements.

Mushrooms will grow year round once you have planted the seeds on your logs. You just have to remember to give them the right amount of Water Points. There isn't a way to control how many Sun Points the fungus receive, and you can't grow them inside the controlled environment of the Greenhouse.

These plants do have a limited number of times you can harvest them. You can pick a Shiitake 50 times before you have to replant, a Toadstool 30 times, and a Matsutake only 20 times.


StageDays Sun Rain
Seed 22 to 125 to 40
Sprout 1 55 to 3010 to 80
Sprout 2 1010 to 6020 to 120
Mature &
55 to 3010 to 60

Unlock: Reach your 2nd year and unlock 3 or more girl farmers

Chen's Price: 1000 G

Sell Price:

  • Average 50 G to ship
  • S-Rank max 300 G to ship
  • 30 G to Chen


StageDays Sun Rain
Seed 33 to 205 to 40
Sprout 1 1010 to 6017 to 120
Sprout 2 99 to 8015 to 80
Mature &
55 to 309 to 80

Unlock: Reach your 2nd year and ship 100 or more Shiitake

Chen's Price: 2000 G

Sell Price:

  • Average 100 G to ship
  • S-Rank max 600 G to ship
  • 60 G to Chen


StageDays Sun Rain
Seed 55 to 2012 to 50
Sprout 1 1010 to 3025 to 80
Sprout 2 1510 to 4020 to 80
Mature &
510 to 4020 to 80

Unlock: Reach your 2nd year and unlock all 7 girl farmer sub-villagers

Chen's Price: 5000 G

Sell Price:

  • Average 350 G to ship
  • S-Rank max 2100 G to ship
  • 210 G to Chen