Cows and Sheep

You will not start out your farm life with a barn to hold livestock animals. To start raising livestock you'll need to hire Gannon to build a barn. There is only 1 animal barn available, but you can increase its size. The original small size can hold up to 4 feed bins, the medium can hold 8, and the large barn can fit up to 12 feed bins.

  • Original construction - 200 Lumber and 12,000 G, or 22,000 G
  • Size upgrade to medium - 500 Lumber and 7000 G, or 30,000 G
  • Size upgrade to large - 2000 Lumber and 30,000 G, or 125,000 G
  • Feed Bins - 100 Lumber and 5000 G, or 8500 G
  • Birthing Pen - 200 Lumber and 500 G, or 10,000 G
  • Feed Dispenser, size increase - 1500 Lumber and 7000 G, or 80,000 G
  • Shipping Bin - 200 Lumber and 1000 G, or 10,000 G

Cows and sheep share the same barn. You can have any combination of the two types of animals as long as you have enough feed bins.


After you build your livestock barn, Taro will visit and give you a free, baby cow. You can buy the Milker from Mirabelle, and the price will vary depending on how many Wonderful slots it has on it.

Every day you can milk you cow to receive a bottle of Milk. The more hearts your cow has, the higher quality of milk you'll receive. The milk you receive from cows can be converted into several different items via the maker machines.

Milk +4 STA
+1 FUL
Avg. 430 G to ship
S-Rank max 600 G to ship
60 G to Chen
Yogurt +4 STA
+4 FUL
Avg. 645 G to ship
S-Rank max 900 G to ship
90 G to Chen
Butter +1 STA
+1 FUL
Avg. 860 G to ship
S-Rank max 1200 G to ship
120 G to Chen
Cheese +6 STA
+4 FUL
Avg. 1285 to ship
S-Rank max 1800 G to ship
180 G to Chen

(Recovery & Avg. Profit is based off of a B-Rank item with 7 Qy, 7 Sz, 7 Fr)

If you want another cow, you can either buy a new calf from Mirabelle or breed your cow to produce child. A calf will cost you 5000 G and the Cow Miracle Potion is only 3500 G. With a newly purchased cow you'll have to wait for it to mature before you can milk it, but it won't have any affection (hearts). The advantage of breeding your own cow is the calf that is born will inherit affection from its parent, so it will produce higher quality milk much sooner than a store-bought cow. If you use a Cow Miracle Potion it will take 21 days to give birth. From then, the baby cow will take 18 days to mature.

Cows have a life span of about 7 years.


The sheep do not appear in Mirabelle's shop until after you have unlocked 2 or more boy farmer sub-villagers. The sheep you purchase from her will be child-size, and you must wait 15 days for it to mature. Each sheep costs 4000 G.

Wool Avg. 1715 G to ship
S-Rank max 2400 G to ship
420 G to Chen
Yarn Avg. 5360 G to ship
S-Rank max 7500 G to ship
1260 G to Chen

Sheep will give wool every 3 days. The Clippers can be bought from Mirabelle's shop as well, and the price will vary depending on how many slots it has available for Wonderfuls. You can convert the Wool into Yarn if you have the Yarn maker machine.

If you want to breed sheep, you can buy a Sheep Miracle Potion for 3000 G. The sheep's pregnancy will last 16 days. After the little pink lamb has been born you have to wait 15 days before it can be sheered. Only adult sheep can give wool, and your sheep must have its wool if you want to use the potion on it.

Sheep have a life span of around 6 years.