The Wifi System

Nintendo will be disabling the Nintendo "Wifi" system on May 20, 2014. After that date, players will no longer be able to remotely submit rankings or use voice chat.

The wifi system in Island of Happiness will allow you to send your farm statistics to Natsume in order to compete with the other players of the game. Your farm will be judged and ranked against all other people who submit their records, and you can win Wonderfuls if you rank high enough in the weekly competition. The other feature of the wifi system allows you to talk to your friends through your DS, using the voice chat system.

To use the wifi system, and if you have your local network configured correctly, walk up to the telephone inside your house and tap on it. You will have to save your game first, and then you can access the wifi menu.

Network what-sa call it?!

I don't know anything about Interweb or Neetworks, so I won't be of much use! Check with a local human you might have nearby that can help you use your DS wifi abilities.

When you enter the wifi menu, there will be several option:

  • Rankings - This is where you can send your farm data to the servers for judgement. When you access the menu, additional options will appear:
    • Register / Update Rankings
    • Submit My Records
    • Explanation
    • View Rankings
  • Voice Chat - If you want to talk to your friends through the DS, then choose this option. Your friend must be registered to your DS with his/her Friend Code, and the person must also be connected to the wifi network.
  • Friend Roster - You will need to register your friend's FC in order to voice chat with them.
  • Exchange Friend Codes - If you are physically near someone and you want to have the DS consoles exchange the Friend Codes for you, choose this option to transfer your code to your friend's console and receive his/her code.
  • Quit - Return to your farm house

Before you can get your Friend Code to give out, you will need to connect to the Ranking system. Select Rankings, then Register / Update Rankings in order to have a DS Friend Code assigned to your game. You will then find your FC inside of the Friend Roster menu.


Each week beginning on Saturday at 3:00 pm Pacific Time (-8 GMT), Natsume will begin a new ranking contest. To participate for the week, go into the Rankings menu and select "Register / Update Rankings". Once you have been registered for the week, you will be in competition with all other players who have also registered. The earlier in the week (real-time) you register, the more time you'll have to try and be the best.

Anything you do prior to registering for the week will not count for that week's contest!

There are several categories you can compete in. Each one is selected by Natsume and you will automatically be entered into each one when you submit your game data:

  • Fixed Rankings: The fixed contests area always available for everyone. Unfortunately, these rankings and contestants have mostly been modified using Action Replay codes and are not genuine.
  • Weekly Rankings: These contests will change from week to week. There will be 5 categories selected at random out of the 50 available.
Fixed Rankings
Rancher Title RankWho has the highest rancher title? This is based off of your current Farm Degree
Shipment Value RankWho has made the most from shipping?
Pedometer Count RankWhose pedometer has counted the most steps? You can get a pedometer at Charlie's shop
Festival Points RankCompete on points earned in festivals.
Rank RankCompete on points gained from Weekly Ranking scores.
Weekly Rankings
Worker of the Week RankWho used tools effectively the most times?
Bankroll RankWho has the most money?
Star Shopper RankWho has spent the most money in shops?
Spring Income RankWho made the most money in their last Spring?
Summer Income RankWho made the most money in their last Summer?
Fall Income RankWho made the most money in their last Fall?
Winter Income RankWho made the most money in their last Winter?
King of Tragedy RankWho has suffered the most damage from storms and natural disasters?
Top Shipper Rank: CabbageCompete to ship the most Cabbage in a week.
Top Shipper Rank: PineappleCompete to ship the most Pineapple in a week.
Top Shipper Rank: Bell PepperCompete to ship the most Bell Pepper in a week.
Top Shipper Rank: AppleCompete to ship the most Apple in a week.
Top Shipper Rank: MatsutakeCompete to ship the most Matsutake in a week.
Top Shipper Rank: RiceCompete to ship the most Rice in a week.
Top Shipper Rank: WheatCompete to ship the most Wheat in a week.
Top Shipper Rank: SoybeanCompete to ship the most Soybean in a week.
Top Shipper Rank: BuckwheatCompete to ship the most Buckwheat in a week.
Top Shipper Rank: EdamameCompete to ship the most Edamame in a week.
Quality Rank: TurnipWho can ship the highest-quality Turnip this week?
Quality Rank: TomatoWho can ship the highest-quality Tomato this week?
Quality Rank: YamWho can ship the highest-quality Yam this week?
Quality Rank: GrapeWho can ship the highest-quality Grape this week?
Quality Rank: ToadstoolWho can ship the highest-quality Toadstool this week?
Quality Rank: RiceWho can ship the highest-quality Rice this week?
Quality Rank: WheatWho can ship the highest-quality Wheat this week?
Quality Rank: SoybeanWho can ship the highest-quality Soybean this week?
Quality Rank: BuckwheatWho can ship the highest-quality Buckwheat this week?
Quality Rank: EdamameWho can ship the highest-quality Edamame this week?
Weekly Milk Shipment RankWho can ship the most milk this week?
Weekly Wool Shipment RankWho can ship the most wool this week?
Weekly Egg Shipment RankWho can ship the most eggs this week?
Animal Awards RankWho has the most animals who have taken top honors at festivals?
Animal Affection RankWho has the highest total affection from their ranch animals?
Animal Petting RankWho has earned the most total petting points?
Weekly Fish Shipment RankWho can ship the most fish in a week?
Daily Fish Catch RankCompete to see who can catch the most fish in one day
Trash Fishing RankWho has caught the most garbage while fishing?
Career Fisher RankWho has caught the most fish total?
Weekly Mining Shipment RankWho can ship the most mined material in a week?
Marathon Miner RankWho can mine the most different types of material in one trip to the mine?
Mine Pitfall Finder RankWho has fallen into the most pitfalls in the mine?
Master Chef RankWho has cooked the most dishes?
Lousy Chef RankWho made the most failed dishes in a week?
Well-Fed Rancher RankWho can recover the most Fullness in a day?
Wonderfuls Collection RankWho currently has the most Wonderfuls?
Natto Collector RankWho currently has the most Natto?
Weekly Dish Shipment RankWho can ship the most dishes in a week?
Popularity RankWho is the most liked by the island's residents?
Flirt RankWho is the most liked by members of the opposite sex on the island?
Birthday Gifter RankWho has given the most birthday presents to island residents?

You must submit your information before 6:00 am (-8 GMT) on the following Saturday. To send your contest data to Natsume, go into the Rankings menu and select "Submit My Records". Between 6:00 am and 2:00 pm on Saturday of the week, the winners are calculated. No updates or downloads will be available during those times.

After 3:00 pm, you can then download the new weekly rankings and register for the new week's contest. If you have ranked in any of the contests, you will be notified after you download the new rankings for the week. Even if the game says so, you don't always win a prize! You need to of earned a very high rank before you are rewarded with free Wonderful stones.

Voice Chat

The voice chat is pretty straight forward. You need to register your friend's codes first by going into your Friend Roster. Then when you want to talk to each other, select Voice Chat and connect to the wifi network.

If one of your friends has a "room" available then you can enter it. If there isn't a room available then you can select "host room".

In the chat room you can have up to 3 other people. The names of the other farmers will be listed on the top screen. You can then simply talk to each other using the microphone that is included on the DS console. You can just chat about nothing, or talk about your homework assignments like good farmers should.