Maker Shed

The machines inside of the Maker shed can convert some of your basic farm produce into higher profit versions. You need to hire Gannon to build the small sized shed first, which costs 300 wood lumber and 30,000 G, or 40,000 G with lumber included in the price.

After the building has been constructed, you can ask Gannon to build the maker machines. He will require Adamantite for building material. The Adamantite ore can be found in the mine on floor 25, then again between floors 51 through 74, floor 225, and finally between floors 250 and 254.

Gannon will build for you the Cheese, Butter, Yogurt, Yarn, Seed, and Mayonnaise makers if you have the small, basic Maker shed. If you want the Thrasher, Flour Mill, and Rank makers you'll have to ask Gannon to increase the size of your Maker shed. The shed upgrade costs 1000 wood lumber and 5000 G, or 50,000 G if you wish to have the lumber included with the order.

In total, there are 9 different Maker machines. To use the machines, place the item you wish to convert into one of your four equipment slots. Then just drag the item onto the machine, or hold the item in your hands and press A when standing in front of the machine.

The highly-price Rank Maker is available for players who's end goal is to ship at least one of every item at the highest S rank available. If you place an item into the Rank Maker you will not immediatly receive it back. You have to leave the item in the maker. It takes about 1 season for the rank to increase, so if you have a D rank item you'll have to leave it be inside the Rank maker for 4 seasons!