Giving Birth and the Child

Before you can have a child you have to get married! You can choose from six different marriage candidates. You just have to follow the steps to marriage and soon enough you'll have your own spouse.

Giant House!

The next step is to make sure your house is the largest size possible. You actually can't upgrade your house from the marriage-required large size until after you are married. Talk to Gannon when you are ready to upgrade your house to super-size, which requires 700 Wood Lumber and 50,000 G. Alternately, you can pay him a flat rate 80,000 G if you don't have enough lumber on hand.

After the marriage and house upgrade, you will need to buy your upcoming child a bed to sleep in. Chen will sell the Baby Bed in his shop after the super-size house upgrade has been completed, and you have been married for 30 days. The bed costs 10,000 G and will be placed just to the north of the adult beds inside your house.

A baby is coming

When you have collected the necesary pieces together, the pregnancy can occur. The pregnancy scene will trigger once you have been married for at least 30 days. If you did not have the necessary house upgrade and Baby Bed 30 days after your marriage ceramony, then the pregnancy scene will be delayed and occur the next morning after completing the requirements. If you collected the items before the 30 days are up, then the scene will trigger on the 31st day (or non-festival day).

During the event, Doctor will be called to examine your sick spouse. The Mineral Town doctor does not need to be living on the island at the time. He will travel from Mineral Town to your island and then return when the event is over.

Once the pregnancy scene has passed through, you will have to wait another 60 days. You can play the game as normal. If you are playing as a girl you will not lose extra stamina points during the pregnancy.

A baby has been born

After the two seasons has passed by, the birthing scene will trigger. Felicia and the Doctor will help with the birth of the child. The gender of the child is randomly set at the time of the marriage ceramony. There isn't a way to control what gender your child is, much like a pregnancy in real life.

The baby will stay in the bed for the next 2 years. The baby will not accept any gifts you try to give it, and you can not pick it up out of the bed.

Since you can not give the child any gifts, for the next 2 years the baby's heart marks will not increase quickly. Talking to the child every day will earn 200 FP, but it takes about 6500 FP before you see 1 heart appear on the villager's assets screen.

Finally crawling!

After the 240 days have gone by, the baby will magically be crawling around the next morning. Don't forget that today is your child's birthday! Every year, enter your house after 6:00 pm to celebrate your little one's birthday.

Now that the child is out of bed you can start to give him or her gifts. Just like with everyone else, the child will not accept your gifts unless you talk to him or her for 3 days before trying to offer gifts. The different child genders prefer different gifts.

If you want your child to walk, you're going to have to wait another 2 years. At that point the little one will gain his or her footing and start walking around the house instead of crawling. The child still stays inside all day, but now you can see him or her at festivals as a guest.


Welcoming (parent)

» Walk from E.Town to Your Farm
» 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm
» Child must be crawling

As you return to your farm, you'll find your child out by itself at the entrance! It seems the child wanted to welcome you home, so he/she wandered out of the house to greet you.

Back inside the house, your spouse will be very upset. He/she had been searching for the child and couldn't find him/her. Your spouse scolds the child, but you explain the child was only trying to meet up with you. Your spouse realizes that it wasn't good to be so angry and apologizes, but requests that your child not leave without permission again.

Going For a Walk

» Walk into your farmhouse
» 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm
» Child must be walking

If you walk into your farm's house, you'll find your spouse and child waiting for you. Your child would like to go for a walk outside with you. You can choose to take a family walk, and then choose the location; the Sea or the Forest. You can only choose one of the two locations.