Getting Married

If you choose to, you can court and wed one of six different eligible spouses of the opposite gender who also live on the island with you. Each person has different tastes and characteristics, and there's bound to be someone that is compatible with your own personality.

Denny Elliot Mark Pierre Shea Vaughn

Chelsea Julia Lanna Natalie Sabrina Witch Princess

Each person who is eligible for marriage will have a heart marker on their portrait. To increase the color of the heart marker you will need to do favorable things, such as talk to the person daily and give gifts. There are 7 color stages you must progress through before the person will accept your marriage proposal.

When your potential mate has reached a purple, blue, and yellow heart colors you can trigger Heart Events. There is also an extra orange Heart Event you can view if you choose specific event answers through the previous three Heart Events in order to reach the orange one. You must view at least the purple, blue, and yellow events before marriage.

Besides the necessary red heart color and the three heart events, there are a few other requirements:

  • Upgrade your house to a large size
  • Purchase the husband/wife bed for 10,000 G from Chen's store
  • Have the church, Nathan, and Alisa living on the island
  • Unlock the 23 main portraited characters: Taro, Elliot, Felicia, Natalie, Gannon, Eliza, Mirabelle, Vaughn, Julia, Chen, Charlie, Denny, Witch, Harvest Goddess, Nathan, Alisa, Regis, Sabrina, Pierre, Lanna, Shea, Wada, and Mark (if playing as a girl) or Chelsea (if playing as a boy).

Once you have completed the basic 5 requirements, you can present the Blue Feather to propose marriage. The feather can be purchased from Chen's shop for a small 1000 G price once a potential spouse reaches an orange heart color.

Hey you!

Don't forget that the Blue Feather is also a part of your Shipped Items List! You can buy a feather, ship it in my shipment box, and then buy a new one from Chen the next day. You can't buy a Blue Feather after you're married, although you better marry one of my grandkids!

After you present your honey with the Blue Feather, and if you have met the minimum requirements listed above, you will travel to your house for a little love confession conversation. You will then have to wait a week for your wedding ceremony. If your wedding was to fall on the same day as a festival or the day before a festival, it will be bumped to after the festival and you'll have to wait an extra day.

The ceremony will take place at the church with the other villagers in attendance. There are no special wedding clothes and the ceremony is very short. After the wedding is over, the game's credit will roll and you will return to your house once they are over.

When the credits finish, your spouse will ask you what nickname you would like to be called by. You can choose any name you wish or even put in your character's regular name.

If you would like a child as well, wait 30 days after your wedding ceremony. The female-partner in your marriage will begin to feel ill and soon will announce the pregnancy. The pregnancy will last another 60 days (2 seasons) and then the random-gender child will be born.