Chickens are an easy source of income for beginning farmers. They don't take a lot of maintenance and can feed themselves if left outside. You will not start your game with a Chicken Coop, so you must hire Gannon to build one.

  • Original construction - 200 Lumber and 10,000 G, or 20,000 G
  • Size upgrade to medium - 400 Lumber and 5000 G, or 20,000 G
  • Size upgrade to large - 1200 Lumber and 20,000 G, or 70,000 G
  • Feeder Bin - 100 Lumber and 500 G, or 5000 G
  • Incubator - 200 Lumber and 500 G, or 10,000 G
  • Feed Dispenser, upgrade to medium size - 1000 Lumber and 5000 G, or 50,000 G
  • Feed Dispenser, upgrade to large size - 3000 Lumber and 30,000 G, or 170,000 G
  • Shipping Bin - 200 Lumber and 1000 G, or 10,000 G

When you build your Chicken Coop, Mirabelle will stop by and deliver a free Chick. A baby chicken will grow into an adult after 7 days. Chicks do require food to be placed in the Feeder Bin inside of the coop. A mature, healthy Chicken will lay an Egg every morning. All you have to do is go into the Chicken Coop and pick the Eggs up off of the ground.

You can buy Chicken Feed from Mirabelle for 10 G a bag. There isn't a way for you to make Chicken Feed in the game; you have to buy it from her shop. Mirabelle also sells adult Chickens for only 1500 G each. You will need a Feeder Bin for each Chicken that you own, including Chicks.

If you don't want to buy Chickens, you can have Gannon build an Incubator. The Incubator allows you to hatch an Egg. Place the Egg onto the Incubator and after 3 days you'll have a new baby Chicken. The number of friendship points (hearts) the new Chick will have is determined by the Quality rank of the Egg you use, times 5, and divided by 2.

  • For example, the Egg you want to hatch has 7 large blue dots of Quality. This means the Quality score of the Egg is 140 (7 x 20 points per large dot = 140).

    140 x 5 = 700
    700 ÷ 2 = 350 friendship points

    The hatched Chicken will have 4 hearts (heart #4 is 301 to 400 FP)

You can keep your Chickens outside if you put them in a fenced in area on your crop field. To build a fence, place Material Stone on your field and shape them into a box. The Chickens do not need to be fed if you leave them outside, but you must bring them back into the Chicken Coop if it is raining or snowing. You can keep Chickens outside in the Winter if the weather is sunny or cloudy!

They're too short!

It may be tempting to plant Pasture Grass in the chicken pen you build, but don't do it. The mature grass is the same height as a Chicken, and it will make it difficult to find them in your fenced area. The Eggs are shorter than the mature grass, so you will have to walk around, pressing your A button, to try and locate the hidden Eggs. It's best to leave the Chicken's area unplanted so as to not cause you frustration later on.

Eggs can be converted to Mayonnaise by using the Mayonnaise Maker machine:

Egg +6 STA
+2 FUL
Avg. 214 G to ship
S-Rank max 300 G
30 G to Chen
Mayonnaise +2 STA
+1 FUL
Avg. 429 G to ship
S-rank max 600 G to ship
60 G to Chen

Chickens have a lifespan of 5 years.