Rice Paddy

In the northwest corner of your farm is a giant boulder. It will stay on your farm until you attach a yellow Wonderful to your Hammer. When you accomplish that, Charlie will help you smash the boulder on your farm.

The rice paddy holds four rows of 3 x 10 soil that can only be used for planting and growing Rice. No other crops can be used in the paddies. The Rice Seeds can be purchased from Chen after you unlock the rice paddy. He sells them for 200 G a bag.

Rice should only be planted between Spring 1 and Spring 20 or so. The crop takes roughly about 60 days to mature. You can plant it later in the Spring season, but it may mature too close to the end of Fall (or not mature at all), and the crop might die due to the arrival of Winter before you get it all harvested.

To plant Rice you will need to attach a yellow Wonderful to your Hoe. Once that has been done, you can till the soil in the rice paddy. Make sure you power-up your Hoe before you till! After the soil has been cultivated you can plant the seeds just like any other crop.

No extra Wonderfuls?!

You don't need more than 1 yellow Wonderful to grow Rice! Charlie can move your yellow stone from your Hammer to your Hoe, and then to your Sickle when it's time for Rice harvest. One is all you need!

You do not have to do anything else with the planted Rice. The crop will grow on its own as it gains Sun Points, and the water the Rice sits in will take care of any Water Points it needs. The only thing you have to do is check on it from time-to-time to see if it is tall enough to harvest.

When it is time to harvest, attach a yellow Wonderful to your Sickle and use the powered-up tool against your Rice. If you cut the rice when it is still green colored, then you won't receive any Raw Rice. Make sure that it is golden brown before you harvest.

The Raw Rice you collect can be shipped in a few different forms. You can simply toss it into your shipping bin or put it in the Thresher machine. The Thresher will produce Rice in-whole, which you can also ship or toss into the Flour Mill to produce Rice Flour.

You can also store the Raw Rice in your Cabinet, but the Rice and Rice Flour can only be stored in your Refrigerator.

Raw Rice Can't eatAvg 180 G to ship
S-Rank max 1080 G to ship
108 G to Chen
Rice +1 STA
+1 FUL
Avg 200 G to ship
S-Rank max 1200 G to ship
120 G to Chen
Rice Flour +1 STA
+1 FUL
Avg 180 G to ship
S-Rank max 1080 G to ship
108 G to Chen