The lovely nun arrives on the island with priest Nathan. They have traveled to the island in hopes of setting up a new church. The two of them will watch over the Harvest Goddess' pond and hopes to guide others in the ways of the Goddess' teachings.

You can not marry Alisa, regardless of how cute you think she is. Her life is devoted to the Goddess and her work. Most of her time is spent either inside the church or outside near the pond, but on Sundays she does go to Chen's shop for a while.

Birthday: Winter 17

Moves in: Unlock the Forest by asking Gannon to build the bridge from W.Town to the Forest. Once that is completed, toss a favorable gift into the Goddess' pond for a few days.

Moves out: Ignore and don't toss any gifts into the Goddess' pond for 30 days.

Alisa Schedule