Farm Degree

The Farm Degree is a rank given to your game profile to reflect how good of a farmer you are. You can compare your rank with your friends, but it does not have any important purpose. There are not any special events or items available due to your current rank.

Your current Farm Degree rank can be found on the top screen of your Summary page, right below your character's portrait. As you work on your farm and the island you will earn Farm Degree points. The current total point value is always invisible, but the rank you have achieved will be listed.

RankPoint Value
Novice Rancher, Lv.10
Novice Rancher, Lv. 2500
Novice Rancher, Lv. 31000
Amateur Rancher, Lv. 1 through Lv. 62000 to 7000
Medium Rancher, Lv.1 through Lv.610,000 to 15,000
Advanced Rancher, Lv. 120,000
Advanced Rancher, Lv. 222,000
Advanced Rancher, Lv. 324,000
Advanced Rancher, Lv. 426,000
Advanced Rancher, Lv. 528,000
Advanced Rancher, Lv. 630,000
Expert Rancher, Lv. 140,000
Expert Rancher, Lv. 242,000
Expert Rancher, Lv. 344,000
Expert Rancher, Lv. 446,000
Expert Rancher, Lv. 548,000
Expert Rancher, Lv. 650,000
Super Rancher60,000
Ranch Virtuoso100,000
Ranch Maestro110,000
Ranch Knight120,000
Ranch Baron130,000
Ranch Viscount140,000
Ranch Count150,000
Ranch Marquis170,000
Ranch Duke200,000
Ranch Juggernaut300,000
Ranch Prince500,000
Ranch Chief700,000
Ranch Master900,000
Ranch King1,200,000
Ranch Emperor1,500,000
Ranch Angel1,900,000
Ranch Archangel2,300,000
Ranch Shaman2,800,000
Ranch Magus3,300,000
Ranch Legend4,000,000
Earth Rancher10,000,000
Sky Rancher20,000,000
Star Rancher30,000,000
Sun Rancher40,000,000
Galaxy Rancher50,000,000
Universe Rancher100,000,000

You will earn FD points as you progress through the game. Different task will reward points in relation to how difficult the task was to complete. The easiest way to earn points is to just ship items. Each item is worth 1 point, so you would earn 30 points if you shipped 30 Turnips.

Worth 1 Point

  • Ship an item
  • Catch a fish
  • Use one of your tools
  • Talking daily to a person

Worth 5 Points

  • Talk to one of of your animals daily
  • Buy an item
  • Find an item when mining

Worth 10 Points

  • Cook a recipe

Worth 20 Points

  • Find a new Ore or Jewel while mining

Worth 50 Points

  • Discover a new cooking recipe

Worth 100 Points

  • Catch a King Fish
  • Participate in a festival
  • View an extra event

Worth 500 Points

  • Take 3rd place in a judging festival
  • View a Heart event
  • View a Rival event
  • Get married

Worth 700 Points

  • Take 2nd place in a judging festival

Worth 1000 Points

  • Take 1st place in a judging festival

Worth 2000 Points

  • Your child is born

Variable Points

  • Lithograph and Bottled Message: If you keep these items in your rucksack, you will earn (item x year) points every morning. For example, if you had 5 Lithographs and you were in year 3, then each day you would earn 15 Farm Degree points.
  • Getting through the day: You will earn FD points each night when you go to bed, multiplied by the number of years you are in your game. If you were in year 5 then each night you would earn 5 points.
Second Farm Degree Title

If you have the farm degree of "Virtuoso" or higher, you'll have a second title added to your farm degree. The second title is just an extra bonus for obtaining such a high farm degree.

The second title is calculated every month. The title you receive is determined by dividing your last month's profits by 7, and then using the remainder along with the category of sub-villagers you currently have living on your island. You can see your previous season's total profit by going into your Assets screen and clicking on the Income icon at the top of the screen.

Profit ÷ 7 Remainders
Boy FarmersLightDarkFlameIceEarthStormCloud
Girl FarmersDogCatCowHorseSheepBirdPig
Young WomanSourSweetKindSpicyMildSaltyCool

For example, you are currently in Winter, you've earned 766,418 G for the Fall season, and the largest group of sub-villagers you have unlocked are fishermen, with all unlocked fishermen currently living on your island (not Absent). If you do the math (766,418 ÷ 7) you'll get a remainder of 2:

  • 766,418 ÷ 7 = 109,488 plus remainder
  • 109,488 x 7 = 766,416
  • 766,418 - 766,416 = 2

Your second title should be "King" as per the table above.