Spring Mine Guide

The Spring Mine is accessible all year long, behind the steamy hot spring and Harvest Goddess' pond. Most of the items located within the mine don't sell for a lot of money. The ores found within the rocks are used for tool upgrades or crafting accessories at Saibara's Forge.

NameSell PriceLevels
Scrap Ore1 GAll Levels
Copper15 GAll Levels
Silver20 GLevel 3 to 255
Gold25 GLevel 6 to 255
Mithril40 GLevel 9 to 255
Orichalcum50 GLevel 10 to 255
Adamantite50 GLevel 10 to 255
Mythic Ore20,000 GLevel 60, 102, 123, 152, 155, 171, 190, 202, 222, and 231 to 255

The black Mythic Ore only appears in the rocks within the mine after you have collected all 6 cursed tools from the Lake Mine and have removed the curse from each tool to convert them into blessed-level tools. These stones can then be used to remodel your mithril tools to their mythic tool forms. Some players have noted that they have an easier time locating Mythic Ore on their designated floors after they found the floors' Goddess Jewel, as that is one less possible item that could appear on the designated ore floors. More than one Mythic Ore can be found on the same level, though it is uncommon because the ore itself can be quite rare. Some players will try over and over and come up empty, while others have no problem locating Mythic Ore; lucky buggers...

Pitfall Levels

Not every level in the mine contains a pitfall. Sometimes you will have to dig for the ladder down to the next level. Pitfalls appear on

You can't fall all the way to level 255, but if you happen to find a pitfall on level 248, you can fall as far as level 253 (maximum 5-level drop).

Other Notable Items in the Spring Mine

Power Berry

You can find one of these stamina-increasing fruits in the soil on level 100. Dig it up using your hoe.


There are two decorative statues for your farmhouse trophy shelf that are hidden in the soil of the Spring Mine. Each statue can only be discovered one time:

Goddess Jewels

The 9 round orbs are located in the rocks on:

The Mythic Orbs and the Goddess Orbs appear on the same levels.

Tomatosetta Stone

On level 255, use your hoe on the dirt floor to locate the Tomatosetta Stone. Written on the stone tablet is the cooking recipe for Ketchup. You can then store the Tomatosetta Stone in your farmhouse cabinet or sell it to Huang for between 68,000 G and 77,000 G.

Travel Stone

This most wonderful item can be found in the rocks on level 255 starting in year 3 or later. The Travel Stone is a tool that allows you to quick travel to any outside location in the world of Mineral Town. Using the stone does not use any in-game time, though it does take 2 points of stamina to use.

To use the stone, simply have it in the tool section of your rucksack (it does NOT need to be selected as the active tool), then press the Plus Button on your Right Joycon to bring up the world map. Friends of Mineral Town does not support the touch-screen functionality of the Nintendo Switch, so the Right Joycon analog stick must be used to move the hand cursor to the location on the world map to fast travel to, then press the A Button to confirm.

The Travel Stone also allows you to access the Lake Mine in seasons when the water isn't frozen. Simply select the little island from the world map and you'll instantly be transported to the mine entrance.

Keep in mind that while the Travel Stone can get you anywhere instantly, you will still be required to walk into an area if that's part of the criteria to trigger an event. For example, if you are trying to trigger a romantic event that will take place at Mineral Beach, it would be best to teleport to Rose Plaza and then walk to the beach to start the event.