Anna lives with her husband, Basil, and her daughter, Marie. She doesn't share the same enthusiasm for plants as Basil does, and finds her everyday life a bit dull. Since Basil is busy with his studies and his books and doesn't spend much time with her, Anna looks forward to her daily conversations with Sasha and Manna in Rose Plaza as well as checking out what's new at the General Store.

She does get some time with her family when they go for a hike up Mother's Hill, but all Basil does is look at plants. Marie is much like her father, so she isn't one for conversation with her mom either. While she may complain about having nothing to do, Anna is still satisfied with her laid-back country lifestyle.

Birthday: Autumn 23

Schedule: From Tuesday to Sunday, Anna will spend much of her morning inside her house. She'll head out to Rose Plaza and arrive around 1:00 pm, stay there until 4:00 pm, and then return home. If it is raining or snowing, she stays in her house all day.

Mondays is when she heads to Mother's Hill with Basil and Marie. They stay in the meadow area by the lake until around 9:00 am, and then return home by 10:00 am. Anna then stays inside until heading to Jeff's General Store at 1:00 pm. She stays there until 4:00 pm, then heads home. If it is raining on Monday, she stays home in the morning instead of going up the mountain.

Gift Preferences

+9 FP

all cheese, all eggs, all milk (coffee, fruit, normal, and strawberry), AEPFE Apple, Apple, Bracelet, Brooch, Butter, Chocolate, Corn, Dango Flour, Diamond, Dress, Earrings, HMSGB Apple, Honey, Necklace, Oil, Orange, Perfume, Pineapple, Pink Diamond, Premium Grape Juice, Pumpkin, Strawberry, SUGDW Apple, Sun Block, Wheat Flour, Wild Grape, Yam

Baked Apple, Candied Peels, Eggs Benedict, Grilled Fish, Ice Cream, Orange Pastries, Orangette, Pineapple Juice, Pumpkin Potage, Quiche, Relaxtea Leaves, Strawberry Cake, Vegetable Stirfry, Wild Grape Water

+3 FP

Amethyst, Aquamarine, Emerald, Garnet, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz

Bibimbap, Cheese Fondue, Cheese Risotto, French Fries, Nasi Goreng, Okonomiyaki, Omelet Rice, Popcorn, Salad, Sandwich, Sashimi, Tamagoyaki, Tempura

-3 FP

all alpaca fleece, all angora fur, all sheep wool, all yarn, Bamboo Shoots, Black Grass, Blue Grass, Blue Magic Red Flower, Bottled Message, Branch, Curry Powder, Green Grass, Indigo Grass, Large Fish, Lumber, Material Stone, Mushroom, Moondrop Flower, Pet Treat, Pinkcat Flower, Poison Mushroom, Purple Grass, Red Grass, Tomatosetta Stone, Toy Flower, True Magic Red Flower, White Grass, Yellow Grass

Caffeine, Elli Leaves, Fish Soup, Orange Juice, Stamina Booster, Stamina Booster XL, Super Caffeine

-9 FP

Adamantite, Agate, Alexandrite, Ancient Fossil, Boot, Chicken/Rabbit Feed, Copper, Empty Can, Fish Bones, Fluorite, Fodder, Gold, Gold Lumber, Jade, Junk Ore, Mithril, Moonstone, Mythic Ore, Orichalcum, Pirate Treasure, Sandrose, Silver, Stone, Turquoise, Weed