Ellen is a sweet lady who has lived in Mineral Town her whole life. Her legs started to fail her as she got older. She now spends the whole day inside of her house, sitting in her favorite chair. Saibara will stop by and visit her on occasion to reminisce about the days when the two of them would go on friendly trips to the beach and the mountain.

Her grandson Yu lives with her, as she watches him during the day while her granddaughter Elly works and lives at the clinic.

If you're kind to Ellen, she will knit a stocking for your farmhouse. Raise her friendship to 200 FP (8 friendship notes) or higher, then give her a ball of yarn when it is between Winter 1 and Winter 22. You'll receive a stocking for the Winter 25 event.

Birthday: Winter 13

Schedule: Ellen never leaves her house. She doesn't participate in any of the festivals in the plaza or at Mineral Beach.

Gift Preferences

+9 FP

all alpaca fleece, all angora fur, all cheese, all milk (coffee, fruit, normal, and strawberry), all sheep wool, all yarn, Adzuki Beans, AEPFE Apple, Apple, Bracelet, Brooch, Carrot, Dango Flour, Diamond, Dress, Earrings, Facemask, Golden Egg, HMSGB Apple, Honey, Hot Spring Egg, Large Fish, Matsutake, Mochi, Necklace, Orange, Pet Treat, Pink Diamond, Pumpkin, Skin Lotion, Spinach, SUGDW Apple, Sunblock, Wheat Flour, Wild Grape

Baked Apple, Candied Peels, Daifuku, Dorayaki, Elli Leaves, Fish Soup, Grape Juice, Matsutake Rice, Orange Pastries, Orangette, Pumpkin Potage, Relax Tea, Relax Tea Leaves, Strawberry Cake, Zenzai

+3 FP

Aquamarine, Amethyst, Blue Magic Red Flower, Buckwheat Flour, Cabbage, Cucumber, Emerald, Excellent Egg, Garnet, Good Egg, Moondrop Flower, Perfume, Pinkcat Flower, Platinum Egg, Regular Egg, Ruby, Sapphire, Strawberry, Tomato, Toy Flower, True Magic Red Flower, Turnip, X Egg

Apple Pie, Baked Yam, Bamboo Rice, Baumkuchen, Cake, Carbonara, Cheese Souffle, Cheesecake, Chocolate Cookies, Cookies, Eggs Benedict, Fruit Smoothie, Ice Cream, Madeleine, Miso Soup, Mushroom Gratin, Mushroom Rice, Oden, Orange Juice, Pancakes, Pot-au-Feu, Pudding, Quiche, Raisin Bread, Roasted Corn, Stew, Strawberry Milk (recipe), Tamagoyaki, Tempura Soba, Topaz, Udon, Vegetable Pizza, Yam Dessert, Zaru Soba

-3 FP

all ores, Agate, Blue Grass, Boot, Branch, Empty Can, Fluorite, Indigo Grass, Jade, Lumber, Material Stone, Moonstone, Orange Grass, Purple Grass, Sandrose, Stone, Turquoise, Yellow Grass

Boiled Egg, Cheese Fondue, Cheese Risotto, Curry Bread, Curry Rice, Curry Udon, French Fries, Popcorn, Ramen, Tempura

-9 FP

Ancient Fossil, Chicken/Rabbit Feed, Fish Bones, Fodder, Gold Lumber, Pirate Treasure, Poison Mushroom, Premium Grape Juice, Red Grass, Weed

Wild Grape Water