Manna runs the winery shop along with her husband, Duke. Since he is curiously always busy with the vineyard, Manna finds herself alone a lot. She doesn't have her daughter, Adge, to talk to either, as Adge left Mineral Town long ago. If you start a conversation with Manna, you'll soon find yourself listening to her talk and talk and talk! Manna loves to have someone to talk to other than Duke, who she finds to be insensitive and dopey.

You'll discover a lot of information from chatting with Manna. She knows a lot about the villagers, and is more than willing to tell you all about them. Deep down, Manna is terribly lonely and misses her daughter, so she talks to everyone just to keep her mind off of Adge's absence.

Birthday: Autumn 11

Schedule: From Sunday through Friday, Manna will manage the shop counter at the winery. She stays inside the shop until 1:00 pm, when she starts heading out to the Plaza to talk with Anna and Sasha. She'll stay there from 2:00 pm until 4:00 pm, then be back at the winery at around 5:00 pm. If it is rainy or snowy, she'll spend the afternoon at the General Store instead of outdoors in the Plaza.

On Saturdays when Adge Winery is closed, Manna leaves her house at 10:00 am to go visit Sasha at her house. They'll stay inside together until 1:00 pm. If Cliff does NOT work at the winery yet, then Manna will leave Sasha's house to go to Rose Plaza, where she'll stay until 4:00 pm before heading home. If Cliff DOES work at the winery, Manna will leave Sasha's house and head to the Inn at 2:00 pm, where she will spend lunch with Cliff and Duke until they head to the church together at 4:00 pm. They'll stay at the church from 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm, then return home.

Gift Preferences

+9 FP

all mayonnaise, all milk (coffee, fruit, normal, and strawberry), Bamboo Shoots, Bracelet, Brooch, Diamond, Dress, Dango Flour, Earrings, Facemask, Golden Egg, Honey, Large Fish, Matsutake, Medium Fish, Mochi, Necklace, Perfume, Pineapple, Pink Diamond, Pinkcat Flower, Skin Lotion, Small Fish, Sunblock

Ajillo, Aqua Pazza, Bamboo Rice, Baumkuchen, Carpaccio, Fish Fritters, Fish Soup, Matsutake Rice, Mushroom Gratin, Mushroom Rice, Paella, Pineapple Juice, Raisin Bread, Relax Tea, Relaxtea Leaves, Seafood Rice Bowl, Strawberry Cake, Sushi, Vegetable Juice

+3 FP

all alpaca fleece, all cheese, all eggs, all gems, all yarn, Adzuki Beans, AEPFE Apple, Amethyst, Apple, Aquamarine, Buckwheat Flour, Cabbage, Carrot, Chestnut, Chili Pepper, Cucumber, Eggplant, Emerald, Garnet, Green Pepper, HMSGB Apple, Lumber, Material Stone, Mochi, Moondrop Flower, Oil, Onion, Orange, Pet Treat, Potato, Pumpkin, Ruby, Sapphire, Spinach, Stamina Booster, Stamina Booster XL, Strawberry, SUGDW Apple, Topaz, Tomato, Toy Flower, Turnip, Wild Grape, Yam

Almond Tofu, Baked Apple, Baumkuchen, Cake, Candied Peels, Chestnut Rice, Chocolate Cookies, Cookies, Daifuku, Dorayaki, Eggs Benedict, Fruit Juice, Grape Juice, Ice Cream, Oden, Ketchup, Madeleine, Mashed Potatoes, Mixed Juice, Mixed Smoothie, Mont Blanc, Moon Dumplings, Napolitan, Orange Pastries, Orangette, Palbochae, Pancakes, Pepper Steak, Pot au Feu, Pudding, Pumpkin Potage, Quiche, Roasted Chestnut, Spicy Margarita, Spicy Pepper Steak, Spicy Ramen, Spicy Sandwich, Spicy Vegetable Stirfry, Tempura Soba, Vegetable Pizza, Yam Dessert, Zaru Soba, Zenzai

-3 FP

all colored grasses, Mushroom, Poison Mushroom

Curry Bread, Curry Rice, Elli Leaves

-9 FP

all ore, Agate, Alexandrite, Ancient Fossil, Boot, Branch, Chicken/Rabbit Feed, Empty Can, Fish Bones, Fluorite, Fodder, Gold Lumber, Jade, Moonstone, Pirate Treasure, Sandrose, Stone, Turquoise, Weed