Cliff Leaves

Cliff is by the boat dock talking to Dudley. The traveler confirms with Dudley that he will be leaving. Cliff feels that Mineral Town is just too nice of a place for a a person like him. Dudley scolds Cliff, as being too nice isn't a bad thing. Cliff is not convinced, but still thanks Dudley and asks him to give everyone his best regards.

Dudley doesn't want to tell Ran, as she seems to have a soft spot for Cliff and will miss him when he's gone. Cliff hesitates for a bit, but tells Dudley he's leaving. As he walks away, he thanks Dudley again. The innkeeper tells Cliff that he can come back anytime.

At this point Cliff will be gone from Mineral Town. Even if you do not see this specific cut scene event, not helping Cliff with the job at the winery will result in him leaving on Winter 29. He will be gone from Mineral Town on Winter 30.

Even though Cliff has moved on, his portrait, Love Points, and Friendship Points remain inside the villager relationship menu.