Autumn Winery Harvest

This event only occurs in your first year of the game. Duke will be waiting for you when you exit your farmhouse in the morning. Tomorrow he will be harvesting grape at the winery and is looking for some help. He'll pay you, of course. You can respond that you can help, or that you're too busy to help.

The fellow that Duke is talking about is Cliff. If you want to give Cliff a head's up about the job at the winery, talk to him on the 14th and tell him about the harvest job. Cliff is interested in the position, as he's beginning to run low on money. He'll head to the winery tomorrow.

Getting Cliff the permanent job at Adge Winery will transform his personality. He'll stop moping around at the church during the day, and instead, he'll cheerfully work at the winery in the afternoon. Horray Cliff, good for you!

Duke and Manna's friendship levels are not relevant for this event to trigger. I was able to trigger this event when they both had zero friendship notes. Cliff's friendship level is also not a factor in this event. Some players also note that it helps to NOT have Gotts working on the farm on Autumn 14. Also, avoiding having any animals give birth on Autumn 14, as such events may take priority over Duke's visit.

No Job For Cliff!

If you chose not to tell Cliff about the job at the winery, this event would turn out differently. Go to Adge Winery by yourself on the 15th, and agree to help until 5:00 pm. Afterward, your payment will be 1000 G and +20 FP with Duke and Mana. If you tell Mana that you can't help after all, then you'll earn -20 FP with Duke and Mana, reappear back inside your farmhouse, and you'll have the rest of the day to yourself.

Since Cliff never becomes gainfully employed at the winery, he will continue with his travels at the end of year 1. You can trigger the Cliff Leaves event on Winter 29 of your first year. After that, Cliff will be gone from Mineral Town.

... for at least 31 days. If you want him to return, trigger the Cliff Returns event.