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A New Evil by Aurabeam (unfinished)
 Chapter 1 - HTML   TEXT
 Chapter 2, part 1 - HTML   TEXT
 Chapter 2, part 2 - HTML   TEXT
Ark Slacks Off by BeamCauldron
 Part 1 - HTML   TEXT
 Part 2 - HTML   TEXT
Befallen and Down for the Count by BeamCauldron
 Prologue - HTML   TEXT
 Chapter 1 and 2 - HTML   TEXT
 Chapter 3 and 4 - HTML   TEXT
The Crimson Bridge by BeamCauldron
 Chapter 1 - HTML   TEXT
 Chapter 2 - HTML   TEXT
Dark Gaia's Diary by BeamCauldron
 Chapter 1 - HTML   TEXT
Exploration by BeamCauldron
 Exploration - HTML   TEXT
Terranigma University by BeamCauldron
 Explosives - HTML   TEXT
 Meilin Lecture - HTML   TEXT
 Tour Guide - HTML   TEXT
Another Fanfic by Cabus
 Another - HTML   TEXT
Ark's Memoirs by Cabus
 Memoirs - HTML   TEXT
Beruga Mash by Cabus
 Mash - HTML   TEXT
The Birth of Cabus by Cabus
 Chapter 1 - HTML   Text
 Chapter 2 - HTML
The Birth of Cabus - MST by Cabus
 Chapter 1 - HTML   TEXT
The Ark and Elle show by Cojiro
 The Show - HTML
The Non-Adventures of Ark by Cojiro
 The Phantom Dais - HTML
 Boredom is Forever - HTML
 Elbobo Never Dies - HTML
 The Freaking - HTML
 To Kill a SparrowHawc - HTML
 Things to do in Denver
         When You're Zed - HTML
How to Play Terranigma 2 by Cojiro
 Terranigma - HTML
The Bizarro Ark by Cojiro
 Bizarro - HTML
Terranigma Profiles by Cojiro
 Episode 1 - Ark & Elle - HTML
When We're Reborn by Cybaster Alpha
Reborn - HTML
Demon Star by Dais
 Chapter 1 - HTML   TEXT
 Chapter 2 - HTML   TEXT
Guardian by Dais/Dante
 Guardian - HTML   TEXT
Other Cheese by Dais
 Cheese - HTML   TEXT
Terranigma Game Script reposted
by Dais
 Script - TEXT
Theroretem by Dais
 Theroretem - HTML   TEXT
The Third Script Style... by Dais
 Style - HTML   TEXT
Dark Gaia's Vengeance by DeathRow
 Vengeance - HTML
Terranigma Cross by DeepThroat
 Chapter 1 - HTML
 Chapter 2 - HTML
 Chapter 3 - HTML
 Chapter 4 - HTML
Too Much Terranigma by Dais
 Terranigma - HTML   TEXT
Untill Death Does Us Apart by
 Untill Death - HTML   Comment
In Flamer's Dreams by Flamer
 The Set Out - HTML
 Resurrection of Cherubae - HTML
 Recognition of the Genius - HTML
 Recognition of the Hero - HTML
 The Final Battle - HTML
True Form by
 True From - HTML
The Journeys of Ark by Drberuga
 Prologue - HTML
 Part 1: The Pandora - HTML
 Part 2: The Lost Villagers - HTML
In Flamer's Dreams II by Flamer
 The First Friend - HTML
Chapter 5: Bless the Child by DrBeruga
  Part 1 - End of All Hope
  Part 2 - Angels Fall First
The Death and Return of Ark by
FF7 Freak (unfinished)
 Chapter 1 - HTML
Terranigma, the Movie by Flamer
 Part 1 - HTML
 Part 2 - HTML
Outside the Loop of Fate by Fragraham Lincon
 Fate - HTML   TEXT
I Fly by Fragraham Lincon (Soul Blazer)
Diary of the Forgotten Ark by Clovis15
Forgotten Ark